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Review: MAC Violetta (vs NYX Violet) #cosmetics #makup #lipstick #review - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Review: MAC Violetta (vs NYX Violet) #cosmetics #makup #lipstick #review [May. 11th, 2016|02:25 pm]
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MAC Violetta

Because NYX’ Violet didn’t quite suit me, and Gaëtane had made me try Violetta in the Ghent MAC store, which I did like, I had decided to order Violetta online. It came with a free mascara sample, which I’m giving to Gaëtane.
I do like Violetta, sort of. When it’s freshly applied, it’s pretty nice. But it becomes a weird purple-pink pretty quickly. And I wanted purple, not pink. So meh.
It does make it very wearable, even in my narrow minded home town, but still, meh.

What I generally do is first apply Violet, and then go over it with Violetta, to create a nicer purple. It’s still not exactly what I want, but it’s better than it was at least.
I met a girl at Under the Sea who was wearing the most amazing purple lipstick, which was a MAC retro matte (Recollection if I’m not mistaken), so I’m tempted to go for that next. Maybe Gaëtane will let me try hers :)

Anyway, like all MAC lipsticks this has a nice texture. It’s not super dry, but it’s best applied over a good lipbalm (I use the Welleda one) or a primer so your lips definitely don’t dry out (I personally think NYX is (a little, depending on which one you have) better when it comes to moisturising. MAC is more like Sephora: it’s alright, but you best use something as a base. I wouldn’t get this again though, because I’m not keen on the colour in the end.
And this is the link to a photo of me wearing Violetta.

Because yesterday in my NYX lipstick review I mentioned I like to mix this together with Violet (for an actual review of Violet by NYX, click here), I thought I’d do a bit of a comparison between the two. With photos!

Violetta on the left, Violet on the right.

Violetta vs Violet

purple lipstick swatches

purple lipstick swatches