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Harry Potter the Exhibition re-opening event (12/11/2017) - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Harry Potter the Exhibition re-opening event (12/11/2017) [Nov. 24th, 2016|10:52 am]
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Photo of the day: 12.11.2016 (day 317)

As some of you may remember, I went to the press event of Harry Potter, the Exhibition at the tail end of June (for those interested, I posted about that here). That was the day before the expo opened. Originally it was going to stay ‘till the end of the summer, but because it was such a success, it got extended to the first week of November. And then it not only got extended AGAIN, but it’s the very first stop on this travelling exhibition that had stuff ADDED. Basically it closed for a week so the new things could be brought in, and then it re-opened on Saturday, November 12.
I had asked their press manager if Lora and I could come, and he kindly wrote me down for a plus 1. Which was mighty nice of him.

Sadly, Lora couldn’t come in the end, so last minute, Bert joined me. And we drove to Brussels Expo (which was so much better and faster than the 2 trains and 1 metro business). We were there a little early, as was a massive crowd of people.

Basically, the press photographers (plus me) were allowed to go in a little early, and we went through the exhibition from the back, working our way through to the main entrance,
Harry Potter the Exhibition re-opening

Harry Potter the Exhibition re-opening

Harry Potter the Exhibition re-opening

Harry Potter the Exhibition re-opening

Harry Potter the Exhibition re-opening

so we could wait for the re-opening ceremony to take place.
Which was really fun. James Phelps, who plays Fred Weasley, was there, and he really engaged both the people that had won a meet and greet with him, as well as the audience.
It was just really well done and so much fun.

James Phelps re-opens Harry Potter the Exhibition

Afterwards, Bert and I joined the winners of the meet and greet, because we didn’t have an interview slot, but a photography slot for after the meet and greet.
And James is a super nice and friendly guy, seriously he is very kind, and you can really tell he cares a lot about his fans. He took so much time to sign things for them, pose for photos and just answer all their questions.

Photo of the day: 12.11.2016 (day 317)

When the winners left to go explore the expo, we tested the light and afterwards took some photos of James. Which he kindly signed for give-aways.
I have two to give away (not this one because of the smudging), one will be given away on The Gatehouse, so keep an eye on that, because the competition will be live any day now.
And we will be giving the other one away in next edition of BCM, so either keep following this blog, or my twitter, or my instagram, to find out when the next edition is out and what you need to do to win a signed instax photo.

The rest of the weekend was much more boring. After we went grocery shopping Bert took my outfit shot. With the coat because it was way too cold. Plus I feel that my coat could double as Harry Potter universe wizarding robes (not really but I’m sticking to it regardless :D).

Outfit: 12.11.2016

Loa likes to sit in my coat

All my photos of the exhibition are here, the new ones are on page 2.