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Atsusacon #convention: 7.8.2016 #asiamania with #friends. - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Atsusacon #convention: 7.8.2016 #asiamania with #friends. [Aug. 12th, 2016|11:20 am]
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On Sunday I took the train to Louvain to meet up with Lora because we were going to Atsusacon. Atsusacon is a bit of a favourite for us, because I like to hang out with people I don’t often see and Lora likes to participate in the workshops. So total win for the both of us.

Because both Lora and I still had 2 for 1 Starbucks coupons, and we both like Starbucks, we figured we’d both threat the other to a drink once. Basically, when you buy a drink, you can treat a friend to ANY other drink for free. I love Cool Lime, so I got that, and Lora got a raspberry yoghurt drink that also looked really nice. Eventually, when I get tired of Cool Lime, I’ll give that a try.
Lora had double checked the trains to Ghent, and discovered that taking a later train than the one I found would mean we would get there 20 minutes earlier. It meant we only saved 10 minutes in the end, but those 10 minutes meant Starbucks so of course, we went with that one. Especially because it arrived on the platform outside Starbucks, so that was extra nice.
The train to Ghent wasn’t that packed, so we had plenty of space, and it even arrived on time, so all was well. We briefly had to check the map how to best walk to the ICC, because I only knew the long way around that does not involve walking through the park. And not walking through the park meant no Pokémon Go for Lora, so GPS checking and map consulting happened. And we found the right way. It was a much better way to go walk anyway, because a nice park is definitely a step up from urban concrete.
We found the ICC, and profited of the nice weather to first take some outfit shots. Well I took Lora’s, my camera didn’t want to play nice with her. So I asked Bert to take mine when I got home. All good!


Outfit: 7.8.2016 - casual steampunk for Atsusacon

Goggles: customised vintage
Glasses: Theo
Octopus necklace: LEGO on a leather cord
Black top: Forever 21
Octopus print top: Friendly Oak
Skirt: made it myself
Socks: ebay seller
Shoes: sacha
Bag: Satchels
Accessories: handmade, il mezzometro, asos, Veritas, Roxy
Purple lipstick: M.A.C x Brooke Candy "Witching Hour"

Inside we were given our press bracelets and a program and all the other info we could possibly need. They really did a good job of advertising their program to visitors. I’ve already written a full review on The Gatehouse, so you can just read that if you’re interested.
Basically, even though a lot of the program got cancelled last minute, we still had a lot of fun, so all was well really. We ran across friends, talked to friendly people we didn’t know (well from) before, and had a general good time. And that’s all you can ask from a convention day really!

8tea5 at Atsusacon

The Fan brothers from 8tea5 had a bubble tea stand. We didn't get bubble tea but we did went to go say hello because we stop by their Antwerp store once in a while.


Cute packaging is cute!




Kara in her Patapon cosplay.




Disney cosplays! I run into the people doing Eric and Ariel quite often at Ghent conventions and their cosplays are always amazing! They are super nice too. Lora and I spent some time hanging out and talking to them, for they are cool folks :)

cosplay competition presenter

The cosplay competition and cat walk presenter deserves an extra mention because not only was her Pokeball cosplay totally on point, she also did an amazing job presenting! They should get her at every con!

cosplay group shot

Cosplayers on stage after the competition and catwalk.

The train back was sadly a cattle train, but luckily most people got off at Brussels Midi, phew. When we got back to Louvain, we still had ample time for MORE Starbucks. I got another Cool Lime. Lora had a mango drink. I've had that before, it's really nice.

drinks after Atsusacon

And Lora and I took some silly photos in the hall waiting for our trains. Basically, we arrive in Louvain with like 5 minutes difference, and we leave with like 3. So we always get to wait together for our trains home, which is fun and nice.

I think it was a pretty good way to spend a Sunday!

All my photos of this day are here :)