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Catch-up post #4: Made in Asia day 1 - 3.3.2017 - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Catch-up post #4: Made in Asia day 1 - 3.3.2017 [Apr. 11th, 2017|12:26 pm]
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fun with the photobooth

Nearly caught up! Just one more tomorrow and all my catch-up posts will make room for non-catch up posts, huzzah!
This one is about the first day of Made in Asia, the Friday, which was sadly over a month ago, oops.

Made in Asia is the biggest AsiaMania convention in Belgium. It's not just about Japan, incorporating other Asian countries such as China and Korea also. But no one is fooled, as it is mostly about Japan. It's also very pop culture, and they go hand in hand with a much smaller gamer community (2 on the same ticket) called YouPlay!, which just adds to the fun, really.

On the Friday, Bert had taken half the day off work (I only work in the morning so for me it wasn't an issue anyway) to make sure we were there around 2PM, and the first thing we did was find the HIGHFeeL stand (in other words, Bert found it, and I blindly stared around the hall as usual). I had an interview with PLASTICZOOMS, so once we had dropped off our things in the loge area of the stand, Bert went on a hunt for Adventure Time merch as I interviewed the band, with the much appreciated language assistance of Aurélie (I don't speak Engrish, it is a fatal flaw at many interviews).
You can read said interview in the current edition of BCM (#31) which you can download for free here :).

BCM issue #31: out now for FREE download!

After the interview, Bert showed up again (we did agree on a time, he's not psychic) and the band and us went on the very short walk to the Atomium. Which is pretty much across the street from Made in Asia. The weather was super nice, so we decided that taking photos at the Atomium would be fun. Also: it meant that I could shoot analog. Again, if you want to see more of the photos from that shoot, download BCM #31 :).

PLASTICZOOMS and fans - random encounter

Completely random photo with fans, who were also at the Atomium :).

Day 13/100 days of make-up in 2017

Day 13/100 days of make-up in 2017. Photo by Bert Van den Wyngaert.
- M.A.C, in extreme dimension lash mascara/work it out in muscle tee
- M.A.C, eye shadow in Gesso
- M.A.C, technakohl liner in Risqué
- NYX, eye shadow base in skin tone
- NYX, hot single shadows in Diamond Lust
- Benefit, Porefessional primer
- M.A.C, pro longwear concealer in NC20
- Too Faced, Love Flush blush in Justify My Love
- Barry M, matte lipstick in black
- NYX, Liquid Suede lip liner in Alien
- Weleda, Everon lip balm

After the taking of many photos, we went back to the convention, to wander around the floor. I took photos,


maneki neko




before we decided to go find the photobooth.

Sho always knows the way to the photo booth set-up

Tourguide Sho.

Goofy selfie with Sho

Random silly selfie in the queue.

Fun with the photobooth

fun with the photobooth

You'd get a free print-out of the photo, and then a few days later Made in Asia sent a cool little gif to everyone that left their email, but sadly the code is borked, so I can literally only play it on my other laptop. Go figure!

The band went back to prepare for their show, and Bert and I went to find something to eat. But first he took my outfit shot :).

Outfit: 3.3.2017

Hairband: Veritas
Orchid hairband: Crown and Glory
Hairflower: H&M
Glasses: Theo
Cardigan: Primark
On cardi: Cheshire Cat brooch by a Japanese brand of which I forgot the name, Monsieur Miaou by me and the mutant cat pin by Cousins Collective.
Top: Zara
Ghost cat necklace: I Love Crafty x Pony People
Planchette necklace: Fiendies
Skirt: Hellbunny
Petticoat: Raven SDL
Bag: Swimmer (with the strap from my Zatchels bag)
Tights: HEMA
Boots: Kickers
Accessories: Skullery, handmade, Han Cholo, Poorman's Gold Label, Il Mezzometro
Camera: Canon EOS 700D with a National Geographic strap


Bert ponders Würst

Because it was nearing the end of the convention on Friday, it was nice and quiet and there were no queues (or very, very short ones)for food in the food hall. In the end, we settled on overpriced hot dogs at the Würst stand. Bert really liked his, but I found that the regular one wasn't up to snuff. In fact, the regular IKEA hot dogs are nicer.

BRIDEAR live at Made in Asia

After that, Bert went to the patio (where the main stage is) to photograph BRIDEAR, and I went to have a wander and listened to the concert OUTSIDE the patio because the sound was ear drum rupturing loud. Like, ridiculous!
There's a review of both the BRIDEAR and the PLASTICZOOMS concert of the Friday in, you got it: BCM #31.

PLASTICZOOMS live at Made in Asia

Luckily, they had turned the sound down to decent concert levels for PLASTICZOOMS, who were awesome!

After the concert, we wandered around a little more, I bought Bert a Princess Bubblegum keychain, and after that we went home.

You can read a review about Made in Asia in BCM #31 or here on The Gatehouse.
Furthermore, all my photos of the convention are here. Because I have tons more than the ones shown in this post, as usual :).