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Anti-haul #1: holiday edition: the #makeup I won't buy! - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Anti-haul #1: holiday edition: the #makeup I won't buy! [Dec. 1st, 2016|09:18 am]
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Credit where it's due, I stumbled upon anti-hauls on Kimberly Clark's youtube channel. When I was looking for something else entirely, as these things go.
Now, I'm not a YouTuber, and believe me, the world is glad for it because no one wants to listen to my voice (trust me, you don't). BUUUUUT, I do love my trusty livejournal blog, so I figured I might as well do anti-hauls on here :).

I'm sticking to brands I know, own and/or have used in the past, and have talked about before. So regular readers know that I am definitely not against these brands. Because I don’t think it’d be fair to start waffling about brands I don’t know anything about, or that I have never used before. It just seems a bit easy.

The list of stuff I won’t be buying
- M.A.C Cosmetics, anything from their holiday line.
- NYX Cosmetics, Wanderlust advent calendar
- Yves Rocher, the new multi-palette
- Sephora, Geometricolor Palette Blockbuster
- Spectrum Collection, Marbleous in black
- Too Faced, The Chocolate Shop
- Too Faced, Grande Hotel Café

M.A.C Nutcracker sweet
First of all: come on, look at this commercial, it’s amazing.
I've seen these things in real life in the Antwerp store, most are lovely, the packaging is ace, spot on M.A.C, spot on.
That said, much as I think there are plenty of pretty things in the new holiday collection, there’s nothing I want badly enough to shell out that kind of cash. That’s a big thing for me: if I won’t use it, I won’t buy it, the end.
It’s a principle I stick by, for the sake of both my savings and my sanity.
Also: limited editions suck. You get this product you love and then when it's gone, it's gone. No thanks, I don't need a repeat of Chill (aka the ultimate white eye shadow that I still lament having to go without).

NYX - anti haul

NYX - anti haul

NYX Cosmetics, Wanderlust advent calendar
Before this thing hit the stores, it was already on sale via asos.
Albeit a lot more expensive, but the fact that asos had it before the Belgian NYX store did, says a lot about the supply issue NYX has when it comes to their own stores.
Basically, sure, these cosmetics advent calendars are cute, I won’t argue with that. BUT, you are bound to get a lot of stuff you won’t be using. Which means that it’s just cheaper to go to the store, or the retailer you use for whatever particular brand and just buy what you will actually use.
And you know, where’s the surprise, because they generally list exactly what’s in these things. Of course, if by some miracle you will find a calendar with all things you would use, lucky you!

In case people hadn't noticed, I won't be getting any brand's cosmetics or skin care advent calendar.
I’m sticking to a boring old chocolate-a-day one, although I have to admit that the LEGO Star Wars one, as well as those tea-a-day ones look mighty tempting!

Yves Rocher - anti haul

Yves Rocher’s new multi palette
Yves Rocher is basically bandwagoning nearly every brand out there, by releasing a palette including a bunch of shadows, lipglosses etc.
I have to admit, out of all of the palettes of this kind, I like this one most. BUT: I rather spend money on the few shadows I will actually use, than on a whole bunch of cosmetics I wouldn’t touch.
Also, I get that putting whole lot of different cosmetics in one palette is appealing to some people, but it is seriously off-putting to me. In my mind, it is just a recipe for a hot mess. So whenever I see something like this, I give it a miss.
I do really like how this palette has the option to create smaller, very portable palettes with parts of the big one.
Admittedly, I did seriously consider buying this for my niece, because she loves playing with make-up, but somehow I don’t think it’d be appreciated by the collective inlaws. I am, for the record, not for letting kids cake their face full of paint so to speak, but if she just casually likes to mess around with it, I don’t see what’s wrong about that. I used to be like that, and I turned out alright when it comes to make-up. It hasn’t turned me into someone utterly obsessed by the stuff. Let’s be realistic, I don’t even use or own foundation (never have, very likely never will).

Sephora palette - anti haul

Sephora, Geometricolor Blockbuster Palette
This is probably the mother of all multi-palettes. And it is _amazing_. I’ve seen it in real life, it is mind boggling. It beats the NYX beauty school drop out palettes and the entire assorted bunch into the ground with it’s sheer awesome.
It gets consistently good reviews and everything.
But again: so many things I don’t need.
Plus, Sephora recently decided it would be a splendid plan to add parabens to their stuff, and I prefer my face not melting off.
Well, ok that won’t happen, but I will get irritation and chemical burns, so no. No more Sephora products for me!

Spectrum brushes - anti haul

Spectrum Collections, now in black!
I love Spectrum, I honestly, really, do. I own several of their brushes. If I needed more brushes, they’d be my go-to-brand. BUT, that does NOT mean I will simply buy into whatever marketing crap they come up with. Marbleous brushes, now in black. As if I’m suddenly going to discard my, perfectly fine, brushes just to get the *gasp* brand new BLACK edition? No, no that’s really NOT going to happen.
If they come up with something new I can and will use, that’s another story, but until then, Spectrum is not getting my money.
Not even if they come up with a steampunk edition!

Too Faced - anti haul

Too Faced - anti haul

Too Faced, Grande Hotel Café
Granted, the price is reasonable (€ 44,95) for three palettes which each have 6 different shadows and a blush, as well as a travel sized version of the infamous Better than Sex Mascara.
BUT: and this is a gripe a lot of people have with Too Faced that I would have to agree with: the shades are a lot like other shades they have released before. So either it’s a lot of shades you already own, in one capacity or another. Or you, like me, simply don’t use enough make-up to justify buying a cute box containing a lot of stuff you simply will _not_ use. And then there is the matter of parabens. Their Bon Bons palette is explicitly listed as paraben free. Their Kat von D collab honesty lists the parabens. This product is mute on the matter. Which leads me to believe there may be some unlisted tiny amount in there, and even that’ll be enough to give me grief. So that’s just an additional reason for me not to get it (if I wanted it, I would inform about the parabens, but as I don’t want it, I can’t be bothered).

