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happy doggy party! [Nov. 28th, 2016|01:10 pm]
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Bert and Daikon

The title may be strange, but on Saturday, Bert and I went to visit our friend Aurélie, who was having a very small party for her dog Daikon.
And ok, it was Daikon's first birthday party whilst we were having a working meeting about the upcoming XMAS tour (which is why it was such a small party).

We got there late (shame on us) and Olga, Antoine and David were already there. But it was ok, because they could start on the planning part that was not our bit anyway :).

Everyone had brought treats for Daikon, and we had too. But we had already bought a bag of cat snacks for his 5 cat brothers. Which of course ended in the cats, especially Totetan, following me around because I was "the bringer of noms". Normally Totetan just kind of ignores me, but he was really putting on the charm because he wanted more noms. He actually got quite angry with me when I said "nope, you've been told no more".
There were angry meows and paw slaps, oops.

Have some random photos, because Aurélie not only has cool cats, she also has cool things to photograph :D



Putin approves of Bert's tea



I'm glad I took a picture of Aurélie's tin of Steamcream, because apparently that design isn't sold anymore.

Awesome creepy doll necklace

Awesome creepy doll necklace

Aurélie's amazing creepy doll face necklace by Freak's Circus!

Afterwards we popped by David and Steph's place, because David lives about half an hour from Aurélie. And he insisted we meet his dogs and stop buy because he wanted to give us our birthday presents. SO ...MUCH ...COOL ...STUFF! Thank you so much guys! :) xoxo

Last stop was my parents' house, so I could pick up Monsieur Miaou. I had him shipped there because my faith in UPS is non existant.
But now I have him and he is glorious!
Tomorrow I will list him on etsy, together with a pair of Doctor Who sneakers and a pair of Star Wars sneakers :).