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Favourite things of the month: August 2016

August faves

It's the last day of the Belgian summer break, and the last day of the month. That means: time for the August faves!

The list: accessories, beauty products, books, cosmetics, storage items
- Disney/Star Wars "Darth Vader headphones"
- Disney/Star Wars "Darth Vader lunch box"
- Disney Store "Chip plush make up bag"
- Disney Store "Mickey Mouse water bottle"
- Disney Store Japan "giant Darth Vader totebag"
- M.A.C "Pro Palette Eye Shadow x 4 - compact"
- George Mann "Ghosts of Karnak"
- Paperchase water bottle
- Yves Rocher "conditioner for dry hair"
- Yves Rocher "nail varnish remover"
- Yves Rocher "Repair shampoo"
- Soltan Kids "Hypoallergenic Sun Protection Stick"


Play that funky music, Sith Lord!
My Coloud headphones broke (sniff), and because I didn't like what Coloud is currently selling, and my Skull Candy headphones start hurting my ears after about 45minutes, I settled for these. Because they were cheap (I actually paid €24,95) and I figured "how bad can it be?". Well, it's not bad at all, quite on the contrary! They have a volume AND bass regulator build into the wire (the very, very, very long wire) which works very well. They are mega comfortable, the sound is a-plus and the bass is of the same level as that of many headphones well over the € 100 price mark. So yeah, I consider this a really great buy!

Photo of the day: 12.8.2016 (day 225)

Just make Vader hold your stuff
The little lunch box was a gift from Bert, it was € 6,something and we got it at our local Coleruyt supermarket. I didn't see it on their webshop, so I'm not sure how well they distribute it. But if you like it, keep an eye out in Coleruyt stores. The elastic closing system is a bit weird, but it's a practical format and the design is cool :)


This is the most GIANT totebag I own, no joke. It's enormous. And so practical for grocery shopping and the like. I love it. I got it via my fantastic shopping service Nicole when it was half price in the summer sales of the Japanese Disney Store.

Chip make up bag

Or if it's tiny things, Chip will hold them instead
I got this super adorable make up bag from my friend Babs for my birthday. It's so practical to put all kinds of small things in that otherwise just litter my bag or backpack! And it looks mega cute whilst at it. I asolutely LOVE it :). Thanks Babs!
For those interested: it has a Disney Store label, so ask google ;).

drinking bottles

It's summer, so make sure to stay hydrated!

I got these waterbottles in London, at the Covent Garden Disney store and a Paperchase store (the big one near Goodge Street station). They're practical because they are quite big. The Paperchase one holds half a liter, and the Disney one holds even more. They've been very handy all month with the hot weather.

New M.A.C palette

Organising my eye shadow.
I basically have 5 to go eye shadows. And one is by Sephora so that's a moot point as it is because those pans are a different format than the M.A.C ones anyway (but they are flat and stackable so practical in their own right). So instead of having to rummage around in my make up bag (it's not that I don't have the space for them, I just don't like to rummage around for them) to find the colour I want to use, I decided to just buy the damn pro palet for 4 of the damn things. First I watched some tutorials on YouTube and then I just went and depotted them myself (too bad Belgium doesn't have a "back to M.A.C program", so I'm keeping the empty ones for when I visit a country that does). I think this was €5 well spent (I had a coupon for free shipping so yeah).
For anyone curious, the colours (and their finishes) are: Gesso (matte), Bronze (frost), Coppering (veluxe pearl) and Gorgeous Gold (veluxe pearl).

And here's a bonus picture of Loa "helping" me photograph the palette.

My faithful feline blogging assistant strikes again


The Spirit meets the Rocketeer meets Batman
That's the best way to describe The Ghost, the vigilante star of Mr Mann's Ghost books. I got this one from Forbidden Planet when I was in London because it seemed fun (it was in the steampunk section) and I absolutely love it! Yes, I did get it last month, but I didn't read it 'till this month so hence: August faves.
There's a review on The Gatehouse for those that want to know more.
I don't like repeating myself so I rather link to these things :D

Yves Rocher products

Tame that frizz and clean your nails

After last month's discovery of Yves Rocher's Repair shampoo via a sample taken along on our London holiday, I figured that it was high time to get a big bottle of the stuff for home use. And so I did. And I still love it. Everything I said last month still stands!

The conditioner is awesome for keeping my hair soft and healthy. It's a lot less dry than it was, and even the ends are really benefitting. Normally I'd have needed two trimmings already by this time, and so far: none. I love it. Next month I'll try the repair conditioner too I think :).

The nail varnish remover I got because we painted the bathroom. Yes, bear with me. Bert and I had both got hands covered in paint, and mine weren't that bad so I grabbed the remover wipes from HEMA I generally use to get the paint off. But for Bert that wouldn't work because we didn't have enough wipes. So I jumped on my bike and went to Yves Rocher to buy a bottle of nail varnish remover. And omg it is lovely. It's very soft on your nails, and on your skin. Of course, it's not really meant to clean your hands with, but it does the trick, and if you only do it very rarely (after all, you don't paint a room every day), wash your hands with soap and use a hand cream, it's fine. So definitely: A+ for this remover! I'm sticking to this for all my home use and will continue to buy the HEMA remover wipes for holiday use from now on.


Protect the ink
I use this Soltan stick to protect my tattoos. Sun is murder on ink (as can be clearly judged from the state of some of my tattoos), so now I can protect them really well and really easily. It's also super compact so easy to carry around in my bag. There's also a version for adults, but I didn't see it in any of the Boots stores I visited whilst in London, so I got the kids version. Bonus: it's not sticky. Greasy yes, but at least it's not a disgusting sticky mess like a lot of factor 50 sunblocks are.

Added note: where possible I link to English language (UK) websites in the summary, even when I bought the product in a Belgian store, or via a Dutch language website. So if you don't live in the UK, simply google for your country's website alternative.

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