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le weekend (mostly Saturday) - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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le weekend (mostly Saturday) [Jun. 27th, 2016|01:12 pm]
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[music |Star Wars: the Force Awakens soundtrack]

Gaëtane is Alice

Theoretically the weekend started mostly on Friday, because it was a strike day and Bert was home from work. He slept in, so pretty much by the time he got woken up with the news that Brexit happened (boo!), I had nearly finished working.
We didn't do much mind, just cleaning up the house and Bert baked a pie :)

On Saturday, Gaëtane came over, and I handed her all her much belated birthday presents :)
Accidental ordering of lipstick happened on the M.A.C site. Gaëtane claimed it was her bad influence on me, but in reality I would FINALLY like a nice lipstick that isn't going to be a major pain in the behind like NYX' Amethyst from the Liquid Suede line is (finally I get the colour I want, the application sucks, typical). So I grabbed Witching Hour by M.A.C x Brooke Candy whilst I still could (literally).
I suppose I could have gone with NYX' simply vamp lip cream in Temptress, but I would quite like a purple I don't have to touch up every hour. So yeah. More lipstick. You can't tempt me with most make up, but you CAN tempt me with lipstick (as long as it's paraben free)!

We plotted more stuff for Gaëtane's youtube channel (which is a work in progress kind of thing), ate Mickey Mouse strawberry pie

Photo of the day: 25.6.2016 (day 177)

Bert baked (Bert is super good at baking!)


and profitted of the 10 minutes of sunshine we got to take some photos for BCM's upcoming Disney fashion feature :)

feet and book


We got back in just in time for burgers, and beat the rain by like 5 minutes. Weather in Belgium, it's not the best right now :(
But the burgers were delish and we succeeded at photos, so whatever :D

home made burger meal

Sunday nothing much happened at all: I put more Star Wars LEGO, cleaned up, ambled about, editted more pages of the next BCM, talked to friends and watched Belgium own Hungary in the soccer competition. Because Bert put it on.

And for the daily photos of these three days.
Friday, June 24th can be found in this post.
Saturday, June 25 is the photo of the Mickey pie

And this is Sunday's:

Photo of the day: 26.6.2016 (day 178)

One of the awesome things Gaëtane gave me last Thursday :) Which was also an awesome day and you can read about it here (same link as the Friday photo one!) ^^

Photo of the day: 27.6.2016 (day 179)

Seeing I'm posting this on Monday, I'm adding this rather than making a separate post.
Star Wars LEGO that was a present from Gaëtane (thanks Gaëtane)!
Photo of the day: 27.6.2016 (day 179)