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BCM submission rules [Sep. 12th, 2016|09:29 am]
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I'm going to make it easy on myself, post those here, save the link and give it to people when needed.
It seems to work perfectly with passing on photos, so it's worth the try ^^

When is the deadline?
I, without joking, get asked this at least 50 times each edition so clearly I need to write this down somewhere :)
Deadlines are set on dates, same each year:
March 21
June 21
September 21
December 21
It _really_ is that simple :)

How do I submit?
I always welcome people wanting to contribute. If you're going to an event and want to take photos and/or take photos, want to review a recent Japanese CD, a Japanese book, a manga, an anime, a Japanese movie, contribute in any other way, submit art, send in a piece: ONE (and one only) address: hilde dot heyvaert at gmail dot com.
Just email me :)
I will reply, you can count on that.
Feedback and polite conversation is also welcome of course (but people mailing abuse will both get reported and blocked, in that order).
If you discover a BCM link has broken down, please let me know so I can fix it.

I accept submissions in word format (or anything that can be opened with my pc's word or the noteblock program thing of which I don't know the name in English) and photos in HIGH RESOLUTION jpg (I can not stress this enough, 2000 pixels on the smallest sizes minimum please!). Of course you're welcome to throw zipped files at me. Please do NOT use a sharing agent that forces me into creating an account with them. There are enough alternatives (dropbox, MEGA, ...) that don't, so please stick to those.
If I have to share large files with others, I use MEGA. No I won't change programs, I love MEGA so I'm sticking with it :)
No other funky formats (or pdf) please.

As a side note: ALL submissions need to be safe for work and acceptable for viewing by minors. Not because I'm a prude, but because I don't want legal issues as we have a lot of underage readers.

I want to get my event on your calendar
That is entirely possible, just email me the name of the event, what kind of event it is, when it's happening, where (venue, city, country) and a website to said event and I'll list it.
ONLY events relevant to BCM of course.

I want to advertise in BCM
That's entirely possible. As long as your ad is safe for work and underage viewing (for above mentioned reason).
Drop me a line at hilde dot heyvaert at gmail dot com and we'll discuss it :)

And two that aren't submission rules but questions I get asked a lot:
Where can I find back issues of BCM?
Go to the BCM home page, scroll down 'till you reach a list of past issues. Click on the one you want.
If you discover one isn't working, please let me know and I will do my best to get it to you.

How can I find out in which issue a certain interview or article is published?
Easy, just check our master index :)