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I swear, this is NOT a #beautyblog - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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I swear, this is NOT a #beautyblog [Jul. 6th, 2016|04:35 pm]
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M.A.C x Brooke Candy - Witching Hour

...It really isn't. It's just, I like makeup, and so I will write about it. But don't worry, there's different content coming soon, such as my trip to Amiens, and I'll be going to events and other places and such soon too. So the lipstick will make place for actual content again :)
(FIY I don't think that there is anything wrong with beauty blogs at all, it's just that whilst I do talk about cosmetics, mine isn't one. And the recent influx of cosmetics posts is just coincidently heaped together).

M.A.C x Brooke Candy - Witching Hour

A few weeks ago, Gaëtane came to visit, and she was showing me the Urban Decay Vice app, and we were looking at the M.A.C site. I was wearing, and lamenting, NYX liqued suede in Amethyst, which regular readers of this blog know I love colour wise but hate in general. So I mentioned that I regretted missing Brooke Candy's M.A.C collab because they had a nice dark purple. And so Gaëtane said that the M.A.C site could sometimes not be that organised, and I should just look for it, even though it wasn't visible in the limited edition listing anymore. And lo and behold, she was right! So I ordered Witching Hour, which is a lovely dark purple.

Witching Hour online

It's not the kind of purple I can wear around my local town, because this is pretty redneck. If I wear Bruised by NYX, I already get dark looks, so I don't think I can push it further than a dried blood shade. Copper and bright orange: no one bats an eyelid, but that's as eccentric as I can properly get away with locally. Luckily I go to other towns, that are much more tolerant, often enough to make owning purple lipstick worth the cost :)

Yesterday I wore this one to Amiens in France, and no one as much batted an eyelid. It also looks really nice when touched up with NYX bruised or as a touch up over NYX Amethyst, AND I love it on it's own also, so all the awesome right there.
I don't care whether or not others think it suits me, I really like the shade :)

It is a M.A.C lipstick, so I do have to make sure to properly moisturise/prime my lips before I apply it, else it'll start feeling dry after a few hours, but other than that, I have no complaints. It also smells nice, maybe a little too nice because Shinto would LOVE to take a bite out of it (hopefully she won't succeed). It applies well and evenly, and stays on well also. It generally just needs a touch up after eating, which is normal. And even though it's such a dark colour, the fade is really good so even if it fades, it doesn't look utterly horrendous.
My only regret, really, is that it's a limited edition, so it won't be easy to replace :(

outfit: 4.7.2016

A picture of me wearing it, and my outfit shot from my visit to Amiens. This was taken in Maison de Jules Verne. Yes I went to visit Jules Verne's house. I'm sure the only surprise in that is that it took me THREE visits to Amiens to make it there (I'm surprised it took me that long too to be honest). Photo by Bert btw :)

Photo of the day: 6.7.2016 (day 188)

Photo of the day: 6.7.2016 (day 188)
If you think blogging is easy, you clearly don't have a cat who "helps" you take photos.
Camera: Canon E0S 700D