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2016 #makeup inventory: aka proof I don't need more stuff. - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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2016 #makeup inventory: aka proof I don't need more stuff. [Dec. 30th, 2016|09:34 pm]
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As the title suggests, this post kinda serves as a reminder for myself that I really do NOT need more cosmetics (aside from a nude blush). And that my only makeup buys next year should be replacements for empties and said nude blush. I should invest in some SFX products instead really. Let's see if I will succeed :)

2016 make-up inventory

To be honest, there are more bags inside that big purple bag. I have 3 “divider” bags in there so to speak. An old black one I got with a magazine at least a decade ago in which my eyeliners and concealers live; a pink one with mascara drawing and text by Barry M which I got free with a Boots order last July which houses, obviously, all my mascara and a black, white and blue chunkier polkadot one I got for € 0,50 during the H&M summer sales of 2014 which homes most of my eye shadows and blushes. My sharpener lives in a little zip lock bag (because dirty sharpeners means dirty bags and urgh, just say no) and my bottle of Fix +, BB cream and NYX and Too Faced palettes just sit in the bag. They’re sizeable enough that I don’t need to go dig around for them, so all good. Of course, it’s gotten to the point where I have to dig around in my black and polkadot bags anyway, so I may have to just give up an chuck everything in the purple bag eventually.
That big purple polkadot bag was FREE by the way. I don’t think I’ve ever spent more than €2,50 for a make-up bag, I keep on getting them free with stuff or at Yves Rocher.
That light gold shimmery bag is the one I spent € 2,50 on btw, at Yves Rocher a few months back. I figured that I wouldn’t find one somewhere else that was cheaper. Ironically, it’s smaller than the one I got for free, but it’s just about big enough to hold all my SFX products and sort of unwanted eye shadows (aka the ones I don’t use often enough to merit a spot in my daily use make-up bag).
My SFX bag is so lame atm I don’t want to go into it, so this is just about the make-up I use regularly for you know: going out. I don’t wear make-up every day, and I don’t wear it to just go out to the shops or post a letter or whatever. But if I’m out and about all day and I have time, sure, why not, because I think it’s fun to paint my face :).

For the record, the fun of the application and playing around with colour is literally the only reason I wear make-up. I don’t wear a lot of it, and I’m totally ok with that. I don’t do it to feel better about myself or anything. Although I will admit that I like that my under eye concealer makes me look a lot healthier, which I feel is a huge bonus. But again, I won’t bother with it just to go to the supermarket or to class or something like that.

That tin holds all of my lipsticks, regular and liquid. I have quite a few lipsticks, but I feel like they shouldn’t be outgrowing that tin either. Enough is enough. It’s a tin that Nicole sent me along with some stuff she shopping serviced for me, and I love it. She knows I like tins, so I really appreciate her donating this to my collection of tins :D. Although to be fair, at this point I should stop collecting tins, because I’ve already gotten two that are sitting around empty and I’m running out of space to put them.

The jar is for small brushes and applicators, the lid is used to put my sponge on (it’s one from H&M, it does the trick and it’s a lot cheaper than a real beauty blender). As you guessed, I store my taller brushes and tools (ceramics tools to work with scar wax and the like) in old Senseo cups. Our Senseo machine died YEARS ago, and we never bothered to replace it (it wasn’t awesome enough) so the cups were just sitting around in the cupboard. I figured: waste not: store brushes in them. I have another one in the bathroom for dirty brushes that need washing and another one upstairs for dirty brushes I’m still using. Because you know, if you’re using it for the same product you can use it multiple times (I WILL clean them after a few days though!).
And then there’s another one just for the ceramics tools. They’re in with the brushes for the photo, but I don’t store them like that. Safety first really, those things are SHARP, and they’re in with the brushes it’s easy to miss them and stab myself on them. So no, in their own jar they go. I am aware that buying plastic versions used for cupcake decoration is an option, but I already owned these, so I’m just going to continue to use them. I actually like working with them a lot because I can do some really detailed fine carvings with them in SFX materials. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t be that precise with plastic alternatives.

2016 make-up inventory

I did a brave attempt of fitting all my stuff in one photo, but of course the lipsticks didn't work out (which gives me THE FEAR for next year's updated version of this post). It does feature dirty brushes in a separate little plastic pot (for the small brushes and sponge), because you know, inventory photo up or down, I am not putting dirty stuff in with the clean things! Of course, by the time I am typing this, I’ve cleaned the lot and they are safely drying (flat, because drying your brushes standing up is a recipe for disaster on the long term).