Too Faced - anti haul

Too Faced, The Chocolate Shop
Another one from their Christmas in New York collection, and the Sephora exclusive. I’m including it because you know: sephora.fr (although thanks to some of my friends in the US, in theory NOTHING is unobtainable for me, but thankfully I have restraint, and more sense than money).
I feel like you are getting quite good bang for your buck considering you are getting
- 21 eye shadows
- 1 bronzer
- 1 blush
- 1 highlighter
- 1 “Better than Sex” mascara (sorry but if you think your mascara is better than sex, you’re either having really lousy sex or none at all, just saying!)
- 1 “Shadow Insurance” eye shadow base
- 1 Melted Chocolate liquid lipstick in the shade Milkshake
I feel that for €54,95 this could be a really good deal.
If you are just getting into make-up and you don’t already own all the stuff from this kit you actually need. Or you want like three individual products from this, because that will amount to roughly the same cost so you might as well get the entire box. What I’m saying is: sure, this could be awesome for some people, and I’m sure it’ll sell like hot buns, but for me personally, I don’t need this. I have a shadow base, blush and highlighter I like. I don’t use bronzer, nor black mascara and that lipstick shade doesn’t look like it will be flattering on me at all. The palette is full of colours I either already own or won’t use. So I don’t have any need for this one and I won’t buy it. It’s just a waste of my cash.
Here too, there is the issue of parabens, as no ingredients are listed full stop, and Sephora is notoriously hard to get any answer out of. So even if I did want it, I would probably forego it out of safety precautions.

Basically, I'm not getting anything from Too Faced' holiday collection, because I don't need anything from it. The packaging can be too cute for words all it likes. If I don't need it, or won't use it, I'm not throwing my money at it.

Please do note that shipping to Belgium via Sephora.fr is € 8,90 and they ship with the dreaded UPS. UPS issues aside, you need to add that cost to your total cost, because that’s flat rate but they offer no free shipping to Belgium.

Additionally, can we just talk about how it should be fucking mandatory for all companies to give customers FULL disclosure when it comes to ingredients. None of this “if it less than x amount we don’t need to list it crap.” Companies are seriously risking their customers’ health by not listing ingredients that are potentially harmful, so I think that the legislation urgently needs to be changed, forcing companies to be transparent.
I’m also disgusted by the entire attitude of some companies. In the EU companies are legally obliged to provide you with the full MSDS sheet for each of their products when they are requested. So far only ONE company has replied with throwing them at me, and that was Snazaroo.

M.A.C has them in their stores, and when you ask to see them, they will allow you, but they won’t exactly offer them up if you don’t specifically request them. That said, they have always looked up ingredients for me, regardless of how busy it was in store, when I requested it (they are one of the few “if it’s not on the packaging, it’s not in the product companies, which makes things easier). That said, you HAVE to ask in store, because the live chat is very likely to just fob you off onto the store and refuse to do what they are legally obliged to do and provide you with the ingredients. So it’s a bit of a mixed bag with them.

Yves Rocher has the ingredients from their MSDS sheets available in store, so I’m ok with that, especially because they also list literally everything in their products on most of the packaging.

Sadly, a lot of companies will simply IGNORE your request (and I systematically report them after a week). Or they try to fob you off to their US customer service (M.A.C did that once, but only because it was a product not out in the Belgian physical stores yet and the website crew was ZERO help, and then the US customer service was very helpful and provided me with the ingredients copied off of the MSDS sheet).
Now I don’t mind having to call the US, because I can actually call US numbers for free most of the week, but this is not an option many people have, so it’s still not ok to do this.

Sephora, is another company that does this. They will simply IGNORE your ingredient request, even if you state it is due to allergies, and if you, out of sheer misery, contact their US customer service, they aren’t exactly jumping to provide you the info. It wasn’t ‘till I mentioned the degree of my allergy (and they realised how serious it was) that they actually told me that, yes, the Sephora eye shadows and lipsticks do contain unlisted parabens now. It could have potentially ended up in a very hot mess, which luckily was avoided because I’m so careful.

Too Faced is another one that is absolutely dreadful. When you contact them via their website, they will proceed to completely ignore your request BUT they will add you to their mailing list, send you discount coupons and urge you to buy, repeatedly. I ended up ringing them out of sheer misery, and the woman I got on the other end was less than friendly about it, acting like I was making an unreasonable request asking about ingredients to avoid chemical burns.
In the end I got a pretty unfriendly reply after all (about a week later) going “we have a FAQ, the paraben free products are listed in there.
Guess what, this kind of bullshit is really putting me OFF buying Too Faced. It’s not like there aren’t any alternatives out there. So from now on I’m only buying Too Faced products if there is no alternative for something I really want.

So, out of personal experience, a little list of companies that list all their ingredients on the package (which is good to know in general):
- Snazaroo: they give out MSDS sheets upon ingredient request, totally hassle free. I am also super impressed by their customer service in general!
- M.A.C: provided you request information in store. Admittedly I only have experience with the Antwerp store, but my experience is positive.
- Yves Rocher: They have a booklet in all stores that list the ingredients of most of their products, and I have good experiences emailing their customer service for info.
- NYX: also of the “if it’s not on the packaging, it’s not in there” principle. I haven’t had to deal with them via email when it comes to ingredients.
- LunatiCK Lab Cosmetics: They do respond if you use their email contact form, but it does take a while. At the point that I write this post, they are 100% paraben free.