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Product review: Kuretake ink palette - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Product review: Kuretake ink palette [Dec. 21st, 2016|03:48 pm]
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New paint palette, yay! \o/

You have no idea how much I adore this...

Kuretake brush palette

(Product photo from the official UK website)

It claims to be watercolour, but let me tell you, this is NOT watercolour. A hybrid with watercolour, maybe, but definitely not pure watercolour. And that’s an awesome thing! I’m still convinced this is some kind of ink.

I started taking a painting class at the local arts evening college back in September, which is neat. The people are super nice, the teacher is nice, everything’s great (other than that I’m rubbish at painting but that’s besides the point). Most people paint with oil and/or acrylics, I prefer watercolours and ink.


Now, the inks I usually use are literally game colours by Vallejo and Citadel. Nothing like Ecoline or proper artist inks. Which isn’t an issue in school at all, don’t get me wrong, but I kinda wanted something else.
During inktober, I saw a lot of artists use Kuretake brush pens, so when my friend Esther offered to bring me back some from Japan, I naturally turned to amazon.co.jp to see what it was exactly that I wanted (with some kind assistance of Brian, thanks Brian).
And then I stumbled on this.
And I just _had_ to have it.
My dad, who is pretty big on holidays and gift giving (bless him) said he’d buy it for me for Sinterklaas (thanks dad!) and so I asked Nicole (who shopping services for me) about it, and here it is.

New paint palette, yay! \o/

As you can see, it is not like a traditional watercolour palette, it is much bigger. It’s not in a traditional full plastic flip case. Instead it comes in a large, mostly cardboard case, with a lot of writing I can’t read (as it’s in Japanese). The little pans are easy to take out (which is SO practical) and all have info on the back. And it has metals! OMG! Silver and gold and COPPER oh my!

New paint palette, yay! \o/

Painting with this is heaven, the colour pay-off is amazing, it combines beautifully with watercolour paints (which I prefer doing) AND because you can make it really thick, you can paint on other mediums than paper, also. Just perfect.

Still life 1 - ink and watercolour

For this one I mixed the Kuretake colours with some of both my watercolour palettes.

Dead flowers in vase - ink & watercolour

The top background on this is a Da Vinci watercolour shade, but everything else are Kuretake colours.