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Utterly disgusted by the "service" UPS is failing to provide. @UPSHelp - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Utterly disgusted by the "service" UPS is failing to provide. @UPSHelp [Nov. 9th, 2016|02:01 pm]
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Let me start out by saying that ever since last year, UPS' service, which used to be AMAZING (the kind of amazing where you rejoice when you found out that a company delivered with UPS) went so spectacularly downhill that the sentence "shipped with UPS" is good for THE FEAR.
Right now, I am utterly PETRIFIED when I hear I’ll be dealing with UPS.
I am honestly fearing for another package that is arriving by UPS later this month.

Basically, this is what happened.
On Sunday evening I placed an order with Sephora, via their French website. It lists as shipping via UPS, so I figured: “Alright, no problem. They’re not the greatest, but last couple of times were ok”.
I get a confirmation from Sephora that my order had gone out (without tracking, which was very much NOT helpful) AND that I was kindly requested to check the package before signing for it, because if something was amiss, I could refuse reception and it would be easier for them to sort stuff out.
Perfectly reasonable.
I’ve had other companies request this in the past, and with FedEx and DHL this has never been an issue (in fact, the delivery people were always very understanding).

Now this guy is at the wrong front door (to the other side of the house, where Bert’s grandparent’s live) and first tries to get Rosa (Bert’s nan) to sign for it. In itself that’s not unusual, but he was apparently really persistent. I had warned them about Sephora’s request to check first.
So she gets me, I rush out (because I didn’t want to make anyone wait longer than necessary, especially not in bad weather [he was allowed to wait inside mind, which he didn’t do, NOT our fault!]).
I explain that Sephora asked to open first (I had the package on the ground, checking how to best open it) and at that point he YANKS it out of my hands and snaps: THAT IS FORBIDDEN! SIGN FIRST OR YOU WON’T GET YOUR PACKAGE.

Beg pardon?

Let me explain a thing or two.
First and foremost, you are legally allowed to check content before you sign for it. Because anyone could send you anything, even behind your back. Including stuff that could land you in legal trouble.
Secondly, grabbing stuff out of people’s hands and acting like a total douche, is not ok.

I did point out (probably angrier than necessarily but I don’t react well to being treated like that) that I was well within my right to check, but ok, I’d sign, but I would be taking actions if something was wrong, and that I would report them to the Belgian consumer ombudsman service. Which I will be doing right after I hit “post” on this well, post. Which actually takes matters of consumer rights violations serious.

I will also be contacting the Sephora customer service to let them know that UPS does not allow packages to be opened if they aren’t signed for.

UPS may think they can bully people, and they may get away with a lot of this crap, but I will continue to speak up against bullshit like this. And I will report it if my rights get violated. Because even if nothing is done about it, it at least sends the signal that not everyone is willing to roll over and allow corporations to do away with their rights.

I miss the days where we always had the same super friendly UPS delivery guy, and they never caused any crap.

EDIT: clearly without having read this post (because that kind of behaviour is not at all patronising) UPS reacted on twitter, saying they would be happy to talk to me, if only I provided my phone number and other details.
So basically so they can claim that they did their job. Whilst as a EU citizen, I have the right to get everything in writing.
Let's see how they react to the fact that I am aware of my rights...
EDIT 2: like this "they can't guarantee" them basically.

FIY people, if you think that this is a shit situation, it'll be MUCH worse if CETA and TTIP get signed. Those rights we still have on paper, will vanish completely.

EDIT: 23/11/2016: I received an email from the Belgian ombuds service for customer affairs that they are working on this case. The fact that they've not rejected it and taken it serious is, to me, a clear sign that UPS is very much at fault. Hopefully they'll be able to straighten them out.