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Today's photography: modded sneakers #Disney #DIY - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Today's photography: modded sneakers #Disney #DIY [Apr. 17th, 2016|03:24 pm]
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At yesterday's Tinkly meet, my friend Marie choose a pair of sneakers to mod.
She wanted Chip and Dale, her favourite characters, in purple, so they would be subtle enough to wear a lot :)
The purple is nicer in person, but you know how it is with indoor lighting and camera lenses XD

Sneaker mod: Chip and Dale

Sneaker mod: Chip and Dale

Anyway, if you want your own pair, you can either comment or email (hilde dot heyvaert at gmail dot com) and place an order. I don't do just Disney, I'm happy to paint other fandoms too :)
As long as you can provide me with a clear image of what I am to paint ;)
They're € 20 a pair within the EU and US and € 25 for all other countries (because B-post charges more to ship to those), shipping included.
Just as a note: this is the price for this kind of shoes, if you want more expensive sneakers modded, the price will go up :P

Je prends des questions en français aussi, envoyez moi un message :)
Nederlands evengoed welgekomen, mail me maar als je vragen hebt ^^