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Favourites of the month: February (#makeup #cosmetics #skincare #candy) - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Favourites of the month: February (#makeup #cosmetics #skincare #candy) [Feb. 28th, 2017|08:40 pm]
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February favourites

- Benefit, Porefessional primer
- Haribo, Croco Pik
- Les Machines de l’île, Les Dompteurs de l’araignée cookie tin
- M.A.C, extra dimension skin finish in Beaming Blush
- Model Co, BLUSH cheek powder in Peach Bellini
- Yves Rocher, botanical eye shadow in lavende nacré
- Yves Rocher, shower gel in tiaré flower and ylang ylang
- Sephora, pocket mirror with built in light
- TonyMoly, Panda’s Dream so cool eye stick
- Too Faced, Sweet Peach Glow

And now, my faitful feline blogging assistant and I present... some faves...

Benefit porefessional

Begone foul pores!
That’s actually a click-bait kind of title, because I don’t actually mind having pores. I only got this because when I wear make-up for a long time during the day, my blush and some of my highlighters tends to wander off. So I figured I might as well invest in a primer, considering I bothered to invest in some really nice blushes. I’ve decided to start with a travel size because I wanted to see if there were cheaper ways to buy larger sizes of this stuff. After doing some research, I came to the conclusion that it *shock* is actually cheaper to order the Too Faced Hangover Primer (which I like better) from the French Sephora site.
So when this is used up, that’s exactly what I’ll do.
I like Porefessional fine, it’s just that there are cheaper alternatives I like even more. But it’s still liked enough to make February favourites.


Loa approves of purple

Shine bright like a diamond…
At first, I frowned on the entire concept of mermaid glow highlighters. Because you know, where on earth, other than conventions, events and parties do you get away with a pastel coloured highlighter, right?
Of course, I also wonder why the hell you would ever want highlighter in the first place when I first saw it and we all know how that worked out.
That said, I am a sucker for pastel shades like mint and lavender, so when I saw this incredibly shimmery lavender shadow at Yves Rocher, I had my eye on it (pun intended).
When I got a coupon in the mail that included a 2 botanical shadows for € 10, I just went and got it. The other one I got is noir ébène, a basic matte black, but as I’ve only ever store swatched that so far, I’m not including it this month.
I have, however, used this one several times, and never as an eye shadow and always as a highlight. It does need to go over a primer, but it gives a really nice subtle lavender glow, which I think is especially neat combined with a regular highlight shade, or in my case, a gold one (as I don't really do regular highlighting shades, ever).
If you’re looking for a super obvious purple glow, I’d either go for a purple pigment or an actual purple highlight, but if you want something more subtle: the nacré fishinish of the botanical eye shadows are great and affordable options :)


not my colour hooman

Beam that blush! Wait what…
And yeah, that name makes zero sense, because this is actually a highlighter. But that aside, this is TOTALLY my jam.
I oooh’ed and aaaaah’ed over it from the moment I swatched it in the Antwerp M.A.C store in January. I actually tried it on my face in the Louvain store early February, which really did NOT help.
I know it was a little silly to buy this, especially as it’s € 31 and I own other highlighters (although one I will give to Charlotte to use for one of her LARP characters), but this is just REALLY my jam and I’ll be using it loads.
I will just have to be good and NOT buy any of the Too Faced Love Light ones, which is gonna be hard, because it looks like they have a lilac one O_o


Peaches come from a can,
they were put there by a man,
in a factory doooown-tooooown

Presidents of the United States of America "Peaches"

peach blush

Yes, I know, I was initially very lukewarm about this blush. My first attempt to use it as eye shadow didn’t work out so well (because I really needed a brush to blend it, and of course I didn't take brushes with me to Nantes, but I made it work!), BUT when I wore it as a blush it was, much to my own surprise, really quite lovely.
It applies really well, blends well and it doesn’t bother my skin. And it has the most amazing gold glow to it (I’m totally all about that gold glow).
I didn’t think I would like a peach blush this much, but I do. And I think it will be especially good for summer and the Halloween season.
So thank you Ipsy for that match!
I do have to say, in the spirit of honesty, that I would _not_ repurchase this, but only because it is just too much of a damn pain to get a ModelCo blush, not to mention far too expensive with shipping and customs.
Should it become easily available in the EU, however, that's another matter entirely. But that's a "problem" I'll deal with once I've gone through both peach blushes I own.

