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Ride or Die: my favourite #makeup products - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Ride or Die: my favourite #makeup products [Dec. 29th, 2016|10:39 pm]
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Photo of the day: 28.12.2016 (day 363)

Aka: my favourite cosmetics. If I were to go to a deserted island and could only take one of each of the products in the list, it would be these. Normally I have to tag other people to do this, but instead I’m going to leave it to everyone that reads this that feels like doing it.


Untitled-1 copy

For my eyes I use the NYX eye shadow base in skin tone, which I love. And which works perfectly with all my shadows bar my LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs shadows (but there’s more than one issue with those to be honest so I’m not blaming the base here). So I’m sticking with it. I know a lot of people use completely different primers for their eyes, but this one works for me, so I’m not looking for another one to be honest. I suppose I just lucked out to find a primer I like from the get-go :).
As far as my face is concerned, if I use blush, I just spray on M.A.C’s fix+, which is AMAZING! My blush holds up fine on that so I’m perfectly happy.
Of course, my M.A.C blush holds up fine without it too, go figure.

Foundation: N/A
I don’t use foundation, I feel it smothers my skin. My skin isn’t perfect, but it’s also not in the kind of state I need a foundation, so I’m not bothering with it. Also, my skin goes from deathly pale, sickly pale yellow-ish to healthy pale and very pink when I gets hot, so finding a foundation to deal with all of that is a personal kind of hell in my mind. I’m just not willing to deal with. Foundation is fine for other people, but don’t expect me to use it.

Yves Rocher flawless conceiler in beige clair

Concealer: the Yves Rocher concealer stick in Beige Claire, and I’m not that satisfied with it. So I feel like I can’t really answer this question right now. I have bought a M.A.C pro-longwear one earlier this week, but I’ve not worn it enough to make any judgement about it. So yeah. I’m on the fence and going with my Yves Rocher one for now, but I am pretty sure that by next year, I’ll say M.A.C.

Face powder:
I do my eye on the NYX SFX setting powder in translucent. Hopefully it’ll be available in Europe soon. Because obviously, if I do a face full of SFX make-up, I would like to set it. Properly. With something stronger than what I use to set my concealer.


Under eye setting powder: the NYX HD Studio Photogenic Finishing Powder. My skin loves it, I don’t terribly mind it. In an ideal world I’d have more cash and would buy the Too Faced one, but I don’t want to spend € 30 on a face powder (shipping cost not included), so I’m going to just stick to this one. Because it does the job, it’s not filled with crap and my skin likes it. I honestly don’t need more.

Blush: At this point I am looking into finding a perfect match for my Yves Rocher blush in Apricot Claire. Mostly because whilst that colour is absolutely GORGEOUS, the colour pay-off is absolutely rubbish. I’ve bought a M.A.C blush in Dollymix, which was the closest match available, but it’s not a shade that matches all of my lipsticks and eye shadows. It’s a lovely blush though, it’s a very nice pink colour, it has amazing colour pay-off and you can either use very little to go with very light, natural looking rosy cheeks, or make it much more pronounced. But because pink isn’t a match for several of my eye shadows and lipsticks, I’m thinking about also getting Too Faced’s Love Flush Blush in Baby Love, which is nude. For now I'll go with Dollymix by M.A.C, but ask me again next year. The struggle is real with the blush.

Bronzer: N/A
Don’t use it, because like with foundation, it’s too hard to find one that matches up with my ever changing skin tone. Plus, much like contouring, it just doesn’t appeal to me.

Highlight: M.A.C extra dimension eye shadow in A Perfect Flirt.
Yes, this is technically not a highlight, but it works as one just fine, and I like it as a highlighter, so there you go. It’s not a colour that I consider to be the perfect highlight, but in reality I don’t use highlights enough to shell out money for a quality one. Plus, at the rate I highlight, I’d never ever use up an entire highlighter from M.A.C before it expires. And this is the only one I own, so yeah.

Contouring: Like bronzer and foundation, contouring is not my jam. That said, if I did contour, I would likely just buy the fabled LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs contour book palette. I literally have not heard a single bad thing about it, so it seems to be a lot of bang for your buck.


Mascara: I actually like all the mascaras I own (Avril organic and NYX colour mascaras in various colours).
But, if I have to choose one shade, I will go with NYX colour mascara in brown.

Lashes: N/A
I wear pretty heavy glasses, so fake lashes and glasses are not a good combo. I can’t wear lenses so lashes are never going to be my thing. C’est la vie! I know how to apply lashes though, I just don’t wear them. Mind you, I do own lash glue for SFX purposes, because I can stick small items to my skin with it. It may sound like a bad plan, but if you, like me, own isopropyl miristate, it all comes off without a glitch :).

Wicked Lippies - Wrath

Lipstick: NYX, wicked lippies in Wrath.
Which is a fabulous coppery bronze. Goes with everything, and I love it. It’s not drying out my lips and sure ok, it needs regular touch ups, but there are worst things in life.


