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Heistse Pijl: proof why cycling is an ode to society's scum. And how local police was fail... - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Heistse Pijl: proof why cycling is an ode to society's scum. And how local police was fail... [Jun. 4th, 2016|05:55 pm]
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So today it's Heistse Pijl, this big deal annual cycling competition. Most of town has been made impossible to get to, either by actual deviations, or by idiot cycling fans, in various states of drunkenness.
Now Bert and I had to be in town, so we took our bikes. We're not fan of professional cycling btw, but we will take our bikes when we can. Because you know: healthy alternative to the car etc.

Going to the shop it was ok. There were supporters out, but they weren't in they way. Across the street there were three cops, just gawking or chatting amongst themselves.
When we came back from the shop, however, the same cops were still NOT paying attention. Or they'd have noticed that the bike path across the street, which is MANDATORY to use (surely the cops are supposed to know what road signs mean) was full of supporters, in various states of drunkenness.
That of course, did NOT react to a bike bell, because why the fuck should they move off the BIKE path to let a BIKE pass?
So even WITH cops onlooking, they refused to budge, or turned to stare angrily, because how DARE a cyclist on the bike path, where they have no business being on, want to pass!? BLASPHEMY!
When I pointed out to one individual that yes, he'd have to move because he was on the bike path, he flipped his top.
I kept on going, but if more of them had been drunker, it could have gotten nasty, because guess what: cyclists can't get through properly and you have literally DOZENS of rabbit cycling fans that are pumped with adrenaline.

So there you have it, police of Heist op-den Berg is clearly only there to ensure the safety of the cyclists in the race. They're not there to ensure safety of anyone else. Which is a total disgrace, because last time I checked, they should be there to keep EVERYONE safe.
Then again, this is Belgium, the country where public safety has never been a priority, as is clear by the fact that we still have two extremely dangerous nuclear power plants (Doel and Tihange) running.
And where politicians are too lazy and incompetent to make significant changes for the better where they are needed (proof in point: the NMBS strike that keeps on going on, regardless of the human dramas and economical losses as a result of those).

I'm not saying that all cops in my town are incompetent like these three. I've encountered several that were nothing but competent and helpful, but today, I am extremely disappointed in the local law enforcement, because I was forced into a volatile situation that could have ended very badly (I don't want to go near it now, at this point they'll all be drunk off their rockers, and probably physically violent to match) that shouldn't have happened. And that could have easily prevented by one officer crossing the street and telling people to clear the bike path. Safety should be there for everyone, not just for the chosen few.
And sport's shouldn't be an excuse to neglect the safety of people not participating in the race.