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Today's snapshots featuring #food, #cats and #toys :) - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Today's snapshots featuring #food, #cats and #toys :) [Apr. 14th, 2016|08:13 pm]
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Today saw the arrival of my Groot paperback, I have all the single issues too, because it's drawn by Brian Kesinger :)
Of course I wanted to read, Loa wanted to go outside, that's his unimpressed face when he heard that outside was cancelled in favour of comic books.
He's an indoor's cat, but we taught him to walk on the leash, so he does get to leave the house provided we are with him and take him on walks, much like a dog.

Piglet loves Pocky

Piglet ♥ Pocky.
My mum always gets me to sort out what she wants from Japan.
And I always take photos before handing it over to her :)

Easter 2016 Piglet - Disney Store Japan

I got to admit this Easter chick Piglet is pretty cute. It's from the Japanese Disney Store's Easter 2016 series. Mum only got Piglet because she only collects Piglet Tsum Tsums :)

pizza time!

It's Thursday, and that means: PIZZA DINNER! :)

Loa wants pizza too

Loa mistakingly thinks that that is also means that he'll have pizza dinner.
Obviously, he's wrong!

Photo of the day: 14.4.2016 (day 105)
Originally the Piglet & Pocky boxes was my photo of the day, but I changed my mind after taking and editting this one.
I'm not going to bother changing them around on social media though, but I am putting up the right ones here and on flickr :)

Cameras: all the non pizza photos: Canon EOS 700D. The pizza photos were taken with my phone camera.