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And then there was #makeup (yesterday Bert and I went to #Ghent) - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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And then there was #makeup (yesterday Bert and I went to #Ghent) [Jun. 24th, 2016|03:55 pm]
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NYX haul

I love NYX, it's not just cruelty free, it's a brand that is slowly getting rid of parabens. Which I applaud, because aside from the fact that parabens are poison, I'm also effectively allergic to methylparaben. Very, very allergic.
So when NYX announced they were opening a store in Belgium, I was pleased.
When they announced they'd put it in Ghent, I thought it was pretty awesome, because I have friends in Ghent and I go there once in a while anyway (every couple of months).
And then when the date came out, I wanted to go to the shop opening, and my boss said it was fine to take yesterday off.
Of course, this is the kind of event where you have to be on time (read: a few hours before shop opening), so the NMBS wasn't to be trusted.
Bert, hail Bert, was kind enough to take the day off, and drive to Ghent, huzzah!

The original plan was to be there at 7.30 am in front of the store, meet up with Claire, and wait a ridiculous 2,5 hours (and hoping I wouldn't feint) for the store to open. Because the first 250 would get goodies, yay.

So Bert and I got up at stupid o' clock, got ready, left by car, were surprised there was so much traffic (but luckily there were no traffic jams) and we parked the car at the S.M.A.K. at 7.10; which was a little later than I had expected. The museum is quite a bit outside of the city center, BUT you can park there for € 3,50 for 24 hours, so super cheap :)
MUCH cheaper than parking underground in any case.

I was convinced I knew the way to the store, but I had a little trouble getting to the Nederkouter (from there on I did know the way), so Bert had to dig out the GPS to get there. So we were a little late. But that was ok because so was Claire. I think it was around 8am when we got into the queue (before Claire), and there were already around 20-30 people waiting in line. And that queue kept growing. And growing, and growing.

Spot Bert

Picture of the queue from the NYX Belgium facebook. I took it because you can see Bert in the queue :)

Claire and I amused ourselves making silly videos and some pictures.

Random madness whilst waiting for NYX to open

One of us standing at the window and trying to figure out what's where and what we want from our shopping list.

Random madness whilst waiting for NYX to open

Making a video for Claire's youtube channel. Claire's youtube channel is here (she has a bunch of tutorials and such).

Random madness whilst waiting for NYX to open

When there was a LOT of queue, some members of staff came out to hand the first 250 wristbands. Those would allow us goodies :)
And to participate in the competition to win 2 tickets to the VIP party/finale of the NYX Belgium face awards later this month.

Wristband ...required

Wristband. Sadly we weren't allowed to keep them as a souvenir, but it's ok: I took a photo :)

cake pop treats in the queue!

They also handed out cake pops to people in the queue and later they started handing out drinks too.

And then it started RAINING. A lot of people popped in to Primark (which opened at 9am I think) to buy umbrellas, Claire did too. Bert and I didn't because we had brought ours. I was quite happy I wore a sleeveless top, because it was still warm outside and it meant I dried up very quickly again. And my TEVA sandals are all-weather type footwear so that was a-ok too :)


Picture of Claire's make up, or better said, attempt thereoff because the weather sucked in between showers.
A little after we took that photo it started POURING, complete with thunder. We were so happy when they opened the doors and we got in!

They only let in about 50 people at one given time, and we still got in with the first batch. The staff was super friendly, and did their best to help everyone. And even with a MASSIVE queue outside, they didn't rush anyone, everyone got to browse as long as they wanted.
I spent more time finding things and checking for parabens than browsing. I did ask one of their MUA's to help me pick a blush, as that was the only thing I hadn't decided on beforehand. We ended up going with Amber, which is nice, but not when it gets mega hot, because then I go pretty red and it looks pretty fail. Although no blush will be decent in that situation, so yeah.

