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Under the Sea - main event (7.5.2016) #undertheseaevent #Jfashion #fashion #ootd - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Under the Sea - main event (7.5.2016) #undertheseaevent #Jfashion #fashion #ootd [May. 13th, 2016|09:26 am]
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Under the Sea

First of all, this must be shared, because whenever I heard "Under the Sea" this got stuck in my head.

Due to circumstances (no money, distance, the date not working out, stuff like that), I had never been to one of the huge Street Fashion Europe events (I have been to some smaller tea parties, one Angelic Pretty tea party in Paris and two of the French Café tea parties though). When it was announced last year that the next one would be in Amsterdam, Lora and I decided that if the date worked out, we wanted to go. It ended up clashing with Free Comic Book Day, but that didn’t stop us from getting tickets. Well I bought the tickets, which was a pretty easy and painless affair (probably because we wanted regular main event ones, and at least that way we knew we both had tickets) :)

So last Friday, Lora came to my house to stay the night, so we could get up at 6am on Saturday to get the 7.40 am train to Antwerp from my semi-hometown (my actually hometown doesn’t have a station but the next town over does) station to Antwerp. Thank you Bert for driving us!

Even though Lora and I are generally scatterbrained, we were ready in time, mostly because we had been organised enough to sort out all of our stuff the day before so we just had to get washed and dressed and put on make-up (neither of us uses a lot of make-up so that didn’t take long either). And eat breakfast, for food is very important. Even though we knew we wouldn’t be allowed to consume our own food and drink inside the venue, we still packed sandwiches and a bottle of water, because we had seen on the map there was a park and a supermarket nearby so we figured we could get something to go with the sandwiches and more drinks there and just picnic :)
The organisation had even posted where all the food locations were a few days prior, which was mega practical (and much appreciated!).

We were pretty sure that the train we had booked tickets for was the regular intercity (IC) between Amsterdam and Antwerp, so we’d be able to get one whenever during that day, but we checked in the train station to be sure anyway. And yay, we were right!
Always good to know that if something goes wrong you can just hop on another train.
Of course, whilst our train to Berchem was on time (although it might not have been, because apparently the NMBS couldn’t quite decide when it was supposed to arrive anyway, anywhere between 8.08 and 8.17, so I’ll just call 8.13 on time), our train to Amsterdam already had a 10 minute delay. At which point I suggested that we take an earlier train home because a delay of 10 minute that early in the morning means a half an hour delay in the early evening.

Even though we were sitting on a platform bench in Berchem, we weren’t actually bothered by the normal people. We were, however, approached by this one weird guy who decided, because Lora wore a seaweed and shell headpiece and I had flowers in my hair we were “flowerchildren” or “flower fae” like him and he started going on about how he was going to meet his orcs and proceeded to ask personal questions. So I politely pointed out that after a bunch of negative experiences I was disinclined to give any kind of info about myself or my itinerary. Thankfully he understood and gracefully accepted it.
Which leads me to this point: why can’t we just be left alone?
If it’s not normals being rude (sometimes they are nice though, which is awesome), it’s other “strange” people, generally the REALLY WEIRD ones, assuming you are “one of them” and loudly proclaiming this for all nearby. Which is kind of embarrassing, because you know, this may sound rude, but I don’t want to be associated with folks that have properly gone off the reservation in their fantasy world. Don’t get me wrong, some magic and fantasy in life is great, but I prefer living in the REAL world in the end of the day.
Just leave people be folks! If you don’t have anything nice or decent to say, don’t say anything at all.

Anyway, the train arrived, and wow, it was pretty swanky! I don’t actually understand why people pay MORE to take the Thalys! Sure it’s a little faster, but it’s a god damn cattle train in which you have NO room what so ever. We had plenty of room on this train, which was awesome. Ok so we had a delay, but we at least weren’t bound to a certain train and hour like we would have been with the Thalys.

en route!

Lora on the train.

