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Just a quick FIY concerning photos - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Just a quick FIY concerning photos [May. 10th, 2016|11:32 am]
[feeling |busybusy]
[music |Thomas Dutronc "Chez les yé-yé"]

(I've actually done a similar post in the past but then my laptop borked and had to be reinstalled and it's faster to retype it than to find it).

If I take your photo at an event, there is ONE (and I do mean 1) way to get it afterwards.

And this is it:
You go to my flickr page, go to the photo I took of you (I will NOT share photos with people that aren't of them, don't bother asking, it's not going to happen), take the link, mail it to me (hildekitten at gmail dot com) and I will reply with the download code to said photo. Or photos if I took several of you :)
Of course, if you took a photo with my camera and you would like to have it, I will give it to you, obviously :). Same method to get it applies though :P.
As a side note: please use your computer and NOT your smartphone or tablet. Because if you do, I get the social media link, which means I can't actually get to the download code, which means I can't give you the download code.

After every meet and event I get tons of mails going "you took my photo, can I have it".
Half the time without me even knowing who you are (I'm not psychic people).
Even if I know who you are, it would take me absolute ages to go look for every photo and sort it out.
Hence the policy of "send me the link".

Because let's be honest, it took you less than a minute to pose, but it takes me a LOT longer to edit every photo, watermark them (yes I will continue to watermark), upload them etc. If I have to start digging them out of flickr separately, that just adds to the time.
In short: don't be lazy and do a little effort for your own picture(s) :P

I know my flickr is pretty full, but you can always easily find the photos of events and meetups by looking at my events collection list.
It's in alphabetical order (mostly, weddings are at the far end of it) so just look for the event name.
So people really have no excuse not to go along in this :).