So, on to the actual stuff!

2016 make-up inventory: blush

- M.A.C, blush in Dollymix
- Yves Rocher, blush in apricot Claire
- Too Faced, deluxe sample of a Love Flush Blush in Justify My Love

I used to also have NYX’ extra dimension blush in Amber but the colour really did NOT suit me, so I gave it to Claire. First and last time I ask for a colour recommendation in a NYX store. I love the colour of the Yves Rocher one (they actually don’t do that anymore), but the colour pay-off is rubbish. Basically I keep it just in case I will ever find that colour in a proper brand. The M.A.C one was the closest to it that M.A.C does, and I really do like it as a close second. To be honest, I like it to the extent that I’ve put the search for the Yves Rocher dupe on hold. When I am nearly out of Dollymix, I shall start looking around again.
As for the Too Faced one, it’s the kind of pink that only works on me with certain looks, and to be 100% honest, I bought this in a set with a Melted lipsick (which is also not my colour), just to try out the formulation for €6 each (a fraction of full sized prices).
I don’t regret doing so, because they are shades my niece loves so she gets to play around with them at mine when she visits, and I now know these products are actually worth investing in.
Next month (haha, so basically the day after tomorrow), I’m doing a joint order on the French Sephora site with my mum (to split shipping costs) and I’ll order the full size Love Flush Blush in Baby Love and then with the addition of a gorgeous every day nude (to match my crazy coloured lipsticks that don’t go with pink), my blush collection will be sorted out.
My mum’s brow product collection on the other hand, but that is not my problem :).

2016 make-up inventory: concealer

- M.A.C pro longwear concealer in NC20
- NYX Wonder Pencil in light
- Yves Rocher concealer stick in beige clair

I used to use the wonder pencil to camouflage little scabs and blemishes and just use the Yves Rocher concealer for any other concealing job. But it was doing a poor job with my panda eyes (I have horrid grey lines underneath my eyes because of my heart condition) so I switched to a M.A.C pro longwear one. That in itself still couldn’t be done with all of the grey, so I first use that, and then blend the Yves Rocher one on top, because it’s the right peach colour to also act as a colour corrector. Yes, it takes that much work to make me look healthier, but luckily it only takes about 5 minutes in total using a sponge, so it’s not too bad. What is too bad though, is the LOUSY pump on the M.A.C concealer, which always dispenses too much product. I feel by the time that thing is an empty, half of it will have gone wasted. The sooner Bert uses that sample of a scrub they gave me, the better, so I can clean out the jar and pump concealer into that so nothing goes to waste anymore!

2016 make-up inventory: eyeliner

- M.A.C, technakohl liner in Brass Band
- M.A.C, technakohl liner in Snowed In
- M.A.C, technakohl liner in Sourpuss
- NYX, jumbo eye pencil in cashmere
- Yves Rocher, eyeliner in black

I also have the technakohl liner in Risqué, which lives in my SFX bag because I use it to draw on scar tissue. Laugh all you want, but I find that on my skin tone it is the PERFECT scar tissue shade. It is actually the exact same shade as my actual healed up old scars. So yeah.
I am deeply, and madly, in love with technakohl liners. If they weren’t so damn pricy (€ 16,50 a piece) I would buy them in every colour they come in. But as they are, I only bought them in the shades I use the most (yes, I regularly use that toxic lime, but admittedly I use Snowed In and of course, Brass Band, the most). I don’t use black often, so I settled for an Yves Rocher one. I would say it is just as smooth to apply as the M.A.C ones BUT (HUGE BUT): even though it claims to be waterproof, it doesn’t quite stay very well on the waterline. My M.A.C ones will stay on the waterline all day long, this one requires regular touch ups. And when bits of black go missing, they do so very visibly. So, admittedly I am sort of tempted to invest in a black technakohl liner after all. But first I will see how much I wear this. If I only wear it for a few hours at a time, this is fine, and I can just pack the liner in my bag and do regular touch ups. We’ll see.

