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Mouscron-Roubaix (7.12.2016) - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Mouscron-Roubaix (7.12.2016) [Dec. 12th, 2016|12:01 pm]
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Musée de la Piscine

XMAS was in Europe for a tour, so of course, Bert and I had to go interview and shoot them for BCM. Originally the plan was to go to the NYX opening on the 8th in Antwerp, and then meet the guys at Central Station, hang out in town and do the shoot and interview there. But due to circumstances (2 lives in one day on the 9th), that didn't really work out.
In the end, Bert had the 7th off (instead of the 8th) and we went to Mouscron to meet up with the guys there and shoot them out in a street :). Hey, whatever works right! There will be photos of the band later, because I'm keeping Bert's photos for BCM and mine are all on analog cameras and the developped film hasn't gotten back to me yet.
BUT: you should be able to see them and read the interview in the next edition of BCM, which will be out in the beginning of the new year :).

After the interview, we decided to drive through to Roubaix, which isn't far from Mouscron at all (about 15 minutes). I had wanted to go to Musée de la Piscine (yes, it really is a converted swimming pool), FOR AGES (probably since 2013 when I first visited Roubaix), so I was well pleased we finally got to go.

Of course, first we had lunch, because starvation is never a good plan. And then we popped by Sephora where I picked up my mum's Christmas present (for which I had done an online reservation) and a Melted Kisses and Sweet Cheeks set from Too Faced. Basically, it is a deluxe sample of both their fabled melted lipsticks (in Peony, which is the kind of horrid pink I would avoid like the plague, but my eldest niece loves it, so no loss there) and love flush blush in Justify my Love. Which is also not my preferred colour of blush (well I used to have a blush this shade so it's not like I'd never wear it, but meh). You may wonder why I got two shades I'm not wild about. Well, because the set was €12. Which means € 6 a pop. Full sized versions cost €20 (for the lipstick) and € 29 (for the blush), shipping NOT included. So it's a fair enough way to test them. I actually really wanted to try the blush, which does have awesome application and staying power, but my skin doesn't really seem to agree with it :(. The lipstick I had literally zero expectations of, but I was really pleasantly surprised of the formula! Would I buy a full sized one? Well, maybe one of the reds, if I happend to be in a shop that sells them and if M.A.C doesn't have a good dupe for my beloved red Sephora lipstick (Hot Tango) when I run out of that (they've now added parabens so it's not like I could just buy a new one XD).

Anyway, beauty product ramblings aside: we went to the museum and it was... AWESOME!
I especially loved how it was organised. They had left large parts of the art nouveau pool intact, which made for an AMAZING venue, but they had also spread out a lot of their sculptures amongst the paintings, and they mixed up a lot of periods. So you had fine art amongst classic art and the temporary exhibit was in it's own little area but that area was really part of the museum overal, not some separate room. Definitely one of my top 3 museums (1st place being for the Cinquantenaire in Brussels and 2nd for the Victoria and Albert in London). I would definitely go again, for sure.

Musée de la Piscine

Musée de la Piscine

Musée de la Piscine

Musée de la Piscine

Musée de la Piscine

More photos in this set.

Outfit: 7.12.2016

Mandatory outfit shot in bad museum indoor's lighting. By Bert.
Glasses: Theo
Cardigan: H&M
On the cardigan: Monsieur Miaou pin (made by me) and a day museum sticker (which was mandatory)
Blouse: Forever 21
Bag: Zatchels
Keychain: repainted (by me) Decathlon
Skirt: Made it myself, with Rouge Aerie Designs fabric (carouskel)
Petticoat: Dear Celine
Leggings: Primark
Socks: Decathlon
Boots: Kickers
The spots of brown look a little weird like that, but my winter coat is brown and beige, so yeah.

Yesterday's haul and mail

Roubaix haul (and stuff I got in the mail that day). I got the lollipop and the Christmas cat bell decoration at the museum gift shop :).