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Cake and Cosmetics, part 1 - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Cake and Cosmetics, part 1 [Dec. 13th, 2016|09:59 am]
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Claire and I

A while a go when Claire and I went to Antwerp, I had the bright idea to film a series for her channel which is basically us waffling about cosmetics over cake. Of course, I had this luminous idea when we were back home, and not sitting in perfect sunlight at Exki. As these things go.
It took us a while to find a date to finally get on with it, but then on the 19th of November, we finally managed.

And it nearly failed again, because I coughed a respiratory tract infection and the NMBS decided that weekend train service was not something they were going to provide the following few weeks. Because you know, customer service is something Belgian Rail doesn’t participate in. Ever.
Luckily I felt just about well enough to go to Antwerp, and Bert was kind enough to drive me to Mechelen station (that did still have direct trains running to Antwerp). So I managed to be there in time.
Claire, however, didn’t, because she went into Starbucks to get a gingerbread latte, WITHOUT ME.
Yeah, she’s not going to stop hearing the end of that any time soon, but only in good jest mind! I think she’s actually editing some of that madness in the video.

Of course, the entire point of cake and cosmetics is to acquire cosmetics.
We checked out Planet Parfum, who had really strange Christmas decorations.

This is a Christmas tree (or so I'm told)

Claire did consider winter headwear for a split second, but retired it very quickly.

Claire is unimpressed by winter headwear

We both found some nail varnish at H&M and Claire also found a really nice eye shadow that looks gorgeous on her.
We had to go to a second H&M too though, because the beige cardigan I wanted was sold out in my size in the first one. Luckily they had it in the second one.

ICI PARIS XL for their Urban Decay counter. The UD girl was oh, my, god, stuck up. She was so pushy, and basically looking down her nose at us at the same time. Rude much.

People at M.A.C were WAY friendlier! Claire ended up getting a new blush, and I bought a new white shadow refill pan (hail Gesso!). I also swatched a brown lipstick, which was even called Film Noir, but managed to resist. But only _just_. I also informed about the ingredients of Fix + and the shop assistant even went to double check to see whether it was safe for me to use. THAT is what I call customer service.

After that we popped by the ICI PARIS XL at Groenplaats, where Céline works. Céline used to work in the one in my home town and moved to the one in Antwerp after she made a promotion. So we always stop by to say hi as she’s super awesome. We spent some time talking to her, and she told us that they were going to stop distributing Bourjois, which was why everything was 50% off. So Claire kinda jumped on that one. I couldn’t, because… parabens :(.

At that point we were getting super hungry, so we retreated to Panos to have lunch, and I handed Claire some stuff I had for her.
After that we wandered back into Shopping Groenplaats to have a look at the Kiko dupe makeu-up store (which claims to be paraben free). It was so interesting I forgot the name. ‘Nuff said right.
We looked at stuff at Bodyshop and then went and got some of our usual skin care (Claire) and things from the holiday collection (me) at Yves Rocher.

That was pretty much the point where we felt we had spent enough money, and we went to Starbucks, because I hadn’t had any gingerbread latte yet. And to be honest, I shouldn’t have, I had coffee hangover all evening and the next day. Note to self: if you insist on Starbucks drinks, have tea or Cool Lime!

Gingerbread latte

Of course, we had taken so long wandering about, most of the light was almost gone when we went to Exki to start filming.
There was this super sweet lady sitting at the table next to us and she kindly offered to take this photo for us. Thank you so much!

Claire and I

Cake and Cosmetics #1

Cake and Cosmetics: Claire

Cake and Cosmetics: me

My tiny haul:

Yesterday's small haul

When we were done filming (my skills leave a lot to be desired) we went back to the train station and went home, and that was that.
More next month, because we will keep up with this, even if no one watches it :D. Because we have fun making these, and that’s the only thing that counts!

The video still isn’t up, because poor Claire is stuck with editing it whilst dealing with her student job and school workload (I really need to learn how to edit), but I’ll link to that once it is.

I think we need to rethink how we film this, I have some ideas which I shall run past Claire when I see her next :D.