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NYX mini haul review [Sep. 13th, 2016|11:10 am]
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Tiny NYX haul from last Saturday

The mini haul (because let's face it, you can't really call 3 products a haul, even though one is a palette):
- hot singles pro shadow in LOL
- Lid Lingerie in Gold Standard
- Ultimate shadow palette in brights

Last Saturday Babs and I went to Ghent, you can read all about that trip here.

Tiny NYX haul from last Saturday

Hot singles pro shadow in LOL
Let me start by saying that the heart window packaging of these singles is super cute.
The reason I bought a single is because I needed more of this kind of orange for a look I'm doing next year, and as I'm only likely to use it once, I didn't want to spend more than absolutely necessary. So the € 2,80 for a single refill pan seemed more than reasonable to me.
Of course, for that kind of money you shouldn't expect any pigmentation and pay-off like the one you get from e.g. M.A.C or Sephora, but I think that with a good primer, this will do really well. I swatched it with both my fingers (after I washed my hands obviously) and a cotton swab (because I didn't want to dirty my brushes unnecessarily) and it seemed to work really rather well for a shadow that cheap.
I give this a 2.5/5.

Lid Lingerie in Gold Standard
If I understand the marketing of this well, the Lid Lingerie is a creamy eyeshadow extension of the Lip Lingerie range. I've never used anything from that range, nor do I own any of those liquid lipsticks, so I couldn't say anything about that.
To be honest, I kind of wanted that really nice gold jumbo pencil, but they didn't have it, and I figured that the fact that this is liquid could be really practical when doing steampunk looks that involve a lot of fine pencil work (obviously I would use an art brush and not the wand from this packaging) as it's seems to be the right consistency for that.
That and the gold jumbo pencil was out of stock, so I kinda had to go with something else to do certain steampunk eye makeup looks.
I really like the consistency, and how it dries. The colour stays really well, and it feels quite pleasant on my skin.
The wand is not the most practical applicator ever though.
I give this a 3/5.

EDIT: If you wear this without a primer, it'll crease like you won't believe. Primers are your friend! It won't feel unpleasant at all, but once it's dry, it'll crease. So use a primer, trust me on that one!

Tiny NYX haul from last Saturday

Ultimate shadow palette in brights
I'm going to be super honest about why I bought this. I have my set colours of eye shadow that I use a lot (white, gold, brass, copper, bronze), and for those I invest in M.A.C and Sephora because I love their shadows. I also love that I don't need a primer (I honestly don't). BUT sometimes I want to use a spot of colour, and I didn't own many. Because I simply can not justify spending the kind of price above mentioned brands charge (ok admittedly Sephora does some REALLY good deals in the sales, but that aside), the brights palette seemed the _perfect_ solution.
There is just NO WAY I could have gotten 18 decent quality colours for € 18,80 anywhere else.
It doesn't matter that they're just small tins in the palette, as I won't use them enough to need more. And if, for some reason, there's a few I end up using loads, I can always see about investing in similar colours later (either from NYX, or other brands, that's something to think about when the moment arrives).
Like LOL, I swatched this with a cotton swab, and I have to say that some colours definitely have a MUCH better pay-off than others.
I do think there is a very good colour variety, some of the shades are close together, which is excellent if you're doing a look with just that colour. And I like that some of them are a little sparkly.
I will need a good primer to make sure the colour lasts properly though. Although I must say that I was quite surprised with how well the swatches stayed on (I left them on for about 3 hours before I removed them with a makeup remover wipe from ICI PARIS XL).
So, if you don't often use colour, but you do on occasion and would like to add some to your make up stash, I would really recommend this palette. Just make sure you invest in a good primer also if you don't already own one!
I did notice you get a lot of fall-out when using this palette (a lot more than I've noticed from other brands), so make sure to take care of it (gently blow off the excess left over after using a brush etc) else you'll suffer from colour contamination very quickly.
I give this a 3/5 due to the fall-out issue.

EDIT: 23/11/2016:
After having used this palette for a good couple of months, I have to say that I'm not as pleased with it as I initially was. I still think it was a good buy for me personally, but I have noticed at several of these shades just don't stay nice for long. So you would have to do regular touch ups if you wore this all day, and we all know how practical _that_ is.
Also, if you want to use this underneath your eyes: don't. If your eyes tear a little because of color wind, you will simply loose the colour.
Some colours are amazing and long lasting, but some are a total dud when it comes to that. So because of that, I would lower my overall score with a point from 3,5/5 to 2,5/5
If you want your colours to stay all day, I would definitely advise against this one.