Smells like peaches

And yes, I know, I KNOW, I wasn’t going to get this. Heck, I anti-hauled this. But when I saw it in real life, I just had to have it (all your fault Isabelle!). And I had a 20% off coupon from sephora.fr, that never helps.
I know a lot of people racked on it being sheer, AND it is. I like that it just gives this light wash of colour (you can totally build it up, so I don’t really know why people are nagging so much), so for me it does exactly what I want.
I do have to say, the bronzer is more like a orangy-brown blush on my face than a bronzer (which I am fine with), so I’m treating this as a palette with two blushes and a highlighter, but you know, whatever works. There’s no actual rules to make-up after all.


smells like flowers

Smells like… I’m not sure, but it sure smells nice!
I got a sample of this shower gel back in December when I went to my local Yves Rocher. They send me a card with offers every month, and I decided to make good use of it. The sample was a freebie people would get when they bought something.
I always keep the samples aside, because they are such a practical format to take along to the swimming pool, or on short holiday trips when we can’t or don’t want to pack full sized bottles.
So I didn’t use this before I went to Nantes, but I have to say that I definitely like it enough to buy the full size! It doesn’t smell too sweet, but just sweet enough, and it’s very nice to my skin so it does everything a shower gel should!


TonyMoly eye cream

Korean stinky panda
I know that sounds a little rude, as well as dodgy, but this stuff really does stink to high heaven. But boy, does it make good on the promises on the box, though! It really DOES wake your eyes when they are tired, or heavy, and it seriously diminishes dark circles and eye bags. I still need a concealer, but this stuff really helps. And is especially practical for days I don’t (want to) wear make-up.
When I saw this at a Sephora in Nantes (the Feltre one on Rue Feltre) I figured: what the heck, the brand gets good reviews and I’ve not got concealer with me, I’ll give this a go.
When I tried it, I loved it so much I went into the first Sephora I passed by (the Orléans one on Rue d’Orleans) and bought a second one the next day.
Would definitely, 100% certain repurchase. Even Bert loved it, he was struggling with heavy and tired eyes all day when we were flying back, right up to 5 minutes after he tried this. I think that if it weren’t such a cute panda packaging, he’d take one along with him to work haha (which would totes be legit, as this stuff is mega efficient).
The smell doesn’t stay around, thankfully, it disappears the second you put it on, but still: Korean stinky panda is what it shall be known as in my home.
For my friends in the US, they sell it at Ulta (possibly Sephora too, but definitely Ulta) ;).


flashlight pocket mirror

Well, obviously it’s not that easy, you still have to switch the damn thing on.
But yeah, basically this is a double glass pocket mirror with build in light on both bottom sides. It’s a flash light AND a pocket mirror , all in one!
All jesting aside, even though the light is pretty bright, this really is very practical. Admittedly I just really like it because it’s a torch and a mirror in one.


I can haz?

"Haribo c’est beau la vie, pour les grands et les petits"
Considering I got these in France, the French Haribo tagline seems appropriate. I absolutely love Croco Pik, they are some of my fave candy (actually they are my fave together with Albert Heijn Wilde Muizen), so when we discovered that the Monop (Monoprix) in Nantes had a LOT of Haribo candy, the search for Crocopik was on, and we ended up getting three bags. My dad, of course, asked for one when he saw the chance, so this is his bag, because mine are long gone. Alas! I really wish they’d sell these in Belgium!

Are there any cookies left?

Careful, or the spider will steal your cookies
Who am I kidding, the cookies are long gone, even if spiders ate cookies there was no chance they’d have time to grab one!
Initially, there were some delicious sablons (short bread biscuits) inside, but those really didn’t last long (I regret NOTHING).
To be fair, I bought this for the design, because it’s just so awesome!
I keep on saying I won’t get more cookie tins, but we all know I can’t resist them!
This one is actually being used mind, I keep my lipsticks and lip liners in there, so I feel like this was an excellent practical purchase :D.
If you want to see all my photos of La Galerie des Machines/Les Machines de l’île, click here.
There’s a couple of videos of that same spider in there too.


Added note: where possible I link to English language (UK) websites in the summary, even when I bought the product in a Belgian store, or via a Dutch language website. So if you don't live in the UK, simply google for your country's website alternative. Most stores I buy from have one.
Eventually these links may expire when a company discontinues a product, but at the time this post goes live, they *should* all be good.

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