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Of make-up and horror (how Hollywood has officially managed to murder the genre) - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Of make-up and horror (how Hollywood has officially managed to murder the genre) [Apr. 25th, 2016|06:40 pm]
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First things first, a RANT.
People that know me, know that aside from sci-fi, I have a soft spot for horror movies. I grew up watching the adventures of the Fourth Doctor and Captain Kirk and his band of merry misfits as well as the old 1950s horror movies and the Hammer classics. When I was 8, I thought Freddy was the bomb and Nightmare on Elm street 3 was one of my favourite movies, along Fright Night 2 and The Lost Boys (together with the Little Vampire series and books). When I was 10, I thought IT was the most amazing thing ever made in the horror genre. Pennywise never actually gave me the fear of clowns, but it did leave me with a permanent dislike for sharp toothed monsters that jump scare at people. Of course, now my bad heart has made jump scares an actual hazard to my health, so contemporary “horror” (if it can be called that) is not my bag. Not that I’m under the impression I’m missing much anyway.

Hollywood has been steadily ruining the horror genre for years. First with crap remakes of Asian classics such as Ringu and Ju-On (to name the two best known, into The Ring and The Grudge respectively), but after that HORRIBLE Nightmare on Elmstreet remake, the genre was definitely on life support.

And now it is dead. Brutally murdered. Not just pulled the plug or smothered in its coma sleep, no, I’m talking bloody hatchet job and set on fire for good measure.
Because the IT remake is a fact.
A remake of IT, one of THE classics.
The movie that gave coulrophobia to millions of people worldwide.
They’re going to do a REMAKE!
With someone else than Tim Curry portraying the infamous Pennywise the Dancing Clown.
*table flip*

What’s fucking next? A remake of Rocky Horror? (and I just got told by a friend that this is a fact too, my week is officially RUINED)
That would be of the same level of WTF, because you simply do NOT, and I repeat: DO NOT, replace an iconic character with a modern version. It is IMPOSSIBLE to take the role away from the original actor. You can NOT do it.
Point in case: the Freddy remake.

Regardless of who will play Pennywise, it won’t work, and it’s the utter downfall of the genre.
RIP horror, you were scary whilst it lasted, but now you’ve been reduced to cheap funhouse style special effects and jump scare entertainment.

Aside from that rant, my delayed NYX lipstick came in the mail.
(I ordered these from asos)
I can now look really insane with purple lipstick.
Orange lipstick actually suits me so no visible insanity there.

Photo of the day: 25.4.2016 (day 116)

And all my lipsticks in a row...


Left to right:
* NYX - butter lipstick series - Hot Tamale (it's a bright orange on the red side)
* Yves Rocher - Pomme d' Amour
* Sephora - Sephora Rouge series - Hot Tango
* MAC - Disney villains collection - Heartless
* Sephora - Sephora Rouge series - Sexy Game
* NYX - Macaron Lippie series - violet
I seem to have a knack for getting lipsticks with vague names XD

Excuse me whilst I go lament the death of the horror genre some more...