Lora had forgotten spare batteries at home, so we popped into the Amsterdam Central train station HEMA and got some. The Dutch HEMA are definitely a lot different than ours. Ours don’t sell smoked sausage or cakes like these!

cakes and pastries at HEMA

Because the weather was nice we decided to walk to the venue, and asked directions to some police officers standing outside. Who pointed out to us that the Tropical Institute was in fact, not walking distance and pointed us in the general (wrong) direction of tram 9. Double checking on a map, we noticed that Google Maps had LIED to us, and that it wasn’t 3,6 km, but more like 8. Because we didn’t actually know where to get off, and the trams were super confusing (we really should have looked that up), and were late enough as it was, we wandered around some more ‘till we found the one map (at the far end of the station, they really should have indicated this all better) that indicated where the taxis were. So we went and grabbed a cab.
Because it took about 12 minutes to get to the Tropical Institute I decided not to call the cab company with who we had booked our cab back to the station a few days prior, because I figured we’d be in the station in time for the earlier train anyway :)

So we got into the event, and hung out with people and I took pictures!

Under the Sea

Under the Sea

Taking photos at Under the Sea

Ayumi and I

Selfie by Ayumi

Let me just say that the event in itself was super nice. They had a treasure hunt you could participate in, you could go sit down in the room where they had the fashion shows and Q&As whenever you wanted. It had airco on, and you could just sit down and relax if you wanted to.

Under the Sea

The only two downsides, for me personally, were the unguarded cloak room (which the organisation had warned about prior to the event, but I wonder whether it was really impossible to organise themselves?), which meant people had to either leave their stuff unattended or lug it around all day.

This is what happens when you have an unguarded cloakroom

And the second was my personal experience with some of the event photographers. I’m not going to moan about their select photographing of people (my friend Lora has written an interesting piece about that on tumblr though). These are volunteers, they pay out of their own pocket for their travel to get there, and for their hotel stay and what not. So obviously they’re going to try to get the best portfolio shots possible to get something back out of it. I completely understand that.
What I am going to complain about, is the general attitude of “people need to get the fuck out of our way”. Sure, they asked politely, but the vast majority of people paid to get there just as well, they paid for their ticket, they have every right to be in that same area doing whatever the heck they want to do. If this bothers photographers, they should set up a photo area where people can come and have their photo taken and no one gets in their way. Events like Coalescaremonium do this every year and it works like a charm. I saw several parts of the venue that would have been perfect for it and that would have taken little to no organisation. So yeah, that could have gone better.

So yeah, those were the only two downsides for me personally.

I asked Maurraine if she wanted to take my outfit shot, and she was happy to (thank you Maurraine!).

Outfit: 7.5.2016 (Under the Sea event)

Hairflowers: Crown and Glory
Glasses: Theo
Blouse: Axes Femme
Bag: vintage
Belt: Veritas
Spare pockets: Alt.Kilt
Test tube bubbleblower: toystore
Thin belt: Moda Stoffen
Fanholder: Poorman's Gold Label
Fan: Mucha print fan from the Prague castle giftshop
Skirt: made it myself
Petticoat: American Apparel
Socks: Foot Traffic
Shoes: Sacha
Accessories: handmade, Pica Pica Press, Veritas, Poorman's Gold Label, Moon Raven Designs, Fossil, Il Mezzometro, Birdz n Bees, Han Cholo

And then it was time to find lunch. I asked one of the security guys for directions, and on the way we bumped into Katie, who gave us more directions to the supermarket :)
We also found a NY lolita on her own, so we dragged Theresa along to the supermarket with us.
More photos were taken

Photo of the day: 7.5.2016 (day 128)

picnic in the park

out in the street

and lunch was had. I bought a pack of pink cakes for Bert, and a blueberry yoghurt to go with the sandwiches I had brought from home and a liter bottle of lemon and lime flavoured water. Because it was hella hot and that kind of juice drink is always refreshing. I shared it with Lora, who now has to buy the next liter bottle of juice haha :)

When we got back, we watched the indi fashion show, hung out with people some more and took more photos :)

At one point we went to sit down outside for a bit to have some food and lo and behold, look how awesome the girl sitting behind us was! ^^

presenting: a themed drink!