Liquid lipstick: Too Faced, Melted Matte in Evil Twin.
Admittedly I only own three liquid lipsticks (the others being Too Faced, Melted in Peony and NYX, Liquid Suede in Amethyst) so it wasn’t really a tough choice. But still, I ADORE this one!


Lip liner: Yves Rocher, lip liner in clear.
I’m sure a lot of people think I’m the lamest person for choosing that one, and that’s ok, I don’t mind. But the reality of the matter is that I am lucky enough to only own lipsticks that don’t need a liner as a base (ok bar two, but I’ve got it covered via alternative means), some just need a liner so they don’t feather out. And why on earth should I buy tons of liners, in colours that probably don’t even properly match, if I can just solve the feathering issue (which I don’t even have with all of my lipsticks) by a applying a matches-all clear liner?
So, clear liner it is.
I’m not saying that I never will buy another liner (in fact, I have two from NYX in the US NYX order box that went awol and I suspect is stolen by either USPS or B-post or US or Belgian customs, in any case STOLEN, so yeah), but when I do, it’ll have to be something I actually get enough use out of to fork out money for.

Lip gloss:
I don’t actually own lip gloss. I’m not opposed to it, I’ve just not encountered one that I want enough to buy. Last time I bought one was when I was in my last year of high school in 1998, and I gave that to a class mate. It was red and by Bodyshop, I remember that much. The class mate loved it though, so at least someone was happy with it :).

M.A.C - Gesso

Eye shadow: This one is a really touch one. I don’t own that many single shades, but there’s 5 in my collection I absolutely adore (all by M.A.C: Amber Lights, Bronze, Coppering, Gesso and Gorgeous Gold). I guess that if I can choose just the one, it’d have to be Gesso, because in a bind, white works with everything. But I kinda want to say Amber Lights, because that one is AMAZING! But yeah, Gesso, just for it’s universal compatibility and it’s a sensible choice (I am so boring!).

Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons swatches

Eye shadow palette: Too Faced, Chocolate Bon Bons.
It’s a no brainer since I only own two palettes (the other being the NYX ultimate shadow one in Brights, but the quality is sub-par to the Too Faced one).
Well, I only own 2 real palettes that were bought as a ready-made actual palette. I do have a few of the “put them together yourself” ones from M.A.C because it’s cost effective for colours I use a lot, so I’ve treated them as single shadows for this.
But yeah: chocolate Bon Bons.
It serves me well, it gives me access to all the colours I want, need and use aside from my beloved M.A.C shades (and then some I don’t use en plus). Would I repurchase this? Not blindly, if that time comes I’ll see what’s out there and what I need and want, colour wise, but I’m not saying I wouldn’t repurchase this either. If I needed to repurchase, I would definitely see what Too Faced has out first though.

Photo of the day: 10.11.2016 (day 215)

MAC technakohl liner in brass band

Eyeliner: M.A.C technakohl liner in brass band.
I know I should probably go with a more sensible colour, like Snowed In or maybe Riqué, but I just ADORE the delightful mechanical eyeliner pencil that is brass band. The technakohl formula is by far my favourite (although Yves Rocher does a black one that is definitely a good alternative for a black one from M.A.C ), it’s just brilliant! And come on, copper, how can I resist the copper eye liner. It’s impossible. This one is just perfect. I like all my technakohl liners, but I LOVE brass band.

Brows: I am, thankfully, blessed with no maintenance brows. They look even, they are nicely spaced, they aren’t patchy, there’s nothing wrong with my brows. So I don’t bother with my brows either. Sometimes I colour them in using whatever eye shadow colour that appeals to me that day. Or what I really like doing, is applying my Yves Rocher gold glitter gel over them to make them sparkly. It’s clear so it doesn’t change the colour, it just literally adds gold sparkle. In theory it’s an eye shadow topper, but as it doesn’t work for it’s actual purpose, I use it for my brows, for which it does work.

Setting spray: As M.A.C’s Fix + isn’t a setting spray, I’m going to have to pass on this one too. I don’t need one, so I’m not investing in one. If I don’t use or need it, I don’t buy it. If I were to pick a finishing spray: Fix + would be IT. Because I fricking LOVE Fix +.


Perfume: L’Occitane de Provence “Ambre”.
In reality, I find that perfumes are just too expensive for what they are, so I often go to Yves Rocher, see what they have (as they have small bottles for under € 5 and larger ones for under € 10), and just grab whatever l like best. Sadly, that is mostly the limited edition stuff. Basically, I suck at perfume choices! But yeah, Ambre! If I have to choose one, I choose Ambre.
Mind you, next year this may not be my choice, because I saw on the site they repackaged it and made it unisex, so I may not like the revamped Ambre scent at all. But I do love the one I have currently.