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Ipsy bag: February 2017 (#makeup #cosmetics #skincare @ipsy/@ipsycare) - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Ipsy bag: February 2017 (#makeup #cosmetics #skincare @ipsy/@ipsycare) [Mar. 1st, 2017|06:26 pm]
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The theme for February was Much Love, find out whether or not that really was the case with my glam bag!

For those that are curious what ipsy is and how it works, you can either have a look at my post about my January Ipsy bag, or this article on Ipsy itself.

Products I got in the February bag:

February Ipsy bag

The bag!
I saw some people complain online that a February bag should be more Valentine’s Day/love themed, but I really like how they still did the theming around “love” without it becoming overly romantically mushy and stupid. Plus, I appreciate this bag much more than I would have something full of hearts. I am hoping that the October one will still be Halloween themed, mind (like it was last year)!


BelláPierre Cosmetics - Volumelash Waterproof Mascara

BelláPierre Cosmetics, volumelash waterproof mascara

I’m not mad at it, as they say. I wasn’t jumping for joy at it either, but it’s an extra mascara.
Basically I’ll leave it for now and I’ll start using it when I run out other mascaras to use.
So _eventually_ I’ll get to this.
In any case, it’s super practical to have another mascara.
I am really going to STOP buying black mascara, because aside from this one, which is a big, full size one (12M, that’s double a M.A.C full size one!), I also have a travel sized one from M.A.C (Zoom Lash) and another travel sized one from Benefit (Roller Lash). So I really don’t need MORE black mascara.


sheet masks

Biobelle - #StayGorgeous and #Iwokeuplikethis Sheet Masks

BioBelle, sheet masks

Paraben free, gluten free, no GMOs.
Hey, I’m game, especially as I like sheet masks.
So I’m quite pleased I got these two in my glam bag.
I can’t figure out whether or not they are cruelty free, so until I know, I wouldn’t buy from this brand.

fileAsset (1)

I also got last month’s Sally’s Box ones with this bag, as I contacted Ipsy about them being awol and they just sent them over to Dan and Jon, so I got more stuff this month.
Basically, I am set for the entirety of March, sheet mask wise :D.


Hikari Cosmetics - Cream Pigment Eye Shadow in Latte

Hikari Cosmetics, cream pigment eye shadow in Latte

I’m not sure why this is called Latte, as it’s a copper. But there you go. This is the one thing that I wasn’t happy with, because it contains parabens.
Had I not already owned my much coveted Coppering by M.A.C, I would have been _really_ displeased because you know… copper.
I will give mine to Lora, who does a lot of steampunk shoots and didn’t already own a copper eye shadow. That way it’s at least gone to a good home where it will be used and, hopefully, loved :).
Waste not, share instead!

I did contact Ipsy care to ask whether or not there was a way for me to avoid parabens, and they looked up what contains parabens the most and then kindly let me opt out of all of these products. It still won’t be 100% avoidable this way, BUT at least it makes the risk smaller. If I receive another product with parabens though, I will give that to a friend, too.


Luxie Beauty - Luxie Rose Gold Blush Brush 514

Luxie Beauty, Luxie rose gold blush brush 514

It’s a blush brush, I love brushes. This pleases me. A LOT! It's a good size for a blush brush, and it's pleasantly soft without being too soft, so I think I'll get a lot of good use out of this!


NYX butter lipstick in lifeguard

NYX, butter lipstick in Lifeguard

This was actually a bit of a surprise item. In the preview people that got this knew they were getting it. BUT, no one knew whether they’d get it in ripe berry or life guard ‘till they received their bag.
I have mixed feelings about receiving NYX products.
First of all because I can so easily just buy NYX in their Antwerp store, so I REALLY prefer getting different brands in my glam bag.
Secondly, NYX is so incredibly hit or miss, that I’m just not stoked to get anything from them I don’t already know will work really well.
That aside, I do really like this one (I got lifeguard).
It’s very moisturising, and contrary to my orange lipstick from the butter range, it has pretty good coverage. Considering it is also 98% the same shade, so a total match, as my NYX cherry skies lip liner, I am even set liner wise, which is never a bad idea using NYX lipsticks.
The shade is also totally up my alley, because I love red lipsticks, and after the cherry skies debacle, I didn’t have a nice oxblood red one yet, and now I do! So thank you ipsy!

no hooman, that's not my colour!


I quite like my February Ipsy bag.
Ok sure, I have to give away the eye shadow, but everything else will be put to good use, and 4/5 products + a bag I like is still a pretty good deal in my book!
And a huge big thank you to Dan and Jon for helping me get Ipsy in the first place!