I was pretty good sticking to my list :)
They didn't have cosmic metals lip cream, so I couldn't get that. They also didn't have liquid suede in subversive socialite, but one of their MUA's wore Amethyst and both myself and Bert liked it when I swatched it, so I got that instead. I also bought perfect pear mascara (a kind of weird limeish colour that goes PERFECT with metallics) because the parabens got scratched from the ingredient list. HUZZAH.
And for the rest I only stuck to my list :) With the exeption of getting TWO copper lipsticks instead of one. I am set for a long time :D

Bert took some things in his basket, because otherwise he wouldn't get a mouth shaped make-up bag. We never say no to free goodies :)

We noticed they had a wall you could pose for, and you got a giant lollipop if you did, so of course we did that too. And I did it again later with Claire as well. But the photos aren't online yet. Currently I am making lemonade with one of the lollipops.

EDIT 30.6.2016: I found the photos on the Belgian NYX facebook :D

Bert and I

Claire and I

NYX haul

I also got a few other things, but they are for a friend's birthday so they're not in the photo :)
Make up bag, temporary tattoos and lollipop, all goodies. Wicked Lippies in Wrath (copper) x 2. High Definition Blush in Amber. Liquid Suede lipstick in Amethyst. White liquid liner. Perfect Pear mascara. Wonder pencil in light. Jumbo eye pencil in Milk. Creamy round lipstick in Bruised.

Photo of the day: 23.6.2016 (day 175)
Camera: Canon EOS 700D

After the make up shopping, we walked to World's End comic book store. I had emailed them to make a reservation for a comic Bert wanted and they had basically replied and said it was fine. When we arrived, however, the shopkeep was rude, clearly utterly uninterested in any form of customer service and they hadn't actually bothered getting the comic out of their storage in Zelzate. And of course he couldn't be bothered to mail me and say "it's not in". I asked him to put it in Babs' reservation box when they DID go and do a pick up in the stock, and he was all "sure", but didn't budge. I had to point blank TELL him to actually do it.
Seriously, I have ZERO interest to ever visit that store again. Sure it looks cool and all, but half the soft covers have bent front covers, and the service is shite.
I'll stick to Mekanik Strip in Antwerp, where when I mail about a comic, Jens replies to me and tells me he's put it in my folder and it'll actually BE there. When he can't get a comic he's been asked about, he tells me.
I was especially annoyed because Bert really wanted that comic, and he came along to Ghent not just to do me a favor but also to pick that up. And then it wasn't there even though they said it would be. So much fail (but not as much fail as the Brexit is!).

Claire had to leave early because she still had to study for exams, so Bert and I went to have lunch at Exki.
Where we found out it was the LAST day that Exki was open, because McDonalds next door had pulled a hostile take-over to force them out so they could expand. Because clearly, McMonsanto needs to be THE place to eat, rather than getting an organic Round Up and GMO free meal.

Cheesecake for lunch

At least it's not the end of all the Exki in Belgium, so I don't have to go without their gingerbread cheesecake forever.

I'd rather shell out more for a burger at Ellis accros the street!
Gaëtane joined us there after work, and we gave her two of her birthday presents: a NYX lipstick and a gift certificate for Ici Paris XL. And all the samples and other coupons for that shop I had kept for her, and her share of the Boots order we did together in April :)

gifts from Gaëtane

Gaëtane gave me a bag full of Disney and Star Wars goodies, so epic (thanks again!)!
There's a lot of reflection in this photo, but you get the idea :D

We had a look at the NYX store because Gaëtane hadn't been yet, but the queue was still quite ridiculous (2 hours and over), so we checked out some other shops and then went to Ici Paris XL where Gaëtane got a bunch of stuff from Urban Decay.

Snack break!

To end our afternoon, Gaëtane treated us at Julie's House, where we had noms (well Bert and she did, I just had a drink ^^) and home made ice teas :)

Sadly on the way back home, we got stuck in traffic, which sucked. Especially because it was 30°C degrees out. Evil, evil heat. Luckily it rained a LOT in the evening so today the temperature is much bearable :)

Photo of the day: 24.6.2016 (day 176)

And because we are dorks, this is the photo of today :)
Photo of the day: 24.6.2016 (day 176)
Camera: Polaroid SNAP (sadly without a printed version, because I forgot to refill the paper).