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Favourite things of the month - November 2016 #art #makeup #enamelpin - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Favourite things of the month - November 2016 #art #makeup #enamelpin [Nov. 30th, 2016|02:23 pm]
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November favourites :)

- House of Secrets Incorporated, Monsieur Miaou voodoo cat pin
- I Love Crafty x Pony People, ghost cat necklace
- Kuretake, 36 colours Gansai Tambi palette
- Yves Rocher, black eyeliner
- Yves Rocher, Christmas collection hand cream, lip balm, body lotion, fragrance and shower gel in cranberry and almond
- Too Faced, Chocolate Bon Bons palette

the marvelous Monsieur Miaou

Meet the Magnificent Monsieur Miaou, the best feline from the other side
I love pins, it's a fact, I have loved them since they were first a rage back in the late 1980s (yes, I am that old, move along). So when I discovered via instagram you can have pins made, I figured I wanted to give it a go.
So I designed this one: Monsieur Miaou,the voodoo cat, a loa you can call upon when you need that little extra feline assistance in your life, if you will. Because obviously, I spent entirely too much time making a back story to a pin design :)
He's for sale in my etsy store, as a numbered (on the backing card) limited edition of 50 pins.
But obviously, if you want to get one outside etsy because you know me in real life and you rather buy face to face, or you just don't want to bother with etsy, let me know and we can totally sort it out.
If this works out, I'll definitely design more pins :).

Photo of the day: 1.11.2016 (day 306)

Everyday is Halloween
I got this on the I Love Crafty website a little before Halloween. It was part of the I Love Crafty Halloween collaboration with Pony People. I saw it and I just fell in love with it. And even though it is from a Halloween collection, I will wear this all year 'round, whenever I feel like it.
I did replace the necklace chain, not because there was anything wrong with it but simply because I prefer the feel of cord to metal. Also: sliding knot so I can adjust the length so it works together with other necklaces is a total bonus :D.

New paint palette, yay! \o/

Kuretake brush palette

Because my picture is rubbish, I'm sharing the one from the site also.

Paint all the things
My dad, bless him, likes buying presents. So he said I could have something for Sinterklaas, preferably something I can use in school. I had seen a lot of people use Kuretake brush pens during inktober, and of course, whilst looking at those, I found this, and then dad said he'd pay for it. So I asked my friend Nicole, who has a shopping service, to help me get it, et voila :).
I LOVE it. You can read a full review about it here.

It's beginning to look a lot like ... Christmas?

Holiday skin
Every single year I look forward to the Yves Rocher Christmas collection, because there's always something I love in there. Three years ago it was the orange peel and chocolate lip balm, the previous two years the eau de toilette and hand cream and this year, well, thank god for the cranberry and almond stuff because the clementine and spices and pear and cocoa ones stink to high heaven XD. The thing is, I REALLY love the sweet and candy style scent of the cranberry and almond part of the range, and I've admittedly, as you can tell from above picture, gone a bit ham.
But it needs to be said that literally all products I got are lovely, and lush, and I wish they weren't limited edition, so much! I think I might stock up on more next month. At least on more shower gel in any case.
Yes, I know I have put Christmas things in a Halloween bowl, no I'm not being ironic or whatever. It's just that I've not gotten 'round to buy more bowls so until I do, I'm using this one.

Yves Rocher black eyeliner

Black is still black, the end
Finally, a black eyeliner that not only stays put, it is also affordable, really does stay in place perfectly AND it doesn't contain either parabens or alluminium powder. So yay. Sure, it's not the softest or the smoothest eyeliner on the planet, but it's comfortable and easy enough to work with. I like it a lot. Definitely enough not to bother continuing to look for another alternative. It also needs to be said that it really IS waterproof. To the point where I use olive oil to remove it because my make-up remover stands no chance against it. It's not smudge proof though, so don't rub your eyes whilst wearing it!

Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons swatches

Smells like chocolate
No really, it DOES smell like chocolate. That isn't just a rumour doing the rounds on the internet. I have to say that out of the three (the other being the Chocolate Bar palette and the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar palette), the design of the Chocolate Bon Bons palette appeals the least to me. I'm not much for overly girly pink and hearts etc. But the colours in this palette did appeal to me the most overal, minus the (hot) pink, but seeing my eldest niece loves that, those aren't even a loss.
So yeah, that's the one I got. I like it _just_ about enough for it to make the faves. But only just.
I wrote a full review about it here.

Photo of the day: 10.11.2016 (day 215)

Loa also really appreciates the scent of the palette.

Added note: where possible I link to English language (UK) websites in the summary, even when I bought the product in a Belgian store, or via a Dutch language website. So if you don't live in the UK, simply google for your country's website alternative. Most stores I buy from have one.
Eventually these links may expire when a company discontinues a product, but at the time this post goes live, they *should* all be good.

Faves of the last couple of months: