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Barry M, illuminating highlighting palette, a review - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Barry M, illuminating highlighting palette, a review [Apr. 14th, 2017|12:14 pm]
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Barry M - Illuminating Highlighter Palette

Will this make you glow from outer space?

I immediately liked this when it came out on asos. I checked the ingredients on the official site of the brand, and huzzah: nothing I'm allergic to. But, before I could snag one off asos (which is cheaper for me than ordering from the Barry M site, it sold out.
After a while, it came back in stock, but I was adamant on not spending more that month, so it sold out again.
I asked asos if it was coming back, and they confirmed it would, but they didn't really know when.
Content that it would, I left it at that. And lo and behold, a few days later it did come back in stock.
I figured that seeing it had sold out twice already, not just at asos but at plenty of other sites also, I wouldn't have to rush getting it. And I was right.

Barry M - Illuminating Highlighter Palette

As the packaging is galactic themed, including cute little rockets, I couldn't not take photos with Evil Emperor Zurg.

I read a ton of reviews before I bought this. And the general consensus seems to be that this is a really great product, and the only down side is the cardboard packaging.
Now, I don't really have issues with the cardboard packaging. It's sturdy enough, and it does the job.
Sure, the imagery on the front doesn't photograph well and you have to make sure to fold the top part as flat as you can or it'll snap shut (pretty strong magnets on that box) on your brush. Well pretty much, you get the point.

Barry M - Illuminating Highlighter Palette

It has all the information you need on the back, which is fair enough. You could debate that the names should be under or above the pans, but come on, you get three colours, you can turn it around for just three colours. Also, at least these have names, the stuff in the Sweet Peach Glow palette from Too Faced doesn't. Just saying. It's not the greatest packaging, for sure. But it's also far from the worst. It is pretty enough and adequate, and nothing more. Functional, if you will. I'm totally ok with that.

Barry M - Illuminating Highlighter Palette

You get three different shades. A pale creamy one, Frosty Cream, that is one of those “nice on everyone” type of shades.
A light pink, which is actually pretty close to skin tone on lighter skins. I think this would also make for a nice topper on a more nudy, neutral or light pink blush, and I am a fan of multi functional. That one is called Iced Pink. And the last one is Gilded Bronze, which is beautiful on it's own, but if you are very pale/fair (like me) it's more of a summery, almost peachy blush or a light bronzer than a highlighter. Or a bronze topper. Which is what I'll be using it as (all three of the above).
You get three grams of each, which seems fair to me, especially considering that on asos, this costs € 8,67 (add some money for shipping though if your basket on their site has a value of less than the free shipping amount for your country, but their shipping is fast and reasonable).

Barry M - Illuminating Highlighter Palette

As far as emphasising skin texture goes, this actually does better than a lot of other (more expensive) highlighters. There is still some emphasis there, but it's minimal.
As for wear time. I find that this doesn't quite wear as well, or better, as long, as it's Too Faced, M.A.C and Belladonna's Cupboard brethren in my make-up collection. Although let's be fair, NOTHING can beat the Belladonna's Cupboard Moon Magick highlighter palette.
It's also very neutral when it comes to level of glowing, so to speak. I would say it's even more neutral than the infamous new Too Faced prismatic highlighters, which at least can be build up to glow to the gods.
This can't really be built upon. Not even over the infamous M.A.C strobe cream, and trust me, I did try that (shouting “I have strobe cream, highlighter and a keen sense for experimentation” at my cat when the strobe cream sample arrived at my door [together with more white mascara because: REASONS, but I digress]).
It's not necessarily a bad thing of course, if you are looking for a highlighting palette for daily wear, of which two shades double as a blush/bronze topper and/or a blush/bronzer (provided you like your blushes and bronzers shimmery), this may be a really good option for you. Especially as it's cheap. Just know that the wear time isn't going to be there if you are going to wear this for hours on end, you will need to touch up.

Added to that, it's also vegan and cruelty free. Which are also good things.

In short, do I think it's worth it?
Well, I like my highlighters glowing to the gods, BUT, that's not always a suitable make-up choice. If you, like me, are a bit of a cosmetics affectionado, sure, why not, I guess.
If you are looking to get some highlighters that are subtle and more natural, for that healthy glowing from within look, and you want more than one but don't want to spend quite a bit of money (and let's be honest, generally equally good quality highlighters are a lot more expensive than this palette) and you don't mind having 3 grams per pan rather than one highlighter that is 6 or 9 grams, this might also be for you.
Personally, it's not my favourite highlighting product (which will forever, and ever, be the Belladonna's Cupboard Moon Magick palette).

EDIT: 9.5.2017: after having worn this for quite a few times, I can honestly say: buyer beware. If you don't have sensitive skin, ignore this. But if you do, you should know that there is a LOT of talc in this product (it is listed in the ingredient list) and whilst it feels light on the skin, it does tend to clog up pores. I certaintainly noticed a lot of bumps after wearing it, so I'm not wearing this anymore. I can do without subdermal break-outs thank you very much.
For the record: I have _very_ dry skin, which is not acne prone.

Barry M - Illuminating Highlighter Palette

[User Picture]From: countlibras
2017-04-14 06:36 pm (UTC)
meanwhile, my first reaction to this post is "kitty!" haha
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[User Picture]From: kittensandsteam
2017-04-14 06:38 pm (UTC)
It's a totally, 100% valid reaction to have :)

Loa has two settings "here hooman let me help you taking pictures" and "absolutely useless when it comes to having his picture taken" haha :)
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