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Catch-up time pt 1: Made in Asia - Random thoughts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Catch-up time pt 1: Made in Asia [Mar. 31st, 2016|11:18 am]
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The last couple of years, Bert and I hadn't gone to Made in Asia, because the convention was declining every year. Quite badly so even. This year, however, color-code was performing at Made in Asia, and because we support HIGHFeeL where we can, we decided to go on the Sunday (March 13).
And lo and behold, we were pleasantly surprised with all the changes the organisation had put into action and we really enjoyed ourselves!

I also had a great time interviewing color-code, hanging out with friends (sadly I didn't find all of them because the convention was really spread out this year), and seeing the band perform. You can read a review, and the interview, and the concert review in the latest edition of BCM, if you're interested in that :)

I do wish we had done a better job finding all the cool free photo booths (and by that I mean: I wish we had gone and looked for them), because Bert and I always have so much fun with those. But it's ok, as we had a great time anyway :)



demon girl

cat towel

plush fish

cool looking vendors



More photos can be found here :)

My outfit of the day, photos by Lunie :)
I went for a very comfortable otome style, because my back was (and sadly still is) giving me hell, so comfort was my main priority :)


Outfit: 13.3.2016

Beret: Tokyo Disney Sea
Glasses: Theo
Blouse: Forever 21
Skirt: made it myself
Tights: ebay seller
Boots: sacha