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#Cosmetics etc I hated (or at least disliked) in 2016 - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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#Cosmetics etc I hated (or at least disliked) in 2016 [Jan. 3rd, 2017|01:16 pm]
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I would like to point out, even though I feel like I shouldn’t, but I don’t want to upset any of my friends, that this is my _personal_ opinion. It’s not because I don’t like these things that I don’t think they are shit in general, they are just shit for me personally. I full well understand that a lot of people enjoy these, and I’m glad for them that they work out for them personally. They just don’t for me. And as this is my blog I’m going to spout my personal opinion on here, feel free to put up yours on your own social medium of choice, and simply not read this if you can’t deal with or don’t appreciate people having an opinion on products and brands ;).
Again, just my personal opinion, I will not think any less of someone that disagree with me, and I hope they’ll do me the same courtesy.

essence cosmetics

Almost everything by essence I own or tried, because it gave me a goddamn rash. I think there may be some kind of diluted, unlisted parabens in there or MIT (methylisothiazolinone). Their nail varnishes used to be really good, but the more recent collections just go off after no time at all. The setting powder does it’s job, but it is so full of chemical poison, I’m disinclined to use it unless I absolutely have to. I know it’s cheap, but honestly, I’d rather shell out a little more for a drugstore brand with better ingredients. My skin will thank me in the long run.
essence isn’t all bad, I like some of their brushes and their waterproof eye-make remover pads. And I will continue to use those, of course.


ICI PARIS XL brow brush & spoolie combo.
It’s just not worth the money. The brush is too thick for it to be useful, and a spoolie at the end, well I’m just not a fan of double ended brushes. I can just about accept it from my metal ceramics tools (which I use to work with SFX wax), but I hate it with everything else. Had I known the spoolie was not removable, I wouldn’t have gotten it. Luckily it wasn’t expensive.

Yves_Rocher_logo copy

Yves Rocher’s paraben antics
Yves Rocher is the perfect example of why one should ALWAYS check the ingredients lists. Kudos to them, they are one of the companies that follows the “whatever we put in this, no matter how little of it, we will list it” policy, which is great for people with allergies. But it’s not because a product is safe at one point, it will still be the next time you buy it. Which is something that I discovered this year when they suddenly added paraben that weren’t there originally, to the ingredient lists of two of my favourite products. Their after sun and the eye make-up remover that even got off waterproof make-up without hassle. And of course, instead of just taking the paraben back out of the after sun, they made a “new” formula that costs more, but at least it still does the same thing and it’s paraben free. SIGH. Not cool Yves Rocher, not cool.


Yves Rocher, Hydra Végétal face scrub
Generally speaking, I love this range. I use one of the 24 hour creams, the face wash and the eye contour gel. It’s all good stuff. Bar this scrub. Which should be hydrating as it does its job, but instead, it gives me dry spots. Very strange, needless to say, I won’t be buying/using this again.

Sephora_logo_2 copy

Sephora, both the brand and the shopping experience in general.
For adding paraben to their eye shadows and lipsticks and not only not listing them, but refusing to answer ingredient related questions and forcing me to go through the hassle to contact the US Sephora and drag the answers out of them. Because the French home office wouldn't answer (which is actually illegal, and yes, I did report them).
Suck Satan’s dick and go to Hell. And by that I mean HELL, not the town in Michigan.

Mind you, I’ve been having some issues with Sephora as a store in general. As people that regularly read this blog know, I sometimes shop at Sephora stores in France. Sephora encourages you to spend money so you can collect points, but then they do their very best to make sure you can’t actually spend said points. I’ve had discount codes vanish, offers disappear and coupons simply not arrive so again: offers become invalid.

And then there are the stores. Sephora carries a metric ton of things that we don’t get in Belgium, so obviously, when I go into a store I want to look around. In peace and quiet. WITHOUT have a shop assistant harassing me every single minute. My last visit to a store (the Roubaix one), without joking, within 5 minutes, _FIVE_ people asked if they could help me. This only has the aversive effect, it feels like I am not welcome at all, it feels like they want to get the stuff I want into my hands (as much of it as possible), as fast as possible, to get me out of their store. I did notice that they didn’t use this approach with some hipster girls wearing a ton of make-up, so there is definitely a grain of truth to all the stories of Sephora only wanting a certain clientele in their stores.

I also don’t appreciate that when I enquire after a product, I get talked down to and they try to, quite rudely even, talk me into buying another product which I don’t want, that is 4 times the price. I also don’t want to be challenged over allergies. If I say I am allergic to something, I am. I’m not just making it up because I don’t want a certain ingredient. If there are ingredients I don’t want to use, I will point blank say so. And I will not justify myself for my choices either.

So yeah, I don’t like shopping at Sephora. I see it as a necessary evil when there’s stuff I want/need from there and if there is an alternative, you can be 100% certain I will be using it. A lof of the brands at Sephora are cheaper via their own website anyway (steam cream and Zoeva are two fine examples of this).


* If your skin doesn’t spontaneously start to blister and develop chemical burns. Although I suppose that could count as beauty with an edge…

Urban Decay cosmetics.
Now, I know it is not done to say this, because Urban Decay is one of those brands, everyone that remotely likes cosmetics is supposed to love.
But I’m going to say this anyway: I hate Urban Decay.
Why? Because there’s something seriously dodgy about their formula. When I swatch it, no matter which product it is, it consistently tries to blister my skin. My guess is they use methylisothiazolinone, which is even MORE dangerous than regular paraben, and gives me the exact same reaction as regular paraben. I have utterly given up on Urban Decay. I point blank refuse to swatch it again, I’m done. It can be as pretty as it wants to, it’s not worth the health risks. Especially not with alternatives around.

Now, there is one more thing I'd like to add, because I've been given quite a bit of grief via private messaging overr my use of M.A.C, and even Too Faced. As M.A.C sells in China and like Too Faced, it falls under the Estée Lauder umbrella.
First of all, let me state that no, I am not ok with animal testing.
Yes, I do believe that Estée Lauder is trying to change the system from within.
Yes, there is definitely an element of corporate greed in here somewhere.
1. I would quite like quality cosmetics that do not burn my skin off, and that I can afford. Trust you me when I say I have tried every cruelty free drugstore alternative that had the right ingredients and nothing works as well as M.A.C for me. I don't buy M.A.C if I have an alternative, simple as that.
2. And now we come to the main point.
NYX and Urban Decay are both cruelty free. They are both owned by L'Oreal. A company known for testing on animals everywhere it's allowed (contary to Estée Lauder, who only test in mainland China). EVERYWHERE IT IS ALLOWED...
That's a lot worse than what Estée Lauder does.
Do you honesty believe that when you buy one of their cruelty free brands, nothing of the money you pay for it is going to L'Oreal? Because a % WILL go to the mothership, that is how these things work.
And now the final point 3:
Start tracking who owns L'Oreal, and you'll find a bunch of companies that are responsible for a lot of crap going on in the world. Monsanto anyone?

Now, I buy NYX, I will continue to buy NYX, albeit only for very select products (so basically the second Yves Rocher takes the perfume out of their mascara I'm out). I just prefer Estée Lauder brands.
I'm not pointing fingers here, I'm just saying that its not all as straight forward as it seems when something reads "cruelty free".