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Favourite things of the month - September 2016 [Sep. 30th, 2016|02:35 pm]
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September favourites

The list:
- Covers & Co, "North Pole duvet cover"
- M.A.C, extra dimension eye shadow in "a natural flirt"
- NYX color mascara in brown
- NYX eye shadow base in skin tone
- NYX Lid Lingerie in Gold Standard
- NYX ultimate eyeshadow palette in "brights"
- Yves Rocher "Apricot Fruity facial scrub"
- Yves Rocher flawless skin concealer in "beige clair"
- Yves Rocher, kohl pencil in black
- Yves Rocher "SOS clean hands"
- Yves Rocher "Vanilla Bourbon bath and shower gel"
- Weleda "Skin Food"

North Pole duvet cover

Steampunk the sofa
We have a cat and a lizard who both shed. The cat more than the lizard, of course. So for that reason we have a cover on the sofa. It was a pretty boring cover. So when I saw this awesome map print duvet cover of the North Pole, especially as it was in discount at the time, I just went and bought it. I had to make some adjustments to it so it fits, but now that it does, I really like how our sofa looks.
Bought from Collishop (online store)

It's almost too pretty to use, almost!

Add some sparkle to your eyes
I had discovered the extra dimension eye shadows with my friend Claire in the M.A.C store in Brussels whilst we were there on a J-fashion meet. Originally I really liked the colour Sweet Heat, but I didn't feel like spending € 23 on a shadow that day, especially not without knowing whether or not it was paraben free. I also didn't like the very harsh yellow light in the store, so I put off buying 'till the last weekend of August. In the morning, I had asked about the parabens via the M.A.C live chat. Hearing it was paraben free, I decided to pop by the store in Antwerp in the afternoon, because we were going there anyway (to Antwerp that is). Long story short, the light in the Antwerp store is much better, and I decided I liked A Natural Flirt a lot better, so got that instead. The pressing of the shadow is also really lovely, it was almost too pretty to use. Almost!
Bought via the Belgian M.A.C online store

Bonus photo: my faithful blogging companion "helping" me photograph the eye shadow.

And some bonus pics of the faithful feline blogging assistant not being all that helpful.

The faithful blogging assistant strikes again!

Photo of the day: 1.9.2016 (day 246)

Fave NYX products of September

Oh, those lashes!
People that have been reading my "favourites of the month" posts know I love the NYX colour mascaras. I think both the yellow (perfect pear) and lilac (forget me not) ones have made it on here. Back in July when I went to the NYX store in Ghent, I also picked up a brown one, but I didn't use it 'till this month (incidently also when I went to Ghent and the NYX shop, but I digress).
And whilst I thought I couldn't love the color mascaras more than I already did: I was WRONG. Because I ADORE this one. SO MUCH!
First of all: it has a different applicator than the yellow and lilac one, one that is much more convenient. It's also a little thinner, which means it applies much better. It feels even more comfortable, actually it feels like I'm not wearing mascara at all. That all said, however, whilst the lilac and yellow ones are waterproof, this one isn't. It's also not smudge proof. This is fine by me, because it is another incentive NOT to rub my eyes and get my eye makeup all over the place, making me look like a demented panda of some sort, but I can see how others would think that's not a positive feature. I quite like it, because it means I don't have to stand in front of the mirror stubbornly rubbing it off with my trusty remover. Seriously, I'm never buying another brown mascara as long as this exists!
Bought at the NYX store in Ghent.

Prep those lids
It's a primer, it's a really nice primer, it's light and m skin breathes through it, which, for me is a necessity because I HATE cosmetics that feel like they are suffocating my skin, or that make my eyes feel super heavy. I have actually never owned a primer before, because with the make-up I had previously owned I didn't need it. But when I got the brights palette I did, and after some research online I settled on this one. Not a choice I've regretted, and I will probably stick by it. I found a few reviews where people were complaining that it creases, but I can honestly say it's not an issue I've encountered at all. So it may just depend on your skin type? I have normal skin around my eyes, and I can apply it easily with either a brush or my fingers, without any issue at all.
Bought via asos.com

Sometimes you just need or want a spot of colour
Aside from my regular metals and white, I do own a few coloured eye shadows (lime, orange and two purples I'm not wild about but got because there was no better alternative and I needed purple), which I rarely use. Sometimes, however, I feel like adding colour, or I need it for a specific outfit for an event or meet. And of course, a the price of a M.A.C eye shadow, getting a colour that is barely used is not feasible. So the brights palette by NYX is the PERFECT solution for me. It contains 18 different shades, and of course I don't love them all equally, but at least now I have colours for when I need or want to use them. Of course, the colour pay-off isn't the same as with a M.A.C eye shadow, but it's still really good considering you get 18 colours for € 18.80.
I wrote a review about it here.
Bought at the NYX store in Ghent

