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BCM #27 is out now for free download! [Mar. 29th, 2016|11:09 am]
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BCM #27: out now for free download!

Our spring edition is here!

Sadly a little thinner than usual (due to health reasons), but we'll be back with our regular amount of pages before you know it!

As usual we bring you music, in the form of concert and CD reviews and an interview with talented Japanese trio color-code! When it comes to art we interviewed Lulu Van Hoagland, known for her "snobby lolita" drawings, and Julia Lion Hair, a super talented accessories designer and hair stylist. To better showcase her creations, one of our fashion features is all about her work! Aside from hair and hair accessories, we are also focussing on casual fashion.

We'll be back next issue with a brand new Japan feature, but in the mean time the featured city this edition is Brussels. And it doesn't stop there! We have a cheki competition, art to enjoy, plenty of event reviews and much more!