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Rainy day at Disneyland Paris - part 1 (@DisneylandParis #Disney #travel #tripreport) - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Rainy day at Disneyland Paris - part 1 (@DisneylandParis #Disney #travel #tripreport) [May. 12th, 2016|08:03 am]
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As is traditional for Disneyland Paris trips, especially day trips, Bert and I got up at stupid o’ clock and left the house by 5.30 to go drive to Disneyland Paris on March 9th.

Aristokittens in font of the Castle

Don’t let that photo fool you, this is mostly a tale of torrential rain!

See and read what a mostly rainy day in DLP looks like!

We stopped just once to use the restrooms and get coffee into Bert. We actually stopped at our usual place, but for some weird reason, this time the little shop that sold organic coffee was closed, so he had to make do with coffee from a dispenser, boo!

This was the first time we drove to Disneyland Paris using the “new” (and by new I mean: the sat nav/GPS we got last summer) sat nav, and OF COURSE it insisted on sending us through Marne-la-Vallée, which is a massive detour. I thought Bert would know not to go off the road there by now, so was focussed on trying to photograph Disneyland Paris roadsigns and didn’t realise what he was doing ‘till he made the turn. I did tell him that there was a escape built in to go back onto the freeway but he wouldn’t hear it. Which meant he got to go on the ROADS OF HELL with badly indicated ways to DLP. He won’t be making THAT mistake again. So of course, we arrived half an hour later than the sat nav said we would BEFORE we took that wrong turn.
There were “I told you so’s”, they were very legit.

Now, another thing: ALWAYS believe in meteo.fr
When I checked it beforehand it said “Tuesday: cloudy but nice”, “Wednesday: torrential rain”, “Thursday: bright and sunny, no chance of rain”.
Bert, however, said: well let’s stick to the original plan and go on Wednesday.
You guessed it right, the second we came near Marne-la-Vallée it was raining. When we arrived, it was POURING. And I massively regretted not wearing my UNIQLO x Lemaire raincoat.

arriving at the parking lot of the Disneyland Paris parks

Swing into Spring is beyond these gates

parking lot

Because it was before 9am, and we had a regular ticket, the park wouldn’t admit us yet, so we decided to go into Disney Village first. Now, I know it was off season that day, but seriously, 95% of everything was closed ‘till 11. On a day with weather that shite. Of course, this is Disneyland Paris we are talking about, and their grasp of common sense when it comes to marketing and customer service is flimsy at best, but this was surprisingly crap. Of course, Starbucks was utterly SWAMPED, so we decided against it. Why is the Disney Village Starbucks so tiny anyway!?

We looked around in the few shops that were open, because I was chasing after a Darth Vader hoodie I had seen on the US Disney Store website. We didn’t find the hoodie, but I did buy a robot keychain

Photo of the day: 10.3.2016 (day 70)

in the LEGO store

The sorcerer's apprentice

and take a lot of photos in the Village and the shops we visited. Because you now, I have a waterproof camera so the rain sure as hell won’t stop me! It’s not great quality, but it’s better than no photos at all! Because there was no way I was going to risk my DSLR.

World of Disney

creepy old man Yoda backpack

No offence, but the people that decided that creepy old man Yoda is a great backpack, should not be doing the job they are doing. Clearly they’re no good at it.

garden shed shop stalls

The little shed shops weren’t open either, but I loved how they looked!


I also liked the topiaries :)

It was about 9.30 when we went to the Disneyland Park, because they often start admitting people on a regular ticket that time (it’s either that or making them wait ‘till 10 or later).

fenced off

We saw that the Studios were already open as well, but as I needed to get a disability pass at City Hall, we decided to stick to our original plan.
For a second Bert was worried that the massive queue was for City Hall, but it was for the Mickey and Minnie meet and greet, where people were queuing in the shelter of buildings, rather than out in the Town Square street as usual.

Chandelier in City Hall

Disability pass sorted, we wandered over Main Street, taking photos and steadily getting wet feet. I had decided to wear my old Kickers because they are MEGA comfy, but they stopped being waterproof in downpours a while ago. Luckily, I had decided to wear heattech socks underneath my ski socks, so my feet never really got cold. And my aviator jacket is really good at keeping me warm. I was also glad for my petticoat, because it made sure that whilst my skirt was soaked, I didn’t really get soaked through to the bone so to speak. So yeah, I wasn’t quite as miserable as Bert, who got chilled through to the bone and had soaked and cold feet.


