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Last week in photos: 10-16/10/2016 #photography #inktober #FallintoDisneyStyle #dailyphoto - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Last week in photos: 10-16/10/2016 #photography #inktober #FallintoDisneyStyle #dailyphoto [Oct. 17th, 2016|02:54 pm]
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Photo of the day: 14.10.2016 (day 288)

#FallintoDisney style day 10 - Sally #ManiMonday

10.10.2016 (day 284) + FallintoDisneyStyle day 10 - Sally #ManiMonday
I decided to do my nails inspired by Sally's skin, and Loa was actually being a helpful faithful blogging assistant when it came to taking a photo and being generally cute for the picture :).

#iggletober day 10: something black

Iggletober day 10 - something black.
I think this is pretty self explanatory :).

Photo of the day: 11.10.2016 (day 285)

11.10.2016 (day 285)
The butternut pumpkin is an organically grown one from our garden (our only pumpkin, but that aside). Bert was given the funny looking white ones by a colleague from work. I don't think those are organic, but hey, free pumpkins :).

Outfit: 11.10.2016

FallintoDisneyStyle day 11 - Minnie style
This is my take on Minnie style. Yes, apparently it's a legit fashion trend, I had to google it too :).
Photo by Bert Van den Wyngaert.

Headbow: made it myself
Jacket: ebay seller
Necktie: made it myself
Bag: Zatchels
Skirt: made it myself
Petticoat: Dear Celine
Tights: welovecolors
Boots: Kickers

Iggletober day 11 - hot drink
Pumpkin spice latte! I love pumpkin spice latte!

Photo of the day: 12.10.2016 (day 286)

12.10.2016 (day 286)
Stuff I got in the mail. The pins are by Hannah Hitchman on etsy.

#FallintoDisneyStyle day 12 - Disney socks

FallintoDisneyStyle day 12 - Disney socks.

#iggletober day 12 - the shoes I'm wearing

Iggletober day 12 - the shoes you're wearing
My favourite brogues, they're by Kickers.

Photo of the day: 13.10.2016 (day 287)

13.10.2016 (day 287)
Believe it or not, but even though it's nearly mid October, there's still flowers in the garden!

Outfit: 13.10.2016

FallintoDisneyStyle day 13 - Villains inspired outfit.
Rather than to Disneybound, which isn't inspired by in my book, I went for an outfit that I thought would fit into the Island of the Lost from Disney Descendants. I imagine that this is what Hook's relatives or crew would wear, windswept and all :).
Photo by Bert Van den Wyngaert

Hat: customised ebay buy
Hat pin: made it myself
Glasses: Theo
T-shirt and top: Primark
Longsleeved cardigan: Primark
Sleeveless cardigan: Zara Girls
Skirt: handmade by me
Petticoat: Dear Celine
Leggings: handmade by me
Socks: HEMA
Boots: Schuh

Halloween at Town Square Photography

Iggleober day 13 - throwback thursday Halloween
I chose this photo of Halloween at Town Square Photography in Disneyland Paris. This was the last year the building was the original photography store. Rather than make it a truly original store and stock it with film, memory sticks, and all other imaginable Disney camera equipment, Disneyland Paris decided to refurb it into Flora's Boutique, which is just like nearly every other store on Main Street USA XD.

Photo of the day: 14.10.2016 (day 288)

14.10.2016 (day 288)
Thank you Dan K, Camera Film Photo and Japan Camera Hunter! :)
What does one do when the cat won't budge and you need that space to take a photo?
Exactly: just set up and include the cat in the photo :D.
Loa cat doesn't mind, he is a very faithful blogging assistant =^.^=

#Iggletober day 14 - bat

Iggletober day 14 - bat
Halloween Goofy wearing a bat costume Tsum Tsum and my awesome Poorman's Gold Label bat ring.

Halloween dessert

FallintoDisneyStyle day 14 - Disney Halloween Treat
A Halloween dessert we ate in Disneyland Paris once upon a time. It was so sweet that it made ice tea taste like water...

Photo of he day: 15.10.2016 (day 289)

15.10.2016 (day 289)
My cat is a dork :)

Photo of the day: 6.9.2014 (day 249)

Iggletober day 15 - candy
My Halloween Pez dispenser that I got in Disneyland Paris, as well as my Poorman's Gold Label Jabberwocky claw ring :)

Jules Verne tribute

FallintoDisneyStyle day 15 - Disney quote
It's not an actual Disney quote, but it's a quote on the Jules Verne tribute in Discoveryland, Disneyland Paris.
"Everything that is within the limits of the imaginable must and will be accomplished."

Photo of the day: 16.10.2016 (day 290)

16.10.2016 (day 290)
When my parents came over for lunch, I got dad to bring along all my old Pokémon cards. I used to play the game in 1999 - 2000, so I have a bunch of pretty rare cards, including, as you can see, two foil Charizard cards.
These are just 6 of the 100dreds I have, and I plan to sell them off so I can save more money to go on holiday etc :).
This is my sales post :)

I didn't do either Iggletober or FallintoDisneyStyle this day. But really, that should go without saying because if you don't see a challenge entry for a certain day, it's because I didn't participate that day. And if there is no explanation, the reason may be nothing bad at all, but I just don't want to bother going into it :). I'm not going to put my entire life in detail on here after all :P

I'm still doing the 100 days of make-up challenge too, you can see those photos here.