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BCM #31 out now for FREE download! [Apr. 3rd, 2017|10:10 am]
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[music |Juice Rap News]

BCM issue #31: out now for FREE download!

Get your copy here!

Spring is here, and with it (ok slightly later than the start of Spring), we bring you this new edition!
As usual, our first issue of the year is a little thinner, because there are fewer events in January and February, but we make up with that by bringing you tons of interviews!

We spoke to Lunie, a tattoo artist specialised in kawaii tattoos; Rachel Boese, co-founder of indi cosmetics and SFX brand Belladonna’s Cupboard and of course musicians!
Yukio Murata of my way my love; the evil idol Ena Fujita, who is not as evil as you’d think at all and of course the band that is currently touring Europe: PLASTICZOOMS!

Aside from that we have another gorgeous two-part Japan travel feature by the talented Helcanen, a super fun beauty tutorial by the equally talented Claire, a cheki give-away you can participate in and tons, tons more.

A huge thank you to all our readers and contributors, BCM could not exist without you!
Enjoy the read (and/or the looking at pictures)!