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#Belgian #politics: only interested in #fearmongering - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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#Belgian #politics: only interested in #fearmongering [Jul. 15th, 2016|09:21 pm]
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Am I the only one getting thoroughly fed up with the fear mongering of politicians?
I _really_ want to go to the Gentse Feesten, but with mayor Termont (should he even allowed to be mayor whilst under serious investigation for corruption?) acting like everyone who brings in a backpack or by association any large bag is going to get treated like a terrorist because he asked not to bring one, I'm rapidly loosing all of my desire to set foot in Ghent any time soon.

Sure, it's great that they take precautions but seriously, with crap like this they're making things worse and just make people more afraid rather than less.
It's also not encouraging people to come to the event.

What's next? Making everyone wear government issued skin tight leotards, or make them go naked, just to make sure they're not wearing a bomb belt? Check all pregnant women to see if they are really pregnant and not wearing one of those fake big tummies for movies and theatre with a bomb hidden inside?

It's getting beyond ridiculous.
If someone really wants to do something horrid, they'll find a way. They won't need a backpack or any other kind of bag to succeed, and that's the sad reality.