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NYX haul review (@NyxCosmetics #nyxcosmeticsbelgium #nyxcosmeticsgent) - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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NYX haul review (@NyxCosmetics #nyxcosmeticsbelgium #nyxcosmeticsgent) [Jul. 1st, 2016|12:18 pm]
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NYX haul

As those that follow my blog know, on Thursday, June 23rd; Bert and I went to Ghent for the opening of the first Belgian NYX store. You can read about that here if you feel like it.

The haul:
- Color mascara in Perfect Pear: pretty neat
- Creamy round lipstick in Bruised: love it
- High definition blush in Amber: eh, 's ok
- Jumbo eye pencil in Milk: not impressed
- Liquid Suede lipstick in Amethyst: not impressed
- White liquid liner: does the trick
- Wicked Lippies in Wrath (x 2): love it
- Wonder Pencil in Light: love it

Photo of the day: 1.7.2016 (day 183)

NYX haul swatches

Color mascara - Perfect Pear

Color mascara in Perfect Pear
The colour is nice, pretty close to the colour of the packaging, and I like it because it matches well with gold, copper and bronze eyeshadow to be a little different. It smells like a sewer though. Luckily that goes away quickly after application.
It applies well enough, and it's very light. I think this is the only mascara which doesn't make my lashes feel crispy after just a couple of hours.
So I'd definitely buy this again, and would be willing to try other colours.

Creamy round lipstick - Bruised

Creamy round lipstick in Bruised
This is one of the products I had seen online and liked the look of. I like how it looks like dried blood, and originally planned on using it for SFX gore stuff. But after trying it on once, I am totally smitten by it. I really adore it :)
It doesn't dry out my lips, it feels very comfortable and whilst it needs the occasional touch up, it's not quite as fleeting as many other NYX lipsticks.
Would definitely get this again!

High definition blush - Amber

High definition blush in Amber
I needed a blush, so I asked one of the NYX MUA's for help. She advised this one, and when I tried it in the shop, I liked it. Bert liked it too, so that was all good. Turns out that when its warm, and I tend to redden a bit, it looks well... like I escaped a victorian circus, especially if I wear lipstick too. So I think this'll mostly be a product to use when it's colder.
I don't think the issue would be solved with another colour blush, I think that blush simply isn't a warm weather product for me. C'est la vie! I still need to get a pinker one for Jfashion stuff, but that'll be something I figure out during another NYX shop visit.

Jumbo eye pencil - Milk

Jumbo eye pencil in Milk
This is the product I am most disappointed with. I heard a lot of good about this from both friends and Glam and Gore on YouTube. So even though I am not keen on jumbo pencils, I decided to try it out. And lord almighty what a mess! It's a horror to apply and it just does NOT stay properly on my water line! I have to admit that it stays better and smudges less than my previous attempts at white pencil by Essence and Sephora, but I still don't like it at all!
I was sort of tempted to go for a retractable liner by NYX, but I think I'll go for certainty and go with the vintage white of M.A.C's Technakohl Liner in Snowed In. I have that same shade from Yves Rocher (which doesn't stay either) so I know it suits me, and I have really good experiences with that kind of M.A.C. liner (I have Brass Band), so yeah.

Liquid Suede - Amethyst

Liquid Suede lipstick in Amethyst
Originally I wanted this in Subversive Socialite, which is a darker purple. But that's one of the new colours and they're not available outside of the US yet. One of the shop MUA's was wearing this though, and I loved it. So I got Amethyst.
I have to say, I LOVE the colour.
The actual lipstick? Not so much.
It is such a bitch to apply. At first it was nigh impossible to apply without smears, it stained my teeth like crazy so it took forever 'till I was done. It bleeds, so you need a really good purple or clear lip liner (which I do, I use the clear one by Yves Rocher). So basically: this is total horror in any situation where it will require touch ups. And you will have to touch it up after you eat or drink.
After some more tries, I realised the trick is to put it on with as little product on the applicator as possible, let it dry, and then apply another layer. The problem then is that it really DRIES out lips. Seriously, the horror, the horror.
Lovely colour, but the product itself leaves a lot to be desired. And the fade is VERY noticeable, which is to be expected with a colour like this. So that doesn't help either.
From what I hear it's better than the M.A.C. retro matte series though.

White liquid liner

White liquid liner
I got this with the sole reason to go over my white mascara to make that pop more. And it does the trick. So no complaints there :)

Wicked Lippies - Wrath

Wicked Lippies in Wrath
What can I say, other than that my inner steampunk demands copper lipstick. I already owned Wrath before I went to the shop opening, but it broke and well, it's a bit of a mess. So I got two spare ones. One is currrently replacing the broken Wrath so I have still one spare :)
It's one of my favourite colours, it's soft, it doesn't dry out my lips, BUT it requires a LOT of touching up. Because Wrath doesn't fade very noteticeably, it's alright (so not like with Amethyst).
I'll keep on using this as long as NYX makes it (hopefully for as long as I live).

Wonder Pencil - Light

Wonder Pencil in Light
I LOVE this. It's basically a conceiler pencil, but it matches my skin really well, it applies really well, it can be blended into my skin without effort. It's just fantastic. Would DEFITELY buy this again.

[User Picture]From: countlibras
2016-07-01 07:55 pm (UTC)
I don't play with my makeup enough. Hmmm, maybe I'll goof around this weekend.
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: kittensandsteam
2016-07-02 06:43 am (UTC)
Goofing around with make up can be really fun :)
I don't wear much make up to be honest, mostly just some eye make up in either white or metallic colours and lipstick (and conceiler when needed).
And then still only when I'm properly out for a day or sorting photos for BCM.
If I just have to pop in a shop I'm not likely to bother with more than lipstick :D
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: countlibras
2016-07-03 09:11 pm (UTC)
I don't wear much makeup either. But I have so much of it! lol!
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: kittensandsteam
2016-07-05 04:25 pm (UTC)
compared to most of my friends, I don't. And considering everything, including my removers, fit in one regular sized makeup bag, I probably really don't. But it still feels like I own LOADS.
I am quite good at stopping myself from buying stuff I really won't use. And if I need stuff for a certain look or something, and I know I won't use it often, I'll make sure to get NYX or Sephora in the sales, or another decent quality paraben free cheaper brand instead of a much more expensive brand like M.A.C :)
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