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Favourite things of the month - June 2016 - Random thoughts — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Favourite things of the month - June 2016 [Jun. 30th, 2016|03:05 pm]
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June favorites

Ok yeah, I know, tons of people are doing this. BUT it looks like fun, and my fave things are probably not their faves, so I'm doing this anyway :)

The list: accessories, cosmetics and gadgets
- Ambre Solaire sunscreen
- Ici Paris XL applicator brush
- M.A.C Technakohl liner in Brass Band
- NYX extra creamy round lipstick in bruised
- NYX wicked lippies in Wrath
- NYX wonder pencil in light
- Real Techniques brush cleaner
- Yves Rocher HYDRA Végétale day and night cream
- Yves Rocher botanical scrub
- Spectrum collection make up brushes
- Sprout, mint graphite pencil
- Theo, custom sunglasses clip


Them UV rays can be mighty damaging!
People that know me, know that I swear by Soltan sunscreen. And this hasn't changed. BUT... I seem to have lost my very last bottle of the stuff. And because I am going to London this summer, I didn't particularly feel like shelling out £ 10 in shipping just to buy more whilst I can just buy it later in person. But of course, we do have very warm and sunny days, so I couldn't be without either. That's why Bert and I went to Coleruyt supermarket to buy some. Originally I wanted to get Nivea, which I used to use, but it has become a paraben filled mess. The Ambre Solaire one does not list parabens in the ingredients, so I decided to try that. So far so good.
It's made the favourite list because it feels a lot like Soltan (just a tiny bit greasier), it applies well, it smells nice, is paraben free (very important, especially if you're allergic to them, like me) and makes sure I don't burn in the sun.

MAC technikohl in brass band

Turn that waterline copper
I have several eyeliner pencils, most are metallics by Yves Rocher, then a few white ones by Essence (rubbish) and another white one from Sephora that also smudges like crazy when applied to my waterline. The YR ones don't smudge, but either they just vanish after a while (my antique white, which is basically a really nice 1950s very light pink, does that), or just don't take. So a solution had to be found.
So when I popped into the M.A.C. store beginning of the month and found this brass one, I got it. At least my steampunk and golden eye looks are sorted.
Never mind the nail varnish mess, I hadn't cleaned up the smudging yet.


Swatches, I think that it's pretty obvious from this post which is which :)

NYX products

The Nyx products
I bought all of these in the shop in Ghent, during opening day (which I blogged about here). Of course these aren't all I bought, but these are the ones that made the June faves list. It's not that I don't like the other products, because I do, they're just not faves. I'll do a proper review later (and by later I mean tomorrow, although I have written a review about the copper one on The Gatehouse before).
Basically, I like the lipsticks because of the colour and because they don't dry out my lips, and the wonder pencil is just a really awesome conceiler that matches my pale skin really well.

Scrub and cream

Give your skin a drink and scrub, scrub, scrub
Originally I used an organic chestnut and honey day cream, also by Yves Rocher, and a Weleda pomegranate night cream. But I ran out of both and they stopped making the day cream (boo!). So I decided to give this one a try (as it's both a day and night cream) and lo and behold, I like it even more! It's really hydrating, which is something my skin really appreciates, and you only need a tiny amount. It takes a few tries before you can dose it properly, but hey, same deal with any cream. My skin is a lot clearer and it's really doing wonders against blackheads. It's also pretty affordable, so total bonus. I think it's somewhere between €10 and €11 for one jar, and it lasts for absolute AGES.
FIY, I also use the face wash and facial scrub from the HYDRA végétale line, and they are equally awesome.

And the scrub, it's amazing, seriously. I LOVE this scrub. It's the best body scrub I've used so far. It smells nice, it doesn't feel harsh, it applies super evenly and really well, and you can just rinse it off without any hassle after you're done scrubbing it in. Love it.

make up brushes

Apply them cosmetics, apply them good!
I had been looking for good make up brushes. After asking around and reading reviews, I settled on Spectrum, and thanks to the help of my best bud Charlotte (they ship to Belgium from the UK, but the shipping is so extortionate it's cheaper to have them shipped to hers and then to mine. And that's just as fast too, go figure), I got some! And I LOVE them. Thanks Charlotte! And the Ici Paris XL applicator brush is just the best applicator brush ever. Also: it comes with two extra heads and it's easy to clean, so total bonus.

Brushes, you will be clean!

Of course, brushes need to be cleaned, which is a shitty job. Well it's a shitty job no more with the Real Techniques brush cleaner. I'm not even kidding, it goes so much faster and easier this way. Totally worth the € 19 I paid for it at Di, and it'll make sure my brushes stay perfect so much longer. Totally worth the cost. I know other companies do similar products, and I can't speak for those, but this one is mega practical shape wise and you can wear it as a kind of gauntlet should you want to. The only downside is the hot pink colour really.
I'm really not a pink kind of girl.

this pencil will hopefully one day become a mint plant

Draw, erase, repeat
I found this graphite pencil by Sprout a few weeks ago when I was in Antwerp with Lora (read more about that in this post), and was attracted to the box of pencils advertised as seedling pencils.
Basically, once it's used up right up to the lettering, I can plant it, and if I'm lucky, it will grow into a mint plant. Worth a go methinks, especially as it's certified GMO free (it's a US product so that has to be listed, the EU is thankfully still smarter when it comes to GMO foods). Wait and see. It's a really good pencil though, so even if it doesn't become a plant, it's not a total loss.

Photo of the day: 8.6.2016 (day 160)

Because no one likes the sun in their eyes
I will admit to it, I can't afford real sunglasses on my prescription, but that's ok, because the optician I go to: Somers in Antwerp (aka the Theo flagship store) makes AMAZING custom sunglasses clips. Prime UV protection, etc etc, and you can just keep on wearing your regular glasses. I love it! Plus they have amazing customer service :)
I'm not sure they'd do clips for non-Theo glasses, but if you live in Belgium and need a custom clip for your specs, it's worth getting in touch with them and ask.

[User Picture]From: countlibras
2016-07-01 07:54 pm (UTC)
hmmm, that's an interesting brush cleaning tray!
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[User Picture]From: kittensandsteam
2016-07-02 06:45 am (UTC)
It's mainly _really_ efficient.
I'm glad I got it :)
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