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le weekend (this one) - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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le weekend (this one) [Apr. 24th, 2016|05:48 pm]
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[music |J 'Love to Kill"]

Bicylestreet sign!

A story of friends, shopping in Ghent, taking trains and well, more shopping :)
Oh and burgers! :)

Yesterday, aka Saturday I got up at 7am to get ready to take the train to Ghent.
I ended up arriving in the station early, so took an earlier train to Antwerp. Originally I planned to get off in Central, but when we arrived near Berchem, the conductor did an announcement listing the connections in the next 10 minutes and lo and behold, Ghent was one of them. Like 5 minutes later 4 tracks down. Totes doable. So I got on an earlier train and ended up arriving in Ghent 20 minutes earlier, huzzah. So here's the deal folks: always leave in time, because the NMBS site is shoddy and doesn't list ALL the options.

Gaëtane was already waiting for me in the kiss n ride (which is really a really practical wait-and-pick-up-people area underneath the station, annex a huge bike parking lot) and we went to find a place to park her car, which was pretty painless. It was a Flair (or some other magazine) shopping day so we had expected it to be CROWDED HELL, especially with the Floralia (or whatever that was) going on somewhere in Ghent also. We even had cancelled our plan to shoot a vlog for Gaëtane (because let's face it, no one cares about us bursting out in song (no really, we do that) in the middle of the street and wandering around stores and do photos for BCM. Basically that wasn't a bad plan, because whilst there weren't as many folks as we thought, it was WAY too cold most of the day to do a shoot. Just, too, damn, cold. I was planning on doing another one today (Sunday) and cancelled that too because of the mank weather. Which is fine, I've still got two months, all will be well :)

Anyway, we went to MAC where I tried Violetta because Gaëtane made me advised me to, in her make-up all knowingness (no honestly, compared to me she's a total guru) and she was totally right about it being the right shade of purple for me in the MAC arsenal. I did not buy it, but only because I am still waiting to get Nyx Violet in the mail, and if that suits me, I don't want to have spent another € 19,50 on a MAC lipstick I don't need. But if that doesn't suit me, I will be getting violetta, for sure.
Gaëtane still owed me money because we ordered a bunch of stuff on the International Boots Store together, and instead of just paying me back, she decided to just pay for me 'till we were even. Which works just as well! :)

Bicylestreet sign!

The story behind this is kinda funny, well if you're us at least. As some of you have read, I recently got my learner's permit (well I passed the test and filled out the paperwork, I should get the actual permit next week). And one of things I had to learn about was the fietsstraat (bicyle street). Now I know all about it, I had a question about it on my theoretical exam, but I had never actually seen a fietsstraat sign. Right up 'till yesterday. So Gaëtane took a photo of me underneath one with her phone, and printed it on her instax share printer. She still has the original on her phone I think, but she gave this one to me (thanks Gaëtane!) :)

So we went to Ellis Gourmet Burger and ate delicious burgers. Soooo good. And I finally got to satisfy the burger craving I had been having for _ages_.

Gaëtane at Ellis

badly framed lunch

I hadn't packed a proper digital camera, only the SNAP, so here's this fail attempt at a photo of my lunch.
Gaëtane has a much better one on her instagram (my own instagram is here btw).

After food we did more shopping.


I dared Gaëtane to recreate this look :)

Gaëtane investigating make-up

I didn't actually buy anything, but at Primark I found this awesome R2D2 cup/glass thing, and so Gaëtane added it to her bill. Which was awesome!

Photo of the day: 24.4.2016 (day 115)

And then we went to more stores, and FNAC, where her Primark bag started to desintegrate so we took it to the car, and then we went to Starbucks, where we had delicious drinks.

After which we checked out MORE SHOPS and sang more random songs in the street and had MOAR fun :)

So yeah, basically we had fun just hanging out, shopping and acting like the goofballs that we are :D
Which is a totally fine way to spend a Saturday afternoon in my opinion.

I did take some analog shots whilst I was in Ghent, but that roll of film still isn't used up, so I'll post those in an analog photo post at a later date :)

EDIT: the analog photos


Gaëtane in Starbucks, looking for the burger icon on her phone.

cool looking bike

Cool looking folding bike outside of a shop.

Because luck and time were on my side that day, I managed to get an earlier train to Antwerp, which arrived in Berchem _4_ minutes before my connection to final destination station, 2 tracks down from where the train rolled in, so I ran over there (there was a lot of running for trains going on that day) and got the train. With just enough time to spare to figure out when it'd arrive so I could tell Bert. i ended up being home 45 minutes earlier than I normally would have, which meant we could still go to the supermarket.
Married life isn't always exciting, but the supermarket does have yoghurt, and other fine food stuffs, so it compensate for it's boring mundaneness :D

So today, Sunday, it rained when I woke up. I'm not sure whether the rain woke me up or Loa.
Probably a bit of both, and I got up, and hung out with Babs online, and then woke up Bert to see if he still wanted to go to the organic market. Which he did. And of course it started not just raining again, but hailing so badly the street was white like it snowed. So instead of cycling there we decided to walk there. We got three little plants: rhubarb, kale and white cabbage. Hopefully they'll survive and live to become big plants that we can eat.

After a stop at the bakery, it was time for a very unexciting Sunday of wasting time online, talking to friends online and making sure the house stays clean. And I'm blogging instead of vaccuuming because even with the Dyson, vaccuuming is a sucky chore and I am postponing it (I will do it though, eventually).

I'm posting this now, whilst the weekend is still going on, because there is very little chance of things getting more exciting.

Wraps for dinner :)

But hey, at least I had wraps for dinner :D
Omnomnomnom :)