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This weekend's photos [Jun. 12th, 2016|10:25 pm]
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Proof I live in a redneck town

Photo of the day: 11.6.2016 (day 163)
This was out yesterday in the next town over. Which is supposedly more civilised than the one I live in.
I'm sure that, seeing that photo, no one will ever doubt me when I say I live in a redneck town ever again XD
Camera: Canon PowerShot D20

Photo of the day: 12.6.2016 (day 164)

Photo of the day: 12.6.2016 (day 164)
Today is father's day, and I keep some readily printed photos for such occasions that can be turned into fun little presents :)
I'm not posting what I got my dad on here, that'd be spoilers!
(although I'm sure he'll appreciate the Doctor Who reference when he reads this, yes dad, I know you read my social media accounts :P)
Camera: Canon EOS 700D, 18-55mm lens

outfit: 12.6.2016

All daily photos, even the ones I never posted on here, can be found in this set on my flickr page.

And todays outfit, photo by Bert

Flower hairclip: H&M
Glasses: Theo
Shrug: ONLY
Black top: Forever 21
Key print top: Friendly Oak
Skirt: made it myself
Socks: Disney Store (Monster's Inc merchandise)
Shoes: Sacha
Bag: Tokyo Disney Sea (Duffy & Friends merchandise - Gelatoni)
Umbrella: Lisbeth Dahl
Accessories: Veritas, Roxy, Angelic Pretty, Camille et Margot, asos, Han Cholo