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Coalescaremonium! (@CSM_happening) - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Coalescaremonium! (@CSM_happening) [Apr. 7th, 2016|02:48 pm]
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[music |"STEAL" LUNA SEA]

La Dutchessa

For those wanting to know more about the actual event, rather about what Bert and I did with our day on April 2nd, click here for a proper event review on The Gatehouse :)

Bert and I had decided that we were going to go to the Cinquantenaire Museum (which is pretty much around the corner from Bouche à Oreille) before Coalescaremonium to have lunch in their museum restaurant and to look around the museum for a bit. It's not that we don't like the food at Coalescaremonium but you know, burgers are a once in a while meal, not twice a day meal :)
And no offence to the vegans out there, but in my experience vegan, glutenfree, pasta is flavor free pasta so I wasn't about to go for one burger and one pasta meal.

Even though I was wearing a lot of flowers on my head and clearly looked a little out of place at the museum, the security was super friendly and gave us NO hassle at all. That's what I love most about the Cinquantenaire, we've been there before to do a fashion shoot for BCM, and the security was genuienly interested but no one treated us like freaks :)
Quite on the contrary, they really liked seeing people dressed differently.

Bert at the restaurant

I'm glad they that I didn't eat any of the bread they gave us as a starter, because I'd never have been able to finish up my meal if I had eaten bread too!

I wasn't actually THAT hungry when we sat down to eat, so I asked if I could order a kid's meal, and they said it was no problem at all. It was a good thing I did too, because the portions were HUGE! A kid's meal was definitely the regular size for an adult's meal, and I barely managed to finish it. But it was so good, omg! I had fish with chips and tartar sauce and Bert had a massive steak au proivre :) Also with fries (fries = chips depending on whether you're in the US oor UK btw).

fun with mirrors

Even though we had seen Sarcophagi before, we liked it so much we went in again, just to see our favourite pieces again. Even though it was on a Saturday, the exhibit was super quiet (unlike first time we went) so we took our time looking around :)



Generally exhibits in Belgium get special souvenir coins, endorsed by the Bank of Belgium (we're not the only country that does). Bert doesn't avidly collect them, but he does likes to gets them from places he's visited. The last time we went to Sarcophagi, we didn't see the dispenser anywhere (possibly due to the crowds) but this tme we did! So I got him two coins (there were two different models) ^^

For more photos of the Sarcophagi exhibit, click here.

The Cinquantenaire museum is actually HUGE, and you an easily spend a day there from opening to closing and possibly still have missed things. Even though Bert and I had visited 3 times before, we still hadn't seen everything (because we generally go in the afternoon and spend a LOT of time doing press work), so we went to see some sections we hadn't before :)

Cinquantenaire museum

Cinquantenaire museum

Cinquantenaire museum

As well as some that we just wanted to see again :)

Cinquantenaire museum

Cinquantenaire museum

Cinquantenaire museum

Yes those are real shrunken heads.
For more photos of the Cinquantenaire Museum, click here.

Even though I had left my rings in the car, I asked for Bert to take my outfit shot on the way back to the car and to Coalescaremonium because the light outside was so nice :)

Outfit: 2.4.2016

My outfit for Coalescaremonium (2.4.2016)

Orchid hairband: Crown and Glory
Hair flower: H&M
Glasses: Theo
Cardigan: Noisy May
Blouse: asos
Necklace: Atelier Tausandschön
Belt bag: Zara Girls
Skirt: handmade by me
Petticoat: Dear Celine
Bag: vintage
Tights: Teja Jamilla
Boots: Kickers
Accessories: Fossil, handmade, Han Cholo, asos, Il Mezzometro, Pica Pica Press, Veritas

After the museum we went back to the car to pick up our stuff for Coalescaremonium and walked up to La Bouche à Oreille, the restyled monastery that houses Coalescaremonium :)
There was a bit of a queue outside so we spent some time talking to people we knew that were also in it or that arrived :)

Once inside we got our stamp, mine didn't really work out this year (oops!)


and I went to leave the stuff I didn't need 'till the interview with SiSeN at the cloakroom and we went to say hi to Val and Karolina, who were manning the Helcanen stand :)
I bought Bert a tiny painting by Val, because he really loves her work (and I hadn't brought enough money for a larger one, that'll be for another day!).

Helcanen's stand

Basically Bert and I spent the entire afternoon and evening taking photos, hanging out with friends and watching performances :)
And having an AWESOME time whilst at it. It's no secret Coalescaremonium is one of my favourite events!! ^^
We also went in the photo booth, but obviously those photos aren't up yet, so I'll update with them later :)

Bert and I at Coalescaremonium

EDIT 13.4.2016: Erika Althreya uploaded some photobooth shots from this year's Coalescaremonium, so here's the one of Bert and I.

Here are photos Bert and I took :)

DJ Alchemy

DJ Alchemy

Nocturne and Discipulus

Nocturne and Discipulus, two of the organisers :)


There's a lot to be said that isn't very positive (ahem --> tact) about my Poloroid SNAP, but there is no question that it's black and white setting rocks! It's probably the only digital camera I own that has a nice black and white setting (I generally go analog for black and white). I actually DID take analog photos, but the film isn't finished so yeah. Coming soon I suppose :)


Selfie with Bert. I can only take a selfie when others are involved and I'm taking it with the Polaroid SNAP, else it just goes pearshaped.


I was afraid to try this on because I feared I would not be able to resist it (and I really didn't have the cash for more floral headpieces) so I took a photo instead :) Hopefully next year! :)


TElombre was a pirate this year.

Like a moth to the flame

Like a moth to the flame, because Tessa La Dutchessa has a moth tattoo on her upper back :)



Marjan and I

With Marjan, picture by Bert :)



Bérengère & I

And one with my gorgeous sister! :)
Also by Bert :)
She has an iphone so I'm not entirely sure why I am always in charge of the selfies/pictures of the two of us haha :)
It's just one of those things I suppose ^^

Even more photos, including the analog ones I took, are here :)
The interview with DJ SiSeN, as well as a competition where you can win a cheki/instax photo signed by him, will be in the next edition of BCM (which will be out end of June/early July).