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review: some NYX lipsticks [May. 10th, 2016|02:13 pm]
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Photo of the day: 10.5.2016 (day 131)

People that know me know I'm not super into make-up. I tend to wear a little eyeshadow for meets and events (or slightly more if I'm doing a steampunk thing, but still not loads), and some mascara if I can be bothered.
What I do love, however, is lipstick.
I have a heart condition, so my lips tend to turn a really unhealthy shade of purple/blue that not only doesn't look attractive, people find it VERY alarming. Lipstick is the ultimate solution for this problem. Hence the reason I love it so much.
This doesn't mean I have massive amounts of lipstick, I don't. But I do tend to get some extra colours on ocassion :)

A little while ago NYX showed up on asos, with a lot of funky colours I hadn't seen anywhere else. I listened around with friends that are far more into actual cosmetics and thus know a lot more about brands than I do and it turned out to be a brand with a pretty decent reputation. A search online also told me there was no dreaded methylparaben in their lipsticks (I am violently allergic to the stuff) so I figured I'd give it a go.
I got the violet, because I had been looking for a nice purple lipstick for a while, and orange (because I had wanted an orange one for ages) via asos. And then a little later Gaëtane and I ordered via Boots together and I got the copper and gold ones. The gold is just for detailing and the copper is to satisfy my inner steampunk.

Basically, I'm writing this review to just jolt down my thoughts on the lipsticks I own, for others that are wondering about it.

Last two days worth of lipstick deliveries

Let's start from the left!

NYX macaron lippie in purple (Violet)
I really love the colour and the texture. It doesn't bleed out on me (a lot of people on YouTube claimed it bleeds and lipliners are your friend, I ended up buying a lipliner for nothing basically), which is good (but you know, a waste of the lipliner I bought). It also doesn't dry out my lips, which is also good. Sadly, on it's own the colour doesn't suit me because it's just a little too neon-ish. That aside, when I mix it with MAC's Violetta it's an awesome purple so nothing lost there :)
One downside, you have to twist the lipstick all the way up when applying it or it drops right back down. That's a mite unpractical.

NYX Wicked lippie in gold (Mischievous)
I think that unless you are dark skinned, this doesn't work well on it's own. Which suits me fine because I bought it solely as a detailing lipstick and it does the job admirably.
Again: no bleeding but the same issue with the lipstick dropping back down if you don't turn it all the way up.

NYX Wicked lippie in copper (Wrath)
This is the one I REALLY wanted. It's actually more of a bronze copper on me, but it still suits me so I don't actually give a toss.
It's very creamy, much like the macaron lipsticks, so it doesn't dry out my lips either. It also doesn't bleed.
What did happen, is that it broke. Right at the bottom. Hail my lip pencil is all I can say.
Roll on the opening of the NYX Belgium store in Ghent so I can replace it.
More so than my macaron and butter lipsticks, these are fragile, and just a tad too much pressure when applying and they break, resulting in messy situations.
So be careful with them.
I really wish Nyx would make a sturdier packaging that doesn't require having to turn them all the way up to use them!

Also: none of the three lipsticks I just mentioned hold for very long. You'll need to touch up after a few hours or regular wear, and after every meal etc. If you don't mind that, cool. If not: best to find alternatives. (Good luck when it comes to the metallic ones though).

Nyx butter lipstick in orange (Hot Tamale)
This one either has a different name in the US and Europe, or has been renamed and asos is still carrying the old name.
Anyway, I LOVE the butter lipsticks. They are not only really creamy and super long lasting, they are also mega moisturising, so they are actually nice for your lips! My only issue is that it's more of an orange-red than pure bright orange (think MAC's Morange). But it's nice enough and just for the creamy moisturising goodness alone I'm sticking with this (rather than getting Morange) :)
This is the line I'd definitely get more lipsticks from if I crave more shades :)
Again, you have to twist it all the way up, but thanks to it's slightly different texture it seems to be a tad sturdier. Caution though, because broken lipsticks suck.

So in conclusion: yes, I would recommend NYX lipsticks. They're a little pricier than Kruidvat brands, but they're cruelty free (which can not be said for all Kruidvat and other drugstore/supermarket brands) and the quality is either pretty ok or amazing! They don't dry out your lips (definitely a bonus) and they are cheaper than the upscale brands such as MAC.
Point in case, for what I pay for one MAC lipstick without shipping, I have two from NYX, shipping included.
I would get more (well I'm replacing Wrath in any case) :)