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visiting Liège with Marie (8.8.2016)

Photo of the day: 8.8.2016 (day 221)

On Monday I took two trains, first to Louvain and then to Liège to meet up with my friend Marie. She is leaving for a 6 month exchange in Japan soon, so we wanted to make sure we saw each other before she left. We had so much fun that we are definitely going to put in more of an effort to hang out in the future. And instead of seeing each other 2-3 times a year we're going to do our best to meet up in Louvain (one train ride away for both of us) once a month. I look forward to that!

Anyway, this is mostly a photo post, but Liège is a pretty city so that's totes ok.

Because going into Liège Palais rather than Guillemins would take 3 trains (there used to be a direct but it got cancelled for week days, it still goes in the weekend) and they were dropping Marie off in town anyway, Marie's parents decided to pick me up at Guillemins and drive me back there from the city. That was super nice of them. So Marie's mum picked me up at the Kiss and Ride and dropped us off in town.
Her dad later came to find us in town and dropped me off at the station. Thank you again Marie's parents!

As it was past noon, we first decided to go have lunch. We settled on Le Pain Quotidien. It's not the cheapest place, but the staff is MEGA friendly, the food is delish and it's very cozy.
I had the salmon sandwich and Spa Blauw to drink. The light wasn't great which is why the colours look off. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the food, let me assure you.


Afterwards we went into town, checked out some shops and Marie showed me the sights.

Fun looking game

This game looked like a lot of fun, so I took a photo so I could see if there's an English version. And lo and behold there is, so I'll check if Outpost has it next time I'm in Antwerp.

Photo of the day: 8.8.2016 (day 221)






Marie and I
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