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This is Halloween... (catching up on October, part 2) - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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This is Halloween... (catching up on October, part 2) [Nov. 11th, 2016|09:37 am]
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As you could have guessed from the title, this is my final catch up post for October. Which is good, because I still have to catch up on stuff from this month too!

Halloween make-up

The week of Halloween, I fell ill, which is just typical. In the end, that and the fact the meet-up would be like 3 people, of which 2 were sick, I ended up cancelling both the J-fashion meet in Louvain on the 29th and the Halloween party at my house November 1st. Of course, on Halloween I felt a little bit better (just about) and Bert suggested we go to Antwerp (as was originally planned and also cancelled with Claire) so I wouldn't be stuck inside on Halloween all day.
Which was a good plan because I had fun, but also a bad plan, because the next couple of days I was well and truly dead again (and I felt kinda poorly the entire time in Antwerp too so maybe staying home had been better, oh well).

I should really start with the day before. Because that was nearly a foiled plan completely.
The day before was Jos' (Bert's granddad) 81st birthday. So we went over there, and Bert's parents and the spawn were also there. Normally, Bert's mum would have brought them by on Halloween morning, so they could receive their treat bags with candy and gifts from the Pumpkin Men (don't judge me, if it's ok to make kids believe in the Easter Bunny, Santa and Sinterklaas, I can make my niece believe in the Pumpkin people!). BUT their parents (who were not at the birthday party) had decided that they were taking the eldest to IKEA that day.
Of course, I had already prepared the bags, came up with a clever excuse why they would get them a day early, and just handed them over a day early.

The youngest is just a little too young to fully grasp the situation, but the eldest, well she was SO INTO IT. (You can ask me about more details about the kids, but be warned that I will full on ignore those questions, there's so little info about them on my social media for a reason :P).

Spawn with trick or treat bag :)Spawn with trick or treat bag :)

So that was the day before Halloween.
Halloween itself was basically spent taking a train, wandering around Antwerp and looking in stores.
I got a cat eared baret at H&M (had to look in 3 different ones, and then it went on sale the day later online, typical! I did get a bat print dress and the with my witches sweater on mega discount though, online, on November 1st), at M.A.C a new refill pan of Gorgeous Gold and at Flying Tiger some frames. I found film at Grobet and chocolate at Dille and Kamille. And I think that was pretty much it. We wanted to go to Mekanik, but we didn't, because Mekanik isn't open on Mondays :(.
We had a look in the Action in the Meir mall, and I just have to say: what the fuck is the fuss about?

Starbucks was pretty disappointing. I had really set my mind on a pumpkin spice latte and guess what, it was Halloween, but there were NO more pumpkin spice lattes! I mean... come the fuck on. Of course, a week later the Christmas drinks all arrived in full force, which is just goddamn typical.
The vampire frappucino, btw, was sub par.
If Bert had taken my photo after I tasted it, I would not look this cheerful.

I can haz Starbucks

Have some more random photos:

Outfit: 31.10.2016

mirror selfie shot type thing

How Bert did not boil to death in his down feather jacket is beyond me!

Photo of the day: 2.11.2016 (day 307)

Haul photo with missing parts.

Halloween pumpkins at Delhaize

Random pumpkins at a supermarket.

As a Halloween post, this may be a bit sad, photo wise. BUT I do have a set with this year's Halloween photos, right here :)