2016 make-up inventory: eye shadow

Eye shadow
- M.A.C, eye shadow in Amber Lights
- M.A.C, eye shadow in Bronze
- M.A.C, eye shadow in Coppering
- M.A.C, eye shadow in Gesso (white)
- M.A.C, eye shadow in Gorgeous Gold
- M.A.C, eye shadow in Indian Ink (purple)
- M.A.C, extra dimension eye shadow in A Perfect Flirt (doubles as a highlighter)
- NYX, Lid Lingerie in Gorgeous Gold
- NYX, Ultimate eye shadow palette in Brights
- Yves Rocher, Mono eye shadow in Or blanc scintillant
- Yves Rocher, eye shadow topper in gold glitter
- Too Faced, Chocolate Bon Bons palette (#chocolatebarpalette)

Admittedly, that topper is LOUSY for what it’s intended for, as it tends to wipe off any eye shadow, so I generally use it as a glitter gel on it’s own. Generally to glitter up my brows.
I have a bunch of other M.A.C shadows (crème de violet, lime, orange and parfait amour) and two LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs singles (Brainz and The End Is Near) living in my SFX bag, because I don’t use them enough and I don’t want them in the way when rummaging for the ones I actually do use. I hate having to rummage. Which is why I have two of the little “fill them yourself” palettes. Well, that and refill pans are cheaper than M.A.C singles.

2016 make-up inventory: lip balm
Lip balm
Strictly speaking not make-up, as these are all clear, but I have dry lips and I am addicted to lip balms! I use two different kinds.
Weleda lip balm to go underneath my lipsticks as a moisturiser as it is not greasy at all and thus is a perfect primer and Yves Rocher ones. I love Yves Rocher ones, and ALWAYS have spare ones! I also have spare Weleda ones. The one in my bag is a Weleda one, because obviously when I’m on the go and I need to reapply lipstick after eating, this is the one I’ll want to use as a primer. But around the house, you can find the Yves Rocher ones in several spaces. The Weleda one doesn’t really taste like anything, but the Yves Rocher ones I have come in macadamia nut, vanilla and cranberry and almond. I believe I shall be stocking up on that last one, because it tastes so nice and as it’s limited edition for this year’s Christmas season, it’s nearly gone forever *fake sniff*.

2016 make-up inventory: lipsticks

- Barry M, lipstick in black (so patchy, urgh, but very moisturising)
- M.A.C, lipstick in Violetta (hot pinky purple, not at all what the lipstick itself pretends to be)
- M.A.C x Brooke Candy, lipstick in Witching Hour (dark purple, without the blue undertones it pretends to have when photographed)
- NYX, butter lipstick in Hot Tamale (vivid orange)
- NYX, extra creamy round lipstick in Bruised (my all time favourite colour together with Wrath, sadly patchy as hell, but that’s where Evil Twin comes in)
- NYX, liquid suede in Amethyst (love the colour, hate the formulation)
- NYX, wicked lippies in Wrath (coppery bronze)
- Yves Rocher, cherry oil lipstick in Pomme d’Amour (every day boring red, but because of that shade it’s super practical to carry around and use as a go to every day lipstick ^^)
- Sephora, lipstick in Hot Tango (bright vintage style red)
- Sephora, lipstick in Serial Dater (raspberry pink, also a really nice every day colour)
- Too Faced, Melted lipstick in Peony (love the formula, so not my colour)
- Too Faced, Melted Matte lipstick in Evil Twin (I have died and gone to lipstick heaven AND it is the solution to all the issues that come with Bruised, HAIL TOO FACED, HAIL!).

Lipstick is, undoubtedly, my favourite cosmetics product of all time. Even when I can’t be bothered with everything else, I’ll likely still wear lipstick. Because not having purple(ish) or blue(ish) lips makes a huge difference. And as my lips often tend to turn that colour, I like to be able to turn them into another colour, that doesn’t tend to worry people. Also: I don’t like blue lips. If only my lips naturally turned a NICE shade of purple, that would be so much easier because purple lipstick is totally my jam :D.
I would like to say I am only going to replace empties, but I know myself, and I’m pretty sure that before 2017 is over, I’ll have bought a few more. I will try to at least restrain myself to buying spare ones of my ultimate faves (I did that with Wrath, I always have at least one spare).

