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Yesterday's photos; of #shoes, lost baby #animals and a #makeup competition - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Yesterday's photos; of #shoes, lost baby #animals and a #makeup competition [May. 9th, 2016|12:35 pm]
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When I got up yesterday, it being the day after Under the Sea and the trek to and from Amsterdam, I figured I wasn't going to do much more than start breaking in my Vivienne Westwood jelly sandals and sort out my entry for the NYX Belgium face awards.

I bought the sandals via Zalando months ago when they were massively discounted (I think they were 80% off) and had planned to wear them to Under the Sea. But of course, I hadn't taken the heat into account and after last year's jelly blister fiasco (admittedly from asos jellies) at Atsusacon, I wasn't willing to risk it, knowing I'd be on my feet most of the day. So I went for my trusted brogues instead and decided to break in the jellies for a later event/meet :)
Anyway, at this point I figured this would be my daily photo and went to work on my NYX entry.

jelly sandals

For someone who is pretty much blind without her glasses (I'm unable to wear contacts because of some scarring on my left eye so that wasn't a solution), I think I did ok. I doubt it'll be good enough to get in the final 20, because there's some mistakes I made (not being able to properly see what I was doing), but hey, I had fun! :)
And you never know, maybe the good folks at NYX figure it looks cool and are willing to take my word for it (it is legit!) that I can actually do this on other people without screwing up :)
I honestly can, I can do all sorts of shironuri and SFX make-up, etc :)
So yeah, I participated with that photo, which Bert took :)

I wanted to go for a Kabuki inspired steampunk look. So I did a traditional kabuki base, but turned two of the lines into cog lines and used bronze instead of black and copper instead of red :)

a rare photo of me without glasses

Because it was such beautiful weather, Bert and I decided to go for a walk in the woods. When we got home, there was a family on bikes totally in the way. Turned out they weren't being douchy, they were trying to figure out what to do with a totally abandoned duckling they found sad and along by the road. So I checked whether it's mum was to be seen, and then picked it up to take home and find out from Bert's parents where the bird sanctuary one of their friends vollunteers at was. Both Bert and his grandparents said I could keep the little goose, and whilst it was the sweetest little bird, it was just NOT a good idea.
First of all because Loa is obsessed with hunting, so that would be a very bad match.
And secondly: our house is not suited for a goose, they need a pond to swim in, and room to graze and other geese to hang out with. So we took it to VOC bird rescue, where they immediately took it in and took our information so they could let us know how it's doing and when it gets adopted by a good family (as it's a Canadian goose they're not allowed to release it in the wild, but as they are very friendly and tame, plenty of people are happy to adopt them).

I did take some photos before I handed the duckling over of course.

Photo of the day: 8.5.2016 (day 129)

Photo of the day: 8.5.2016 (day 129)