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Ipsy bag: March 2017 - my last @ipsy bag... (#beauty #makeup #cosmetics) - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Ipsy bag: March 2017 - my last @ipsy bag... (#beauty #makeup #cosmetics) [Apr. 19th, 2017|08:23 pm]
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March ipsy bag

I am 100% sure that a lot of people will be mispronouncing the March Ipsy theme, Très Jolie, but that aside, I’m totally on board with it.

(video and above photo by Ipsy!)

Ipsy bag - March 2017

March ipsy bag

The bag

Well, I’m not usually into girlie stuff, but I really like this nude, geometrical, soft pink combo for the design. I also like that it sort of folds over, so it’s bigger than the usual Ipsy bag. The plain side is super soft, and the geometrical side has an interesting texture that's really pleasant to the touch. Out of all three from this year, this is my favourite one. Note how I didn’t dislike any designs so far, I just like this one the best. Sadly, mine got super dirty (more about that below), so I'm hoping that I'll be able to clean it without wrecking it!

So, what’s in my bag?

Chella brow highlight

Chella, eyebrow highlighter pencil in ivory lace
I’m not sure how much use I will get out of this, as the entire “brows on fleek” trend is something that is still passing me by (I have no regrets). But I’m sure it’ll come in handy eventually for something or other. Most likely to mark down bits for SFX stuff or body painting.
Incidently, I did try this underneath my brows just to see what the fuss was about and I do get what people are going on about. If I bothered with brows, I would totally bother with this.


Eva NYC - mane magic 10-in-1 primer

Eva NYC, Mane Magic 10-in-1 primer Because US customs can be a little iffy about sending liquids in spray bottles (well, sprays full stop) back and forth, I told Dan to rehome it to one of his friends. I was personally going to give it to Claire, but hey, at least it's going to a good home anyway. It's a bummer though, I wish I had gotten a blending brush instead of this (4 different brushes and none in my bag, tssss Ipsy!).


mPrincess eye shadow

mPrincess, pressed eyeshadow in Chestnut
This is a really nice bronze eye shadow. I’m going to leave it in the package ‘till I run out of my bronze eye shadow by M.A.C and then use this one before I buy another M.A.C refill pan. Well, hopefully this’ll be as nice as the M.A.C one. Wait and see I guess :). I'm not mad at receiving a spare bronze in any case. I've not opened this, but from what I can see it's pretty much the exact same colour as the M.A.C one so I have high hopes I'll be able to put buying another refill pan off a little longer when I run out of M.A.C's Bronze.


This was a So Susan blush, oops

This was a So Susan blush, oops

So Susan, Blush and Glow
Well... this arrived shattered. The entire bottom of my poor bag was coated in blush. Hail the rinse setting on my washing machine I say (hopefully my bag will survive!). So I can't say much about it. I must say I'm not in any deep regret, because it is hella glowy. And I already have a glowy blush in my Too Faced Sweet Peach Glow kit which I barely use so I definitely wouldn't have need for two. That said, I would have preferred to make a friend happy with it.
On the up side, I did repurpose the package into a tiny wall mirror for Shinto the iguana, so someone is getting joy out of it at least :).


Tarte - Tarteist in Meow

Tarte cosmetics, tarteist quick dry matte lip paint in Rosé
I’ve been wanting to try some Tarte products in ages, so I’m glad I got this in my bag. Normally I'm not a liquid lipstick person, but I really do like this, a LOT. It's a decent colour, it's very similar to Meow by Winky Lux I feel, which I don't terribly mind at all, because I like that kind of shade.

comparing Tarte to Winky Lux

I like how this applies really easily and evenly (not a given with liquid lipsticks). What I don't like is the feeling whilst it's drying, but when it's dry, you can't feel it on your lips at all! And it's completely transfer proof! Of course, this is a matte lipstick, which means it will really show all the lines in your lips, so if that's not your jam, avoid this at all cost. But if you want a nice, transfer proof liquid lipstick that is long wearing, this may be for you. I have only tried Rosé, so I have no clue about how good the other shades in the range are, but I'm sure there's reviews online that are trustworthy. It does vanish after eating, I've noticed, but at least you don't have to worry about transferring on your drinks etc.


The verdict:
I still like Ipsy, but it kinda feels like the bags are making a little bit of a decline. I really LOVED my first bag, I was ok with the second one, and this one, whilst I was initially pretty enthusiastic, ended up not being that awesome. Even if the blush hadn't broken, I still would have only REALLY been happy with the liquid lipstick and the bag itself, which isn't an awesome result. I would have been happier with it had I gotten a brush and if I had gotten more products that weren't things I would barely use and I already own in some form or other.

As I said in my first Ipsy unbagging post, I would review my subscription in March to see whether or not I want to keep it for another three months.
So do I?
Well, no.
Not because it's a bad product, because it's really not. It's 100% because it's too hit and miss to keep the price up for my subscription. You see, I don't just pay $10 a month for the glam bag, I also pay $22,50 a month for having it shipped to me, and it's just too expensive when I get a majority of products I can't use, that can't be shipped to me or that I'm not really super excited about.
The January glam bag was ace, the February bag was alright, but I ended getting rid of two products and the March one, well that was one down before it even got to me.
So no, I'm not willing to keep up the cost, I just can't justify it.
A huge thank you to my friends Dan and Jon for helping me maintain my subscription for as long as I wanted to keep it, you guys rock.
Had it been a €15 per month within Europe kinda deal, I would TOTALLY have kept it up. If I lived in the US, I would have TOTALLY kept it going also, but at the cost it is for me right now, no, like I said, I can't justify it, not with the current success rate I've had with Ipsy. Had I had 3 completely awesome bags, I would have stuck to it, but right now, I'm going to have to give it a pass.

[User Picture]From: countlibras
2017-04-20 01:45 am (UTC)
I wish I had that bag! The April one I got is ok. Actually, everything in it is fine, but it just didn't feel that "fun" to me. I guess I'll see what I continue to get. I may have to alter my profile.

Too bad can't see ahead and opt out of certain months. Like a meal kit! I can see which recipes are coming up for the next four weeks, and opt out of anything I don't want. (Which is most of them. lol! I only indulge if the entire food box is full of things I want to try.)
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[User Picture]From: kittensandsteam
2017-04-20 07:09 am (UTC)
What did you get in yours? Shaaaare! :D

You can actually drop them a line and get little previews so you can pick and exclude at least one product I think. I've heard such things online.

What they did let me do was opt out of three product categories due to my paraben allergy. That way the three that were most likely to contain them were excluded. Maybe you can mail them and say "these things REALLY aren't my jam, can you make sure I never ever get them please?".

I wish they had like an EU version for €10 or €15, I totally would have kept it. Heck, if the shipping from the US was much lower (like $10) I still would have kept it. Because I did discover some super fun products via Ipsy :)

I did grumble when I saw the April bag, because it's hella cute! I'm not sure I would have gotten a lot of stuff in it that made me scream in joy (could have, if I had lucked out), but the bag itself, omg so adorable!
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