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Lipsticks for LARPers (requested #makeup/#cosmetics tips) - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Lipsticks for LARPers (requested #makeup/#cosmetics tips) [Jul. 5th, 2016|08:02 pm]
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Photo for a blog post

In this photo: lip liner/pencil by Yves Rocher (clear, because you can use clear with everything), lipsticks by Sephora, M.A.C and NYX and a liquid lipstick by NYX.

First of all, my best friend Charlotte, who (contrary to me) still LARPs (I used to, so I do know about LARP cosmetics needs) made me do this strongly suggested I should write this. Because according to her it's practical (this is not a beauty blog goddammit!)
So these are my experiences with some lipsticks, you may have different ones personally because you know: different skin types and all that jazz. But I'm sharing them upon request anyway :)
Whilst getting prepared is a big part of LARP, and the occasional touch-ups are unavoidable, no one feels like having to carry a bunch of brushes and cosmetics around non stop to keep everything pristine.

Even for no/barely any make up characters, just a little lipstick and a simple mascara can really make the difference, because let's be honest, we all like seeing decent photos of ourselves afterwards :). Whilst you can just get a waterproof mascara (I like the NYX color mascaras best, because they don't give me that much hated "crispy eyes" feeling) and a good remover (I would advise the eye make up remover by Yves Rocher, it's very soft for the skin and does the trick wonderfully in my personal experience) and be done with it.
Lipstick, not so much. And if you're out battling iin the field, touching up is not your friend. It's a hassle and a waste of valuable twacking around with boffer weapons time.

So these are some lipsticks I swear by when I'm out all day and I don't want to bother with touch ups (which is always), that I believe would be practical for LARPers also.
Of course there are a million other brands out there, and due to my paraben allergy I can't even test swatch most. So if you have a good recommendation of long lasting lipstick that isn't horrid to your lips, leave it in the comments! You don't need an LJ account to comment :).
Let's make this a cool resource, shall we (or at least try to ^^)?

If you can and want to afford it, there are always brands known for their high quality lipsticks
M.A.C and Sephora, to name but two, are known for the longevity of their overall, pretty good quality cosmetics.
Personally I love M.A.C and Sephora (and most of NYX and Yves Rocher).
I also hear good things about the Urban Decay Vice lipsticks, which come in no less than 100 different shades and have an apple app where you can test swatch them via photo (I've seen it in action on a friend's iPhone, it's pretty handy). I personally haven't tried them, but the buzz is positive. So you may want to check them out too.

The great thing about Sephora is that they are a little cheaper than M.A.C, and their colours tend to not only last long but also fade really nicely. My red one (Hot Tango) for example, will say nice for ages and then fade into a really nice dark reddish pink.
My raspberry one (Serial Dater) just stays that same almost nude raspberry. They're both of the Sephora Rouge Cream line.
Both do require a primer or dry (non super greasy) lipbalm as a base though. I use the Weleda lipbalm, which is a natural one.
Of course, whilst I was sorting the links in this post I realised that the UK doesn't have Sephora stores. Neither does Belgium actually, I get my stuff in France (the French store does ship to Belgium but I've never needed anything urgently enough to mail order). Basically, a variety of other countries does have Sephora, check out their main site to see where, or just hop into one if you're on holiday and you walk by it and feel like having a look :)

Another one which is amazing are the NYX butter lipsticks. I have their orange one (hot tamale, but I think it's been renamed to Bonfire, in any case, it's the bright orange one), and whilst it takes a little bit and close attention to apply it evenly, it stays on all day AND moisturises my lips in the proces. Total win. So from my experience, I would say this is the ultimate LARP lipstick. It comes in a decent variety of colours, but I think their plum purple is about as outrageous/special as it gets. If you want a non standard colour, your best bet is probably another NYX range, M.A.C or Urban Decay.

What I would absolutely advise AGAINST are liquid lipsticks.
I know they come in many AMAZING shades, BUT...
They are generally a pain to apply and reapply, especially for those with no or limited make up experience (and that is nothing to be ashamed of btw!). Generally they need to be completely removed and reapplied, rather than touched up, and they often do no favours for your skin.
I made the mistake of getting NYX liquid suede in Amethyst because the shade of purple is OMG A-MA-ZING and as I am typing this post, I am once again regretting my decision because no matter how many times I apply nice hydrating lip balm, my lips still feel sand paper dry and refuse to be soothed. I wore it for 4 hours, and removed it 4 hours ago. 'Nuff said.
Sure, the colour stays pretty much all day if you apply it right (the trick is to use very little product on the applicator, wait 'till the first layer is dry, then apply the next), but it will suck all the moisture out of your lips. It's just not worth the hassle. Oh, and you'll be scrubbing it off all your cutlery and glasses too. And you need a lip pencil to keep it from bleeding out, which just adds to the all round hassle.

Speaking of NYX, they do a lot of affordable and amazing colours, BUT they'll either dry out your lips (their liquids), apply badly (many of their macarons) or need FREQUENT touching up, or a combination thereof. More frequent than is practical if you play a character that is on the field smiting others. With above mentioned exception of their Butter lipsticks (which are fantastic). Traditional lipsticks, NOT the liquid version. That's more of a stain than an actual lipstick and that's probably a completely different can of worms.
If you can carry a small mirror and your lipstick and don't mind regular touch ups, I would recommend pretty much all their lipsticks though.
I personally swear by their Wicked Lippies in Wrath, because my inner steampunk demands copper lipsticks (it's probably my fave lipstick EVER), and their extra creamy (round) lipstick in Bruised (also good for your bruises and to some degree wound SFX needs).

Another affordable brand, which I've not tried _yet_ (I'm getting their black lipstick soon) but that I've heard good things about from friends is Barry M. Just like NYX you can get that from a variety of places like asos, Boots and their own sites.
Another friend of mine swears by Urban Decay, which is apparently very lush to the lips also, but that's in the same price range as M.A.C (which are both still cheaper than high fashion brands mind, and generally better quality too).

So yeah, these are my tips for LARPers in need of lipstick. I hope it was helpful and that I didn't bore you guys to death. If you hated it, don't take it out on poor Charlotte, I could have said no to her pokings for this post :)
Sorry for the brainfuz, I originally started writing this a few days before posting when Charlotte talked me into it politely requested it, past 10pm. And I'm posting it the day after I went to Amiens and was up for nearly 20 hours straight. So yeah, braaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiins!

For all your other glam and gore make up needs: check out Glam and Gore.
And ellimacs has AMAZING SFX tutorials, so check her out, too.
Also, because I know some of you guys, watch this and remove your SFX stuff properly.