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Tinkly (@tinkly_org) meet in Liège, Belgium (16.4.2016) - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Tinkly (@tinkly_org) meet in Liège, Belgium (16.4.2016) [Apr. 17th, 2016|12:17 pm]
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Join the Rebellion, we have beer!

The original plan had been to go to Liège city, like we did in December, and just get lunch and/or something to drink together.
Sadly, I got sick in the week beforehand, and a couple of other people couldn't make it either.
My family doctor had advised against spending the day outside, but seeing Médiacité is an inside mall, the remaining Tinkly's that could make it ended up moving the meet there :)
Bert was kind enough to drive me so I could make it, even though he's not on Tinkly, nor does he speak French.
I have the best husband! :) ♥

We were meeting up near Primark at 2pm, and once we were all there, we invaded the shop for Disney stuff.
Ludovic and Jessica had already been to Primark that week, so they were shopped out, but Marie found some cute Disney stuff and I bought a whole lot of shoes to paint on (I'm currently working on a pair for Marie with Chip and Dale, I just need to paint them now), a pair of sneakers for Bert, a birthday present for my friend Lora and some nylon ankle socks :)
I did want to get a cute little make-up bag for my eldest niece, who ADORES make-up, but they only had huge ones, so she'll have to wait.

Shopping done, we went to Exki for lunch (Bert and I) and drinks. Of course, when I say lunch I mean gingerbread cheesecake :D


Bert had a beer with his, and I know it's terribly cheeky of me, but I had a bottle of Arizona in my bag, and I was much more in the mood for that than any drinks Exki sold, so I didn't buy something to drink. Had I not gotten cheesecake I would have bought a drink mind. I'm not THAT rude.


Cheesecake, delicious cheesecake!

cute mug is cute

Cute mug is cute :)

Bert and Marie looking at phone based Disney

Marie was often showing us things on her phone, so I snapped a photo of Bert and her looking at something. It was Disney related :)

Oops, we lost Ludovic!

Normally I'm really good at taking selfies with Polaroid SNAP, but this time I failed and we lost Ludovic! Sorry Ludovic!!!
Luckily Bert said that once he got back from the toilets, he'd take our group shot (we did say he could be in it but he preferred taking it) for us :)

Group shot

Thank you Bert!

Because we had heavy bags (shoes are heavy!) we figured Bert could take my outfit shot when we got home. But of course, when we did the weather was rubbish, so alas, no outfit shot! Foiled by the weather! C'est a vie :)

We had a great time at the meet, and I really look forward to the next one :)