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#analog baby! Adventures in expired #film part 2 #photography #120mm - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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#analog baby! Adventures in expired #film part 2 #photography #120mm [Mar. 14th, 2017|11:05 am]
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Camera: Agfa Click 1
Film: expired Kodak Tri-X 400
Now, it needs to be said that my Agfa cameras are actually only meant to shoot ISO 200 max, so when I feed them a 400 roll, they go a bit bananas on the sharpness.


Sok, one of the neighbours' cats, often stops by for food and pettings.
So I regularly use him as a photography subject because he is moderately better at posing than Loa cat is.
Admittedly, Loa CAN be EXCELLENT at posing, but he is very rarely in the mood, and seems to specialise at pulling faces at a camera on purpose (seriously, he really does do it on purpose).

double exposed Sok

Brave attempt at double exposing Sok.


See, he CAN pose! :)


When Pluisje, their other cat, is outside, he generally shows up at our door too (you might be wondering why we feed our neighbours' cats, I'm sure you can reach to that particular conclusion yourself...).

Sok and Pluis

"What's that noise?!"

Sok and Pluis

"Never mind" *continue to stuff face*


view on the bus stop

And some random photos because, why not :)