It's not gold, it's brass
But that aside, I really love lid lingerie. I've been using it mostly for some detailing, and admittedly since last month, but I really enjoy wearing it. Even though it's a liquid tube type thing, and it comes with an applicator inside the packaging, you can still easily enough use it as a paint, just be quick about it, because it dries very quickly. It blends well and the shade is beautiful. Definitely one of my NYX fave products (although I don't think anything will kick the brown mascara off my nr 1 NYX love spot).
Bought at the NYX store in Ghent

Loa and I

You can't go wrong with classic black
I always thought black wasn't my thing when it came to makeup, but I needed a black eyeliner for a Halloween makeup look, and Yves Rocher has paraben free ones that are also very affordable (just shy of € 4 a piece), so I figured: what the heck. Turns out that I can get away with dark colours underneath my eyes, who knew. The photo above has both the lid lingerie and black eyeliner. The day I got the eyeliner, I just tried it to see how well it would stay, and ended up building up an entire look around it. As these things go :)
Bought at my local Yves Rocher store.

Fave Yves Rocher products of September

Clean your eyes
I've actually been using this for over a year, but seeing I haven't been writing favourites of the month posts for that long, I'm writing about it now as I just opened up a new bottle this month.
I really love this stuff, it's so soft on my skin, and it can remove everything. Admittedly, I need to scrub away a little to clean off waterproof mascara, but as it is so soft, that's not an issue. It's also made so if you accidently get some in your eyes, it won't cause any discomfort or harm, which is a definite bonus. I really love this stuff.
Bought at my local Yves Rocher store.

Yves Rocher flawless conceiler in beige clair

At least pretend your skin is nice
I wouldn't quite go as far as say it makes my skin flawless, because there are some things not even the best concealer can fix, BUT it does manage to completely hide the dark circles under my eyes, making me at least _seem_ more healthy than I am. All the while letting my skin breathe through it. It's easy to apply: if you don't have a concealer brush, you can even apply it with your fingers as it's creamy enough for that. The colour also matches my skin perfectly. On top of all of that, it's really decently priced and as you don't need a lot of it, it lasts for a good while. So, I'm pretty sure that this is the perfect concealer for me personally.
Bought at my local Yves Rocher store.

Smells like drinks, sunflowers and fruit and everything good
Bert and his nan have been using this for a while, but I only tried it this month and I instantly love it as much as they do. It's super soft to the skin, it's very moisturising and it smells so nice. Too bad this is a limited edition and it'll soon be gone. I wish they'd keep their scents on the site at least, I don't feel like adding another to the list of awesome but disappeared shower gels, but alas! The other one I'm lamenting the loss off is last year's lemon basil, which was extra amazing because it repels both mosquitos and horseflies on top of being amazing for the skin and smelling nice. C'est la vie with Yves Rocher I suppose.

I really love the scrub, it's not harsh on the skin, it doesn't leave my skin with dried out patches afterwards (like a lot of scrubs do), and it smells like peaches (yes, yes I know it's with apricot, but it still smells like peaches!). Can't want for more really. It's only a small tube, but you don't need much and as I only use it once a week, it does last me a good amount of time.

I've seen those gel hand sanitisers/cleaners around for ages, but I never actually got any. Either they contained parabens, a long list of chemicals that seemed well dodgy, or were just ridiculously expensive. When I was at Yves Rocher and found this one for € 1.95, I figured I'd give it a go. And I'm glad I did! It actually does what it claims, it smells really nice, it feels nice and cool and it makes my hands super soft. I wouldn't use it to permanently replace soap of course, but on the go, especially because it's such a small tube, this is brilliant for situations where I need to wash my hands but there's no water and soap nearby.
All three bought at my local Yves Rocher store.

Weleda skin food

Dinner for the skin
I have had two 30ml tubes of this stuff for ages (I'm not even joking, but in my defence, a few months ago Weleda had a deal going on with Bioplanet where you got a Skin Food free with _any_ Weleda product. We basically got one with a lipbalm). I have 'till December 2017 to empty both, something tells me that might work. It's marketed as the ultimate moisturiser for dry and rough skin everywhere. In reality, I find that it's pretty good for anything that ails your skin: bruises, cuts, scrapes, scabs. Thats what I use it for. And it works! It's also practical and travel sized, so I keep on in my bag for emergencies. That said, it doesn't really dry in, it always leaves a bunch of grease where you put it on your skin, and it smells like old school herbal pharmacy balms. But you know, I'm super clumsy, so I'm willing to deal with those downsides just because it's that good.
Bought at Bioplanet Mechelen.

Added note: where possible I link to English language (UK) websites in the summary, even when I bought the product in a Belgian store, or via a Dutch language website. So if you don't live in the UK, simply Google for your country's website alternative.

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