And I ran into Arthael, whom I had previously spoken to online (she kindly let me use some of her awesome photos for BCM's otome feature a few editions back). So it was great to meet her in real life!


and Nicole! Yay I got to meet her in real life too! :)


Which was FANTASTIC! (both run-ins were) :)

Nicole and I

Picture by Milla.

We watched the Mamechiyo kimono show, for which our friend Julie did the hairstyling, and then wandered the shop stalls one last time before we went to sit outside to wait for our taxi. And yes, it was indeed 5 minutes early! Which was awesome, because that meant we were in Amsterdam Central 20 minutes early for our train.
Our cabbie was also MEGA nice and friendly and gave us tips of where we could go for a bite and/or a drink if we had time to spare :)

I decided that I was going to get a chicken sandwich for dinner at Kiosk, which turned out to be the SLOWEST service EVER. But we still got on our train with about 10 minutes to spare. Sadly, this wasn’t a nice, new, modern train than the one we had going to Amsterdam and we spent the better part of 2,5 hours being uncomfortable. And still, we had more room than we would have had on a Thalys train. Which tells you a lot about the Thalys trains!

Basically, it was a good thing we had an earlier train, because when we got off at Antwerp Central station, the train which would be our first option wasn’t going. Luckily the next one was, but apparently there were issues with the later ones too, so we probably saved Bert from a trip to pick us up by coming home an hour earlier.
We were also glad we were going that way, because the trains in the direction of Utrecht were all cancelled in Amsterdam. It could have all been pretty messy (we so need to learn how to drive asap!). But we got home safe and sound, and Tom picked Lora up again and I vegetated for a bit before passing out in bed.

So yeah, good times and an overall really great event. With some minor glitches but hey, nothing’s perfect! It was super to see friends from abroad and meet so many nice new people. If I can afford it next year and the place and time works out, I’d definitely attend again :)

(btw I’m not sore about not being an event photographer, because, in case anyone wonders, I didn’t even apply. I didn’t actually go ahead and apply for press passes either, so I’m not bitter about anything, I’m just voicing my opinion, which I’m entitled to - freedom of speech etc ;))

Before I end, I’ll just list a bunch of photos of my people from the Belgian community and friends (which I’ve not posted before in this entry), I took tons more photos mind, but I can’t post them all in here, or LJ will have kittens. I didn’t get everyone, mea culpa to those I didn’t snap! It wasn’t because you didn’t look great, because you did, it was just that it was hot and I was scatterbrained and it was simply impossible to photograph everyone! XD

Mdina is seaweed :)

Mdina with her awesome seaweed outfit.

Joke and Saltje

Joke and Saltje were twinning


The forever adorable Ayumi

Vief and Annso

Vief and Annso were twinning too :)

Silke and her boyfriend
















Julie, aka Julia Lion Hair. Thanks for fixing my hair babes! :)


Caroline and her boat. Btw, Caroline did you know there used to be a TV show called “Caroline en haar bootje”. I felt quite proud for not bringing that up on the day itself and refraining from my usual brand of stupid humour for a change ;)

Lise and a dress

I didn’t get an actual photo of Lise, but I did get this one with a dress she liked :)




The forever awesome Lunie (I see more bubbles in your future! :D)


Lindsay with her amazing shell eyepatch

Mila and Marie

Mila and Marie


Aliki! :)

All my photos are here
If you see a photo of yourself you want to have, this is how you go about getting it.

[User Picture]From: countlibras
2016-05-16 04:39 pm (UTC)
I was wondering if the Thalys. Good to know it's not.

I love your friend's head piece - very nicely done!
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: kittensandsteam
2016-05-16 05:55 pm (UTC)
Lora is so talented! She made pretty much everything herself :)
Yeah for Amsterdam I wouldn't bother with the Thalys and just book the IC train between Brussels and Amsterdam to be honest.
It stops in Schiphol airport so you'd be good with it. Also: even if you get one of the old crappier trains, it'll STILL be more comfortable than the Thalys (which is essentially a cattle train), because you'd still have more room.
For less money and with an open itinerary for the day.
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