2016 make-up inventory: mascara

- Avril (an organic cosmetics brand), le mascara in black
- M.A.C, a sample of their In Extreme Dimension Lash mascara
- NYX color mascara in blue
- NYX color mascara in brown
- NYX color mascara in forget me not (lilac)
- NYX color mascara in perfect pear (yellow)

As perfumed mascaras tend to irritate my eyes, I buy unperfumed ones. Which of course, means they smell like a sewer. Which is ok, because the smell disappears after less than a minute. But yeah, I LOVE NYX color mascaras. So much. Which is why I have them in 4 different colours (and I have a spare of perfect pear). Brown is the one I use most, and oddly enough the brown and blue ones have different wants and formulas than the pastel ones. The pastel ones are the waterproof ones, which causes me a lot of cursing and faffing about with either olive oil or essence wipes (containing the holy grail of removers: isopropyl myristate, which sadly isn’t to be used around to remove make-up from eyes on it’s own) to get rid of the stuff.

2016 make-up inventory: primers and setting

Prime and set
- M.A.C, fix + (aka the ultimate holy grail product: moisturising spray, setting spray and primer spray all in one)
- NYX, eye shadow base in skin tone
- NYX, HD Studio Photogenic Finishing Powder (because just calling it setting powder was too easy for NYX XD).

I didn’t photograph this but I use several.
- essence waterproof eye make-up remover pads (containing isopropyl myristate, € 2 for 50, holy grail stuff right there)
- ICI PARIS XL make-up remover wipes (gets off even waterproof make-up, but it’s not suitable to remove stuff ON your eyes. Underneath, fine, but not on).
- Yves Rocher, Pur Bleuet for sensitive eyes. I have no choice, because the other one, which does remove waterproof makeup contains parabens XD.
- Plain old organic olive oil.
- Micelaire water from Yves Rocher (although I hardly ever use that stuff, pretty much only to get left over oil off my face from my essence wipes or olive oil).

Usually I use a combo of an ICI PARIS XL wipe to get rid of my concealer, BB cream (which I just got and haven’t worn yet, but I know it’ll get off with a wipe) and blush and the either a wipe with Pur Bleuet (if I’m not wearing waterproof mascara) or olive oil or essence wipes (depending on how patient I feel when I am wearing waterproof mascara) and miselaire water to remove left over oil.

What I will do, without fault, is properly wash and moisturise my skin with my Yves Rocher Hydra Végétale cream after I’ve cleaned off make-up. I use it every morning anyway, but if I’ve worn make-up during the day, I’ll use it at night too after cleaning my skin. It’s a 24 hour cream, so it works as both a day and night cream. Super practical.

As a side note: if you are having trouble cleaning off stuff like lash glue or particularly stubborn waterproof mascaras, try a remover with isopropyl myristate. Or heck, find a recipe to mix up the stuff to make your own. There is a reason why SFX artists use the stuff: it removes EVERYTHING. You can use it to remove spirit gum and other adhesives on your body on it’s own, just don’t use it solo on the eyes.
By the time 31 days of Halloween comes around, I plan to buy myself a half liter bottle of the stuff. Which costs only € 12, shipping included.
I love isopropyl myristate. Be careful with it if you suffer from acne or have skin prone to breakouts. My skin is a lot of things, but it’s not breakout prone at all, in fact, it seems to ADORE the stuff, so yay :).

- Citadel Games ceramics tools set
- Brushes by essence, H&M, HEMA (just a spoolie, their brushes suck), ICI PARIS XL, Snazaroo and Spectrum Collections
Remember folks: acrylic brushes for bodypaint, make-up brushes for actual make-up. The other way around and your brushes die. Unless of course you buy multi-purpose make-up brushes that can survive bodypaints. But I just buy cheap artist brushes and use the Snazaroo one for bodypaint (the Snazaroo one came in a Snazaroo bodypaint palette, so yeah).
- Tiny plastic spatula that came with my Snazaroo SFX kit
- Various sponges from HEMA (their sponges are rubbish for make-up, but excellent to be torn up to use as bruise sponges and to be ruined with liquid latex and such) and H&M. I’m going to invest in some proper faux beauty blenders mind. I’ll probably raid a Sephora at some point.

And that’s it. It’s a TINY collection compared to what most make-up lovers/enthusiasts have, but I’m happy with it, and that’s what counts ^^. I hope I haven’t bored anyone to death with this!
What does your make-up inventory look like? I'd love to see photos, or a youtube video or whatever, leave a comment with a link to it!