Swing into Spring banner

Swing into Spring banner

Goofy Easter egg

Paddy wagon in the rain

Dalmatians in front of the castle

Normally they check you for APs or Extra Magical Hours tickets, but now no one was doing any checks at all in Fantasyland and Discoveryland. I think they were just trying to accommodating because so many things were closed due to either refurbs or the rain.
I took some photos in Discoveryland,

Discoveryland map

Easter eggs at the Jules Verne tribute


On the upside, this was for once empty so I could take a photo :)

Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast

Café Hyperion

Robot ♥ --> WALL-E ♥ EVE

before we went into Star Tours!
For the last time, because it was due to close for an overhaul on March 16th.


When we got out, we wanted to check Star Traders for the Darth Vader hoodie, but of course, it was closed.

Star Traders

So we walked to Nautilus, which was thankfully open, and I got my SLR out of my bag to take photos. Sadly Nautilus was suffering the exact same malaise as many other rides in DLP: that of the shitty lighting. Either they are crap at changing lightbulbs, or they are doing it on purpose to save on electricity. Either way, too many rides are far too dark inside and at the price they charge for tickets, that is simply NOT ok. That aside, I still love Nautilus and I was super happy I could get in, because during our previous trip in September it was way too crowded to go in.

Les Mystères du Nautilus

Les Mystères du Nautilus

Les Mystères du Nautilus

Les Mystères du Nautilus

Les Mystères du Nautilus

We checked Constellations for the hoodie, and I looked at pins, and didn’t buy anything because they didn’t have anything we wanted to spend money on.

Having photographed and done everything we wanted to do in Discoveryland, we moved to Fantasyland to take some more Swing into Spring photos.

Wonderlandian Easter eggs

At that point Bert was truly miserable, cold and hungry so we figured we’d go find something to eat. Toad Hall wasn’t open yet, and Au Chalet de la Marionette was only serving drinks. In a cold restaurant where the concept heating was foreign. When asked we were told that the only place that was serving hot food in the entire park, at that point, was Casey’s Corner.
Casey’s Corner is only an option in the face of true starvation. It wasn’t quite that bad, so we decided we’d just walk around and take photos.

In Adventureland we considered Pirates for a moment, but Pirates is the kind of ride that you will exit SOAKED just when you really do NOT want to be wet (or in Bert’s case: more wet) so we decided against it.

Rainy day in Adventureland

Jolly Roger and Skull Rock

Hakuna Matata

Instead we went to look for the statue of Carl and Russ from UP, which had been removed (boo!).

Refurbs in Adventureland

So I took some photos of other things.
A lot of people gave me strange looks, but I suppose it’s because they thought I was taking pictures with a regular camera rather than a waterproof one (either that or it was because of how I looked, either way, I don’t care ^^).

Goofy hats


We had previously considered seeing Forest of Enchantment, but considering the weather and how cold Bert already was, it seemed like a bad idea to go sit down for over half an hour in an area that was probably badly heated, or not heated at all. At that point I was starting to get a little chilly and hungry too, so I really just wanted some food.

Because in Frontierland

Posters on the Big Thunder Mountain fences


every restaurant was closed (in Fantasyland you could at least go in some),

Fuente del Oro

we ambled up to Phantom Manor, which was also closed. But I did get some neat shots.

Walking up to the manor in the rain

Tiana and Naveen’s meet and greet was happening, because it was under cover. I really like how they are using the riverboat’s loading dock/queue as a meet and greet area. It’s a great use of otherwise empty space, and it means that the meet can happen regardless the weather.

Tiana and Naveen have arrived

We had a look at the Swing into Spring merch in Tobias Norton & Sons, but it was either stuff we wouldn’t use or far too expensive for what it was. We looked at other bits and bobs too, and decided that maybe at the end of the day we’d get a Jack & Sally mug.
(Which we ended up forgetting about, typical us ^^).

Toy Story Easter eggs

When it was nearing 11.30, we decided to go


tipis at the entrance to Frontierland

back to Fantasyland.

Tinker Bell topiary

Sleeping Beauty's Castle on a dreary, rainy day

Cinderella fountain

Le Carrousel de Lancelot


I had set my mind on a Swing into Spring burger menu, but whilst they had been announced, they weren’t actually around that day. So we went to Toad Hall (which, apparently, wasn’t supposed to be open ‘till the next day) and had fish & chips instead.
When I had finished eating I took some photos. But not too many because I didn’t want to bother the other people eating there more than I already did.

Inside Toad Hall

Inside Toad Hall

Inside Toad Hall

And then we found out that the room after the one we ate in had these big heating cases on the side, so we sat there attempting to dry our feet on one for a while.

warming our feet (or trying to at least)

Because of the weather, most shows and events were cancelled (although Goofy’s Garden Party wasn’t planned at all for that day), but Minnie’s Spring Train was still happening. I really wanted to see the Cheshire Cat train, even though it meant that we had an hour and half (ish) to spend.

So we looked around in shops to stay warm, because most rides were closed. And the ones that were open were outside in the rain and/or cold. Minus Star Tours, Space Mountain and Nautilus, but we didn’t feel like going in Star Tours and Nautilus over and over again, and I can’t ride Space Mountain due to my heart, so yeah XD
I think Small World _may_ have been open, but Bert and I both HATE that ride, so that was not an option, and neither was Pirates, due to the risk of getting even more wet.

Harrington’s, where we picked up pins for Dan & Jon and Mary.

Cubist Goofy


Disneyland Paris pins

Lily’s Boutique.

Rainy day on Main Street USA

up and away!

Circus adverts

Star Wars Tsum Tsums

Apparently Princess Leia has been turned into Jabba the Hutt.

Build your own Mr Potatohead

Boardwalk Candy Palace.

Boardwalk Candy Palace



Cheshire Cat merch

All that Cheshire Cat merch, and still nothing I wanted (or spend the money on, some of it was way overpriced).


I think it’s great they are selling honey, but at nearly € 6 for a tiny jar, that’s just way too steep a price. We pay half that for a jar of organic twice the size at our usual supermarket. ‘Nuff said.

When we came out of Flora’s I noticed that Scrooge was still out and across the street Marie was meeting guests. There were like 5 people in front of me, so I told Bert that he could go wait in a shop to stay warm and I’d queue on my own.
It needs to be said: BEST CM’S EVER!
The guy was informing everyone, very fairly I thought, that if it started to rain again (it only drizzled at that point), the meet and greet would end immediately.
Which I thought was fair enough, so I told him I’d take my chances :)

Two groups before me was a family with a handicapped daughter. And she LOVED Marie. The girl CM was so good with her, explaining (like she would to any regular child) that Marie was super cute and awesome and she TOTALLY understood that she’d love to hang out together for the entire day, but that everyone else in the queue wanted to meet Marie too, and she could come back any time and wave to Marie from the side of the queue. That made the girl super happy, and she left with a big smile on her face. It was so nice to see a CM that was treating a disabled child like any other kid, and not talking down to them or making them feel bad. Some CMs do really amazing jobs!

She was mega friendly to everyone too, happy to engage in conversations and taking photos for people. Sadly my mittens kept on getting stuck in my umbrella. I had it closed, but the CM noticed it, and pointed it out to Marie because she saw it was cute and frilly, so of course it had to be in the photo. Dorkiest photo EVER, but I like it anyway :) So a huge thank you to the kind Marie attendants! :)

With Marie

I found Bert in the Emporium, where he was looking around at stuff, and where we goofed around some more, killing time.

Emporium sign

Chandelier and stained glass

Bert trying an Iron Man snapback

Darth Goofy

We also wandered up and down the arcades some more.

Liberty Arcade.

shop cart

Disney & Co.

Disneyana Collectibles

Discovery Arcade.

Hyperion display box

Osram lights advert

Until it was time for the spring train. Which I couldn’t get good photos of because there were either idiots with smartphones or CMs in the way :(

Minnie's Little Spring Train

Minnie's Little Spring Train

Minnie's Little Spring Train

I also have a video

After we had finally seen the cat train, we decided to wander over to the Studios to see Cinemagique and ride Ratatouille.
Read all about that in part 2 (because my post was too long for livejournal, bah!)