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Think before you spray... it could kill your cat - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Think before you spray... it could kill your cat [Apr. 26th, 2017|11:08 am]
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honey bee

Even though this is in Dutch, I am still sharing this.
Click it regardless of your language, as the photos tell you all you need to know.
(Basically this is what it amounts to: a beekeeper lost literally THOUSANDS of bees because people insisted on using pesticides near them).

People, seriously, you NEED to really think about the use of pesticides.

Especially with the debate sparked in the media that Monsanto has influenced scientific studies (aka, threw money at "researchers" to get a ruling in their favour so they can continue to sell their poison), it's important to talk about this, think about it, and especially: act against this kind of combo of corporate and political greed and corruption, because it's endangering us more than you'd think.

I get that a lot of people think bees are a stingy annoyance, but in reality we NEED them.
We need them for the pollonisation of our flowers, food plants, etc.

Plus, in case you hadn't thought this far: pesticides are also dangerous for animals OTHER than bees and insects full stop (you like butterflies? They die along with the bees).

Small rodents are also poisoned, which in turn poisons birds of prey and predators such as foxes (and NOT only foxes).

BUT also your outdoors going cat may eat a poisoned mouse or rat and get ill or worse, dies as result.
THIS MAY KILL YOUR CAT (considering people generally have more love for their pets than beasties outside the house, I would like to put some extra emphasis on this).

Add to that that pesticides (especially glysophate, which can be found in e.g. the popular cancer causing weed killer Round-Up) are also dangerous to humans, just say no...
Companies like Monsanto may be trying to get us all sick and killed just to make a buck, be